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  1. bunch of morons who live in their parents' basements & try to scam dudes to get by, reminds me of rahul who scams gp from people & has his parents pay for his med school that he brags about lmfao actual losers
  2. didn't like a majority of you guys because you were mostly spastics but another clan closing is never good for the scene
  3. EOP - Jack or Tyler FOE - hanu SUP - Mustafa or Crafted IR - N/A Apex - Whisky, N Ranges, or Nerdy Fatality - I am here Misfits - N/A Envy - lol no Vendetta - Jay WAR - N/A
  4. Finest

    what fighting envy looks like

    they've never been a very good clan
  5. Finest

    Who wins these "rivalries"?

    EoP & FOE seem to be pretty back & forth on the weekends. Vendetta. Supremacy.
  6. Finest

    2v2 fullout?

    EoP + Apex vs FOE + Sup. Would need to happen in Clan Wars. Wilderness is so gay nowadays with everyone bullshitting their topics because they don't admit they lost plus the fact that mains is a huge issue.
  7. Finest


    welcome back. TLP, baby
  8. Finest

    eop weekend in summary

    grats tannie
  9. was a fun fight until a bunch of mains were camping me
  10. Finest

    announcement New Community Code Of Conduct

    yes, especially this. honestly why is starving clans for preps a thing?
  11. Finest

    main Mod Jed

    Jod Med
  12. Finest

    pure Never Forget

  13. Finest

    announcement New Community Code Of Conduct

    long story short, stop being ego-filled trolling morons. drop the mains, drop your cringe egos.
  14. Finest

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    What's the issue with 1-20, though? 1-20 has existed since the dawn of pure clanning. If you want 20, get it. If you don't, don't. Someone with 20 defence in 1 defence gear does not offer any significant advantage over someone with 1 defence. Especially in an entirely RNG based game & against such a low defence level. F2P would be a different story since your damage options are so limited, but even then, when you have 10+ people attacking the same person, damage is damage. You'll die regardless of your defence level. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 1-20 scene.
  15. Finest

    Pure Community in-game suggestions

    What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment? Mains & the fact that the entire community is against us & nothing will pass for us because of an excuse of "catering to a minority." What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem? 1-20 defence wilderness, clan wars, optimized polls for the pure community. We're already neglected & things will never pass polls, no sense in hiding it or acting like that isn't the case. Give us separate polls. How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for? Similar to the RS polls, have a poll for the top 5 most important changes. Something along the lines of that.