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  1. Feels good to see 5 victims chase us. Embarassing. Rage has the most massive balls in the whole lpc.
  2. from a neutral point, i think this should happen. 100 z vs 100 fi in purple portal. no mains, no apex, no nuffin. best clan wins. cant lie about the results there. best of luck to both of you, hope z leadership accepts.
  3. did you even read the aftermath? are you retarded? have you seen their merged cc? pull your head out of your ass man. let rot steal your members away :kek: baby shark dodododoo
  4. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight the Vikings prepared for a clash with VR knowing how the main scene is we prepared decided to team on crash if any unwanted visitors came and we are happy they did! Within minutes Elite Sovereign Zerks flew into the fight hoping for an easy win. Unfortunately for them they disappeared about as fast as they appeared. We reset the fight just to give them a second chance. After getting their full alliance on board and asking their 2 daddies to help them they flew in for a second attempt. The Anti-Veng lasted about total of 45minutes but after about 30minutes Elite Zerks was completely wiped off the minimap and it appeared to be mostly looters and their venny allies on screen. Once it was clear who emerged as the victors, and there was no more loot to be claimed, Vengeance decided to head back to HQ and prepare for a bit of singles action. Earlier in the day we were out patrolling the unknown wild in GMT (as we are a multi talented multi timezone clan) and ran upon some of our friends from Rage who had wandered a bit too far from their Bear Caves. We had a good Clean AF fight with them for an hour before we got in contact and decided to get a friendly ending and head our ways. Thank you for the clean and solid fight Rage. Another good day to be a Viking. #Vengonmychest #vengup Video: Merged cc of SV/vennys and a handful of ez: GMT PK run in against Rage. Good fight.
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