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  1. Finest

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    good luck lalo
  2. discord pussy whipped by sjws
  3. bunch of morons who live in their parents' basements & try to scam dudes to get by, reminds me of rahul who scams gp from people & has his parents pay for his med school that he brags about lmfao actual losers
  4. didn't like a majority of you guys because you were mostly spastics but another clan closing is never good for the scene
  5. EOP - Jack or Tyler FOE - hanu SUP - Mustafa or Crafted IR - N/A Apex - Whisky, N Ranges, or Nerdy Fatality - I am here Misfits - N/A Envy - lol no Vendetta - Jay WAR - N/A
  6. Finest

    what fighting envy looks like

    they've never been a very good clan
  7. Finest

    Who wins these "rivalries"?

    EoP & FOE seem to be pretty back & forth on the weekends. Vendetta. Supremacy.
  8. Finest

    2v2 fullout?

    EoP + Apex vs FOE + Sup. Would need to happen in Clan Wars. Wilderness is so gay nowadays with everyone bullshitting their topics because they don't admit they lost plus the fact that mains is a huge issue.
  9. Finest


    welcome back. TLP, baby
  10. Finest

    eop weekend in summary

    grats tannie
  11. was a fun fight until a bunch of mains were camping me
  12. Finest

    announcement New Community Code Of Conduct

    yes, especially this. honestly why is starving clans for preps a thing?
  13. Finest

    main Mod Jed

    Jod Med
  14. Finest

    pure Never Forget

  15. Finest

    announcement New Community Code Of Conduct

    long story short, stop being ego-filled trolling morons. drop the mains, drop your cringe egos.