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  1. Thank you Terror. Mad respect. Let's keel doing these
  2. you leaked audio of matt saying rot dipped? l0l bad look to be flaming them given youre a minion clan
  3. 18 eagles on a week giga prep only for mpc and zulema to get 1 ticked like that. gzz terror
  4. clan-rage.com | Discord: discord.gg/ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc 43 Bears set out today to KYP the opposition. We have beaten Sicarios like a Pinata. We have obliterated Apex mains and whatever VR cared to mass up. Just a few highlights of the trip: We gwassballered Apexes 20 man pull. We smoked Sicarios with the quickness We smokered Hydra at bandits Miala: Brain:
  5. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Ah yes F2P Saturday is here and boy was it a blast! Had a nice 40v40 with the boys in green and both walking away with the 2-2 (draw) overall rounds. Considering FI pulled a little more, we had to war harder and it ended up being close every round. We kept the train going and made it clear we are a tough opponent matched opts or down. As the 4th round came around we did a knockout round (matched) and came out with the strong win. We ended up wining 1 FT50 and 1 K.O. and FI ended up winning 2 of the FT50. Thanks for the competitive Saturday action FI, hope to keep doing these large opt preps with everyone. FT50 Ending Rage - 48 Fatality - 50 FT50 Ending Rage - 50 Fatality - 41 FT50 Ending Rage - 49 Fatality - 50 ROUND 4 Matched KO Ending Rage - 16 Fatality - 0 Meanwhile Apex claimed to have a 40v40 CLEAN F2P pkri in EST.. It was far from clean and it was far from a 40v40 lmao. Our Apex informants have provided us with the locs and we have ended their fight. That doesn't look like 40 to me, let alone a combined 40 with 2 clans lmao. See this free spy check as a gift @Deserie @Brainsaw POV @Miala POV
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