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  1. lol, apex got f*****. click your super restores Nox.. or was it energy pots you brought instead?
  2. Ngl I have to agree that rage is indeed better matched opts. I dont understand how foe #1 pure clan just do not show up to these challenges. Congratulations Rage. I have fun prepping you and the rounds get closer every prep.
  3. Last time I challed FOE they whined about 1 invite. 3 recalls later we called it. Foe is a good clan but I don't think they will be able to take this Dub. Best of luck to both tho.
  4. Good fights. Can't believe you got stoned for staff
  5. Nice. Seems like loads of action for clan exodus
  6. what are we going to do about the fact that z leadership ddosed ex z members that went back to legacy... play the game like it is meant to play
  7. Ok start with zenith members adding my family on Facebook, spamming the company I work for in game, sending me pictures of bodies covered in blood to my instagram first. Also, the zenith ranks ddosing ly members to this day.. people legit had to change providers.
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