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  1. Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/clanterminal BattleScape Link: https://www.battle-scape.com/
  2. Saturday July 23rd, 2022 Massed 22 Eagles for the fun f2p pkris vs Apex. Thank you for the fights x F2P PKRI vs Apex
  3. Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/clanterminal BattleScape Link: https://www.battle-scape.com/
  4. Temptation set out into the wilderness to have a PKRI vs. Take Over. We rushed them down 9 @ New Gate hill and after a minute or so of fighting we pulled to GDZ then Massacre and Terminal crashed and formed a four way cluster. We managed to clear MA and T and reset with the fight with TO without banking. After MA/T regrouped and both rerushed we held it down and ended up fighting Terminal 1v1 West of GDZ and ended up clearing them again. We went south and took our ending after about 1 hour of fighting. killboard after ending (had the least opts today) Videos Roofis Pictures
  5. We hit up Massacre for a quick 30min cap no prep PKRI. We initially went out with 17 and later peaked over 20. Terminal crashed after about 5-10~ mins into the fight and we had a 3 way cluster for the 30 mins. Was fun gf MA/T thanks for the clean action Videos Destinnn Roofis Paige Ploot Pictures
  6. Late upload because youtube gg'd my audio so just imagine some dope beats or play ur own. Gf 2 zenith ty 4 ownage
  7. Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/clanterminal BattleScape Link: https://www.battle-scape.com/
  8. Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/clanterminal BattleScape Link: https://www.battle-scape.com/
  9. 6-7/7/2022 2 days, 2 PKRIs. All 1 def. Ty 4 action everyone. What more can I say 6/7 - BP Vs. Pures Reborn & Zenith FT. Apex 7/7 - BP Vs. Pures Reborn Ft. Zenith & Tea Book
  10. Pures Reborn massed up 35 killers last night to take on Apex+Foe/Zenith/OFA in a 4-way cluster around Chaos Altar/Corp Hill/Ghost Hut/East of Enclave. The opts were pretty matched across every clan(s) and the fight went on for about 45 minutes or so with almost no mains/meds. The balance of opts were pretty consistent throughout the fight, Pures Reborn had the highest pull so we were focused a couple times, but pushed through and remained the top force. GGs to all. Trajan Cookie
  11. Our intel told us that Zenith was going to PK in the multi. Quickly massed 15-ish clogs and cleats wearing Vikings. Slaughtered many light blue hats wearing weirdos. Zenith paid the Wilderness tax for tonight. MEDIA
  12. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord April 25th 2022; As usual,15 Spartanos cleared up any shitters in our wilderness. We checked mainly South of gap, Vetion & east of mossies. We crashed the fight vs OFA + Main team War. Thanks for the combat losers.
  13. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Massed 20 of the best quality Fatalian's to murder dog shit quality clan zenpiss too bad they went into an open-cc and suicided to mains instead of fighting pures, it's became very apparent that they are simply too scared due to PTSD from every time they've lost to Fatality. After watching them suicide we went about pking every location untouched taking pures meds & mains for everything. A few of the clan's Elite Brid's decided to see how much we could farm a dog shit quality clan zenpiss and took him for 45m while watching him reach for every excuse for dying, was a good laugh and a FREE 45m btw TY @ZENITH HEAD LAWYER CLIPS: https://www.twitch.tv/controlpker/clip/OutstandingEnthusiasticWoodpeckerTakeNRG-pMmTpeH4Flot3ZgV https://www.twitch.tv/controlpker/clip/ResoluteYummyFriseeRedCoat-DexEVfe8yMafZJsV .
  14. With high hopes of their anniversary helping them gain momentum, lord ex quickly felt the pressure realizing his plan to have a successful clan has backfired. Grasping for anything to make him feel relevant and gain some old members back that no longer come online( I wonder why) he posted his clan losing a "full out" on their own anniversary. You don't have the stamina, you wont last you should seek other options and keep Fatality out of your mouth. Your members are cashing out on midweeks, they don't respect you and they laugh at the decisions you make as a leader. We have hit every single fight you have done this week. All of your fights will be ended by Fatality. You wanted energy you got it. Let's see if you can keep up. Stop with the propaganda I'm always listening
  15. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tonight Fatality brought 20+ absolute shooters out for another successful pk trip after luring 2 whale main pkers for 50m+ max set, we ran into the pedo clan and absolutely skullfucked every single one of them, after fully clearing them once we hunted them down until they ended, we then headed to the slayer caves where we had a quick running with fs that resulted in a full clear in favor of the punishers.
  16. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord May 7th 2022; We massed up a quick 17 Spartanos to clear up the wilderness once again. We pked around Lava dragons, South of Gap, Castle & finally High Alter where we bumped into D0ink chat's Main Team. Legacy wins once again, thank you for the lootations.
  17. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We heard there was some stanky lootations in the wilderness so we massed up the Pk Squad and headed out into the wilderness. All in all we Pked over 30M in 24 hours and cleared every small team in the wilderness. Unfortunately every single clan was extremely dead over the weekend and cosplayed with their fake mothers. We made bank loot untouched.
  18. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were chilling on teamspeak when a little birdie told me that OFA + AC + OC were in the same clan chat at chins, We quickly massed up 20+ Zenith Members and went to smoke them over and over again. We quickly went up and they moved to slayer caves, This was perfect and we logged into them and cleared them up with ease X2. They would spend the next 20 minutes trying to mass up every single individual in the clanning world but it wasnt enough. They went back to black demons and we hit them for the 3rd time and cleared them up. And then we hit their regroup at CA, And then we farmed them at CA for 10 minutes we cleared them up again. We waited for them to come back up for the 6th time, and once they did we logged into them and once again mollywhopped them and cleared them up. We caught a couple spams and went to edgeville and watched them end their trip. We continued Pking and made stank loot. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
  19. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatality decided to whip up some curses for all inferior opps and headed to the Wild to patrol our domain. The Demons massed up 20 and peaked at 25 mean green fighting machines to see who needed to be eliminated from our Wilderness. We mysteriously...or maybe not so mysteriously ran into the poor quality pedo clan (zenshit) in the Slayer Caves where they fell into an extremely embarrassing trap and got cleared in less than 20 seconds. After we gathered some information about poor quality pedo clan (zenshit) asking a few other clans to assist them, since they could never go toe-to-toe with Fatality, we decided to hit a few other spots, including Callisto, Vet'tion, 26 Hill and High Altar where we again, stomped out the opps. Lastly, we saw OFA and poor quality pedo clan (zenshit) get ready to try and bait superior clan Fatality to hit their PKRI, which we did and gwas'd them at the lower slayer cave entrance and again, under 20 seconds, cleared them from the map. Better luck next time poor quality pedo clan (zenshit)
  20. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We received a alarm notice from our dutch security officers @Nick & @0 il of lesser intelligent dutch downies massing for a Pk Trip that needed to be ended. We quickly gathered 15 Dutch Refugee reclaim agents and went into the slayer caves. Intel indictated that the varmin were hiding at Greaters, We logged in and intercepted the targets and gunned them all down 1k between greaters and jellies. We waited and listened and their regroup forces were headin to black demons. We set up ambush team alpha and once again logged in and smoked them back to the hills of downyland. We Pked for a total of 3 hours and cleared out everything in the wilderness, I guess if you AINT DUTCH, YOU AINT MUCH.
  21. It is to no surprise anymore that no clan can compete with Zenith. Every single clan that has attempted to rival us and coordinate with each other has been completely broken and slammed. Today was no different, we were massed for a 20 Man PK Trip and wiped through OC/BP, OFA ,LY within the first 2 minutes of starting our trip. For the next hour BP+FI+OC+REV+LY all coordinated and massed up as many people in an attempt to fight back. Over an hour later (while we maced and pked freely in slayer caves), they were able to muster about 35 people in an open clan chat. https://i.gyazo.com/b7c98f94bb1870aadffe957957e0c5de.mp4 Locked and ready with the 40 Mountain Men - ready to slam the fuck out of them, we awaited at chaos alter, in their world, and waited for them to rush. From the get go, we slaughtered everyone. The fight was not even close. Their whole alliance got pushed around the wilderness and slammed/maced. Eventually after 30 minutes, every single person in "Tony Buck" clan chat was completely de-geared and naked. The videos will speak for itself, thank you so much for feeding us once again. It should be known to the clan world that these are the fights that we live for. Six Clans, One Clan Chat, One Massive Buffet. If you find yourself annoyed and pissed off your clan isn't independent and cant pull alone, message cookies#1337 on discord to discuss your possibilities of joining the Best Pure Clan on this game. TY 4 LOOTS/ TY 4 STAFF BP
  22. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan Massed up 20 EST shooters, to steamroll the wilderness per usual. Being the MOST ACTIVE Pure Clan in the game, we had yet another event this week untouched. 120M+ Maced/Pked, including an Ancient Godsword. Anti-Zenith was nowhere to be found as all their clans are completely dead and in comas because of the beatdowns we have been giving them daily. Once again another successful event for Zenith, and BANK MADE. Zenith vs - Whales
  23. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD I was laying on my belly when a carrier pigeon knocked on my window and told me OFA was inside my caves talking Ill about my clan, So I quickly joined TS3 and massed up 20 Zenith Members to go clear them for our 4th Event of the day. We logged into them at Black Demons and as they started spamming "Plug The Leak" with 5 people we started speccing through every single dogshit OFA kid inside us. We started clearing their north side and pushed them far south. We cleared up black demons and caught a spam and rushed south towards CA and started farming through them once again, They decided to call raggers however it didn't matter.... We continued to demolish through them and #Anti-Zenith and once OFA was cleared we teleported to the bank and laughed at them. We setup a 1V1 with them matched opts at bandit camp, We defended and they rushed from the north and got caught in the biggest clump Ive ever seen in a 20V20. Their entire clan was in a 2By2 Box and we barraged through them and laughed at them. Once we cleared up the clumpey we single piled the rest of them and after legitimately 45 seconds they were evaporated. We caught a fall in and went to the bank to thank them for the fight. They ended after that.....
  24. Received word several clans were out so we massed up ~25 Wolves later peaking at ~30 to get some nice midweek action. Not really even sure who we were fighting as it just became one big cluster fuck, nonetheless, thanks for the action! Koala
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