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  1. doom is dead

    1. Murd


      Why are you flaming your allies, go back to editing the wiki!

    2. TheBean
  2. you're in a rivalry vs a discord team that has no forums or teamspeak. big balls
  3. I don't have a CV, I review them my dude
  4. Yep sounds like a perfect CV for a rank in FI
  5. You're making your clan look bad. Stop with the cringe bro
  6. Dude you're in rage crashing our fights with 35 people while influencing nothing lmfao. Literally stfu irrelevant edge random
  7. whoever doesn't have or use forums is not a clan. Stop taking orders from edge masser teams
  8. That's all you can say. But on the other hand - what else there is left? Garbage clan and its leadership. Blows my mind you're somehow open still. After all these rivalry losses you've had in the past decade.
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