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  1. Did two ft50s vs tr and ate the rounds like a burrito rolled them up in a spliff and smoked it up. We also did two great competive K.O. rounds vs Fatality. Long story short we won all rounds. Happy mothers day everyone! Grey: Miala:
  2. Terror got clapped and they dipped on their anni from a matched opt clan wars fight!

  3. Stop crying man. No1 was down 17 it was legit matched. Go check the pov. The black man is just afraid. Horrible Saturday anni and the bad part about all this is that your Sunday will be way worse most likely.
  4. Clans Rage and Fatality agreed to a 2vs1 Fullout vs Terror in F2P on their anniversary. Since it had been a while we did a high opt F2P event, we were looking forward to it with great excitement. Lord Ex had promised us a 100 opts but sadly pulled 40 less than what he expected to (+ invites btw). We quickly sat and wanted to get the show on the road as soon as possible. Elmo — Today at 21:09 GREAT PERFORMANCE IN R1 TODAY DOWN 17 vs 2 Clans + Invites - Unfortunately it's the state of the community nowadays that clans would rather log out than fight without an advantage Appreciate all of you coming online - we'll see you all tomorrow for P2P - These same clans can't hide there It was matched opts the entire round. With great calling of Jizzle, Broxx, Nawe and Lee we managed to take the W in convincing manner. We then went in for the second round only for Terror have all their opts leave the portal and waste our times. One could say that by default we won this Fullout with 3-0. Since Terror had refused to continue with what could have been a great event, Rage and Fatality proceeded to do 40v40 mixed inners (which was way more challenging tbh) and called it a day. One could say that even FO had a better anniversary than this. Good luck tomorrow Povs below: Miala: N33bs: Grey: Boosie: X God Rage X:
  5. from 70 eagles to peak 35 crazy. looks like your retireds didnt like being in the same cc with main clans on your anniversary...
  6. Terrors best 5 is better than apex best 5 etc @Nerdy
  7. i wonder if all these fo retireds asking themselves why they needed a horde of mains around them to fight their rivals fi...

    either way, z, fo, apex all got splashed today 

    1. Colin


      Foe dominated 😂. Stop fucking talking lies

    2. Crusher


      Ironic coming from the clan who has been some sort of relevant since its been openly teaming with rev bc etc and now merged with a open spanish rag cc (u  have been pulling 30 on ur own for years)

  8. ended on top again today. 

    I hope fo is ready for tomorrow. It's gonna be bloody jaja

    1. orgasms


      rage was dead 2 years ago by foe 

      donkey lel

    2. Colin


      u didn't even fight us, idk why ur so obsessed lol u never hit us 

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