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  1. Dude, I have nothing against you guys, but man y'all cringe af. I've never seen such clueless 1bangs since SF went f2p
  2. Your clan pulled 15 pures and double logged to 9 mains to another cancer main fest While we had a 70v70 clean pure cluster. are you really that dumb or brainwashed even to believe what you're doing is fun or respectable in any way
  3. lol rage pulled 18 and double logged 9 more mains to compete. Demoralised scene. I will be having 100v100 pure action today, while shitter clans keep sucking each other off in main clusters for 3hours
  4. never thought involving yourself in the main scene would be respectable in pure world
  5. idk what's fun about fanboying a clan in cw, watching them fight and make your members do nothing and spam cringe lines for an hour. yikes
  6. This was really fun, glad to have high opt pure only fights. Ty sup, zenith and apex for being amazing
  7. nice 25 pull btw l00l u had no action today speaking about sigs
  8. you shouldn't be posting in pure section https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/385-main-community-discussion/
  9. 6 clans vs FOE as usual. Gl today shitters

    1. Asap


      This didn't age well l0l nice anni in my clan's cape l00l0l0l

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