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  1. Another extremely embarrassing performance by zenith once again.... Fatality chased them around like rats, smited their +1's, & made them end their trip early once again. Truly pathetic lmfao.

  2. even if we had people in our capes, your clan hires budget main clans & has 3+ pure clans return in your capes every weekend, so..... idk where you were for that & speaking up to your clan about that
  3. Genuinely embarrassing for zenith to even post a topic after that absolute beating Fatality gave them lmfao
  4. this is hilarious coming from a clan that hires budget main clans & has 3 other pure clans return in their cape.. lmfao
  5. It's insane how one-sided this "rivalry" is. Fatality is winning so easily it isn't even a competition... embarrassing for zenith.

  6. and just like that, back to their losing streak. no wonder they don't accept the fullout vs Fatality!
  7. literally so fucking easy lmfao. is this even a rivalry? how do you lose that many people so quickly matched opts? jesus fuck your clan is ass
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