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  1. looks like you pulled 40 & attended wilderness inners you fuckin loser degens lmfao
  2. Fatality is an unstoppable force of glorious warriors
  3. Are you in competition with yourself to have fewer pictures than your previous topics? lmfao @ your clan
  4. I genuinely don't understand how they continue to get worse & worse every single weekend lmfao
  5. lmfao you're literally every clan's punching bag & you can do nothing about it, stay forever shit you braindead monkeys
  6. No troll, zenith is quite literally the worst pure clan I've ever seen in my 10 years of pure clanning. I cannot believe how bad they are & how braindead & weak their rank team is lmfao. The propaganda they push out, nobody believes... no wonder they've dropped from 150 to 30 pulls in a month.
  7. Incredibly easy Saturday for Fatality (yet again). lmfao @ zenith.... where did your 100+ pulls go?
  8. I’ve never seen a clan as broken as zenith lmfao. Holy shit their rank team is genuinely braindead & weak

    1. ALEX


      dude stfu EOS on top idiot

  9. Fatality really is on top. #1 Pure Clan. https://clan-fi.org/forum/60-member-applications/
  10. zlumpith lmfao shit clan no history forever garbage. 130 to 30 pulls in a month, Fatality absolutely dismantled your clan with absolute ease!
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