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  1. nice action . considering the pure clanning state might as well call it a prep.
  2. imagine listening to people talking about runescape pure clanning for 15 minutes
  3. Father's day differ on the country. Dates vary, for example ours were on the first Sunday of June. Imagine cancelling trips on American only holiday lol
  4. Ty apex for the fight, was really fun Unfortunate meds though, unnecessary
  5. Read more here: https://www.lrt.lt/en/news-in-english/19/1703356/lrt-english-newsletter-let-s-buy-a-bayraktar-for-ukraine https://www.lrt.lt/en/news-in-english/19/1702258/lithuanian-influencer-launches-eur5m-crowdfunding-to-gift-bayraktar-drone-to-ukraine How to donate: Recipient: Všį Laisvės TV Account number: LT167300010156927144, Swedbank SWIFT: HABALT22 Notes: Bayraktarui Paypal: [email protected] 3.3M collected already
  6. Your inners clan Legacy posted a 1-1 mini as a win and now this topic triggers you. Interesting.
  7. Doesn't seem to be posted on here before. Link me a topic if wrong, couldn't find it myself
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