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  1. FI approached us for a p2p where we got the win in 2-1 in sets. Good fight was fun.
  2. We approached Apex for a PKRI where the sharks accepted. We went on to defend. The fight lasted about 30 minutes where we went back and forth. It was really fun! Thanks for the fight Apex, happy to see you back around!
  3. BP approached for a fun 20v20 at bandits. We accepted as they rushed we realized they had a bit more - but we still held out and dominated throughout the fight. Good fight BP - It was real fun!
  4. Today we showed what MF is capable of doing and pushing through clans. To the point where Zenith had to bring mains to try and compete and still failed. ez GWAS ZENITH MAIN COLLECTION! You lost!
  5. BP asked us for a PKRI where we accepted. It was a super clean 17v17 30 min capped! We were able to push the fight down to corp where the fight was ended. Thanks for the fight!
  6. Apex approached us for a late night and we accepted. We got the 4-2 W. Good fight
  7. The first day of the wildy cave update really brought us back in a past of the wilderness activity where we pked for 18 hours and ran into constant clans/pkers/pvmers. It was a great day!
  8. Bumped into TR in the wild then some time later we set a fight! GF Terror! Always a good time
  9. FI asked us for a P2P PKRI and we accepted. Thanks for the fight.
  10. We heard our old friends in Fatality and Legacy we're having a fun 10 vs 10 scrap, so we decided to round up a quick 10 to go and join in on the fun! After our first quick hit north of mossies we reset and set the fight up vs Legacy and we had some good action! it was a quick pump and dump, same way your boyfriends do to you If you're a 1 def pure, you should be in Misfits to honor the 1 def master race, don't be a pussy, leave your shit med/rag clan to join THE LAST TRUE PURE CLAN Want to be part of the most active community and cleanest action? You want to be on the winning side that doesn't cheat and stays true to pure clanning? DM on discord Zee#0786 with a capital Z for a chance to be part of the swarm and be big own.
  11. We knew Apex was pking late night. We approached em for a PKRI, massed up quick and got it going! Thanks for the fight.
  12. We want to see more and more clans thrive and grow and our friends at Chosen Few had a matched PKRI vs Venom but they needed a couple addition in order to make the fight happen. So we supplemented the new pure clan with a couple of Misfits members to get their action going. Not to our surprise, Zenith rushed the 2 new clans where we retaliated and got 2 full clears on them. How about you let the new clans grow and get established before crashing them ??? Good job CF and Venom! Good performance, you both seem very promising quality!
  13. Knowing that most clans cancelled the Sunday trip because of the previous Main/Rag that had happened, BP asked us for a PKRI. Knowing we had 30 minutes to prep for it we were able to pull a solid 22 later looking at 25 for the duration of the fight! The fight went on for 30 mins where it was a really fun fight! Thanks for the fight! It was clean AF
  14. Prepped a fight last week vs UnWanted for a P2P ft50 Clan Wars fight. We came out with a 2-0. Thanks for the fight UnWanted! You put up a gf!
  15. We had a set PKRI vs UnWanted and our rag/main friends at Zenith decided to pay a visit where they got cleared! We were down opts vs both clans as this fight was going to be capped at 15 and we decided to show up only with 13. As well we briefly saw BP there ??? We wanted to keep the fights going but Unwanted and BP ended ... Maybe next time! Thanks for the fights ! Typical Zenith member! 45 str 70 def 94 mage! And the kind of rag/main that comes with
  16. A new clan called Chosen Few approached us for a PKRI as it would be their first event. Where we set the fights at Rune Rocks and GDZ. The fights were great and both parties performed greatly! Thanks CF for the fight! Was really fun! We had welcomed our new friends last week UnWanted and now this new clan Chosen Few! The scene is thriving. If you want to open a pure clan and get clean action and support to grow and thrive, you can always hit Misfits up!
  17. We were pking at chins and found OFA and UnWanted and got couple scraps! Thanks for the fight, was fun!
  18. Misfits went out today to cluster and have some good action and we did ! We had some clean 1v1s had some fun clustering and ended the trip with a ft50 coming out with a W! Thanks to all who came out and kept it clean it was really fun! Check out the vid for the whole POV! Wildy POV Ft50 Clan WAR POV
  19. Our new friends over at Unwanted approached us for a fight at the same moment where we weren't massed because the clan they setup with couldn't pull more than 5. So in 10 minutes Misfits went from 0 to 20 sharp stinging hornets to take on this new clan for their first war ever! The fight was set at GDZ where we went on for 30 mins dominating! GF UnWanted! You guys put up a good fight! Looking forward for more! and welcome to the scene! ZEE POV Makla POV
  20. Again Unwanted approached us for a quick PKRI as the fight they had setup vs the other clan couldn't pull. So we massed up 20 shooters in matter of minutes to get this late night going! This time we fought around FOG in PvP! We were down opts but still held out and did some big damage! GF Unwanted! Lets keep it going!
  21. fought purge was fun. good smoking session. gf
  22. OFA approached us for PKRI! Got couple smites, was fun gf.
  23. Zenith asked us for 15v15 ft25. We ended up taking the 2-0 with a whopping performance by the Misfits members with a +10 kill on the first round. ty 4 fight
  24. Zenith approached us to have a quick pkri and we accepted, was a great fight! ty 4 fight big own
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