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  1. L0000. You fought the IO of main clans man stfu. Ez HYPE. Reminds me of the time we beat Vengeange matched opts pretty much.
  2. If Winnetou didnt hack our exilent users when we were killing his main clan (SV), he would not have any reason to do it now. Although, I always have an authenticator on.
  3. A Sharkbrew (retired) moderator complaining about the producer of a client that is now in Fatality. Surely FI would not have him do that! Surely Fakesmile just got his password cracked some way or another.
  4. aint no way the entire sup and fo rank team with apex sunday l000000 what did we do to these clnas
  5. Rip fo and sup closed no topic. All my opposition is in apex now ah yes.
  6. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Anti-Rage in shambles. With the entire scene pulling significantly lower today it was more about the warring quality of clans rather that advantage in opts. 31+ bears went for nothing but pure action today. Zenith spent their trip with Legacy in singles. God knows where Supremacy was. Fo cancelled (surprise surprise) so K2P could do slayer but MPC was not having any of it and jumped in Apex capes with a handful other Fo victimas. Since Apex did not have aid from main clans today they decided to do a med only trip and spent their entire trip scouting us. Too bad their 18 man peak weekend trip was literally of no influence against the bears that had double their opts. We put FO's entire ex-rank team in Apex capes. The clan they once really despised. Below you can find a recap of our F2P trip: We started the trip off with a fight vs Terror. Having similar opts and both being skilled in F2P this turned out to be a nice fight. A little while later Fatality joined the fight and it became a nice cluster with lots of bowing and cycling FI dropped in numbers so we then set our sights on Terror again to keep the cluster alive The fight moved all the way to corp hill where we then eventually called it and moved on to our next fight. We fought Terror at Annakarl. This 1vs1 went back and forth a lot and we fought for a long time. We were getting more pure action than any other clan was getting at that point. Our informants in Apex have told us they were actively scouting and world hopping. They wanted to hit us to make their TS a bit more hyped. After 20 minutes they finally found us and logged in with 15 meds. WTF were they thinking. Terror and Rage teamed on crash, tbh there was no need for teaming as we put an end to Apex' sub 10 pull on meds with our scimitars and fire blasts. A trip without Nox is a far more worse trip than with him, we know that for sure now. Mercy went from suiciding in Zenith to suiciding in Apex LOL Sup closed btw Apex got smoked! Later on during the trip Apex and an unknown clan tried to set up a fight. Since Apex wanted to play with us we figured we would pay them a visit on all our accounts. We made Apex+FO run into singles like the good dogs they are. It started at even opts It took us around 20 seconds (just like Apex pull) to make them run for the hills And Apex took capes off and hopped out in singles Who fkn done it After ending Apex we then proceeded to set up 1 last fight vs Terror. We fought for a while. 2 Apex and 3 Fs came naked but yet again had no impact. The fight moved to CA and we eventually ended as the last clan in multi/wildy. In summary Rage had by far the best fights today. Edgi Miala Grey: uploading...
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