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  1. You're one of the only people on these forums that know how dick tastes like. Do not pipe up.
  2. Weren't you recruited in Lumbridge bank by Control Pker back in 2015?
  3. You've been taking L's since the start of the rivalry . You're used to.
  4. pfff looked too ez. close to perfection
  5. So much better than that forum clan. gz Phil and friends
  6. noone can take on foe Why i like their trips is they get action no matter what numbers they have. I've never seen a clan chilling or regrouping in multi afraid of nothing lol Sometimes fighting down 20 as if even numbers
  7. the more you pipe up and talk shit - the smaller your dick is. Look at rage. Trying to compensate 

  8. wait isnt control like the founder of special forces?
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