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  1. Fake Smile

    Has CD ever won a rivalry?

    last time I played cd was a one-itemers clan
  2. hope it's not another brick in the wall, gl
  3. Very nice anni. proud
  4. Fake Smile

    announcement Promotion - Kye & retirement

    missed u love x
  5. Fake Smile

    midweek Sko slaps dogshit dc around.

    Why does your banner say Suddent
  6. Having "most hated - most active" as your slogan in 2k19
  7. Fake Smile

    cwa Rage Vs Fatality | 35v35 F2P Prep [2-1]

    Last time I checked Slaughter closed Rage am i rite
  8. omae wa mou shindeiru

  9. Fake Smile

    Leak's Graphics Shop

    looking clean and fresh aha
  10. Fake Smile

    Becoming a Graphics Designer

  11. Fake Smile

    Winter snowball war

    fire strike event sounds nice
  12. Fake Smile

    cwa [P2P] Supremacy vs Final Ownage Elite 25v25 2-1

    Looks good guys. So glad you're still taking these Ws :)