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  1. Did someone threaten to kick you from your clan?
  2. This is disgusting if true. Although ngl, this is no different from any weekend. See spams like this on a weekly basis, involving irl, disabilities, deaths etc.
  3. Remember the pre-eoc venom. Used to love the zetaboards forums haha ❤️ On my chest.
  4. The age of consent is there for a reason. You are unable to make these decisions until generally you're 18. Even if you find the rare exceptions in practice, it is still risky to make more harm than pleasure. Also, this type of thinking (of the user cited) is clearly of a person that is into criminal activity (Carpenter et al. 2014). Teenagers under the age of 18, especially girls, cannot know if they really want to engage into sexual relationships. Often feeling sorry for their decisions soon after. ,,Almost half of girls and one third of boys aged 16–17 years said that they had experienced some form of unwanted sexual behaviour towards them in the past 12 months." (Warren and Swami 2019). Carpenter, B., O’Brien, E., Hayes, S. and Death, J., 2014. Harm, Responsibility, Age, and Consent. New Criminal Law Review, 17 (1), 23-54. Warren, D. and Swami, N., 2019. Teenagers and sex. LSAC Annual Statistical Reports [online]. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/337670249_Teenagers_and_sex [Accessed 19 Sep 2020].
  5. It's all trolling, flaming and games. When did I dox anyone xd Rage is dead btw.
  6. Didn't read, don't care. You're probably in your 20s or 30s involving yourself in runescape drama, doxing and being toxic losers overall. How about you enjoy the game, clanning, rivalries and keep it game-related.
  7. Gonna be hard to play the disgusting main game for fi during weekends. But they're the stronger clan obviously
  8. Nice pull and nice wins. Fi, why bring one item raggers instead of making it a good fun cluster and legit just fight
  9. fi bullied to 1item already. yikes

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