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  1. Zee#0786 (capital Z) or Salso#0681 (capital S) to inquire about joining. On this Sunday. Misfits had a suprising appearance with more than 35 bees. No signup was needed. We just went with the most we were able to gather. As soon as the day started, we had fights with Hydra, fi, Apex and terror. Mains also attempted to hit our fights but no significant damage was done. Thanks to all the clans who gave us a clean fight
  2. Zee#0786 (capital Z) or Salso#0681 (capital S) to inquire about joining. Massed up ~40 BEES for a multi clan P2P Fullout. Team Misfits, Apex, Unwanted, & a few Terror took the win over Fatality, Kill on Sight, Blunt Pures, and Legacy. Thanks all clans for playing and SB for hosting. 2-1 Champions
  3. Zee#0786 (capital Z) or Salso#0681 (capital S) to inquire about joining. We massed up 43 Bees for a F2P Cluster w/ 50 Terror, 40 FOE, and 21 Mountains (lol). We began the trip with a fight down opts against Terror, who impressively pulled 50 to the fight. We moved from Ghost hut to CA, bringing the opts back in our favor when FOE rushed. We fought it out with FOE, pushing them from CA, to Ghost Hut, then all the way back to Ferox. From there, the mountains rushed with 19 on cape and quickly scurried back to singles. Terror re-rushed and the cluster continued in a similar way for the next hour and a half or so, with Misfits never banking once, ending with Misfits in Multi and other clans watching us from singles. GF all, thanks for the F2P Action. A fight like this hasn't happed in years. Hope to do it again soon.
  4. KoS approached us for a 20 vs 20 F2P event in clanwars, and after a very successful wilderness fights vs Terror we kept the ball rolling We did three rounds, taking dubs in 2 out of 3 rounds! Round 1) Ft50: 50-32 Misfits Round 2) Knockout: 10-0 Misfits Round 3) Knockout: 10-0 KoS Thanks for the action KoS, look forward to more in the future!
  5. Earlier in the day KoS approached the Hive, asking for a pkri. As everyone is well aware, Misfits would never turn down some wilderness action! Misfits called on their members, and within minutes massed up 35 absolute gunslingers. Unfortunately to that, KoS had a weak 14 man pull. Since Misfits had too many opts, and we love giving action we hit up Apex & Terror to have a second PKRI/CLUSTER simultaneously! We ended up splitting the channel into two, forming a WASP unit & a HORNET unit. The fights began at CA, where the HORNET unit started off a clean PURE ON PURE action fight vs Apex. The fight was going as well as it should be, a battle back and forth between two pure clans. Shortly after start, we got intel that zenith were heading to crash the fight, followed by KoS, and Terror. At this point, we called our WASP unit to head on over to CA and assist on giving zenith the stinger (insert wave:bzzzzz). (PEEP zenith GETTING THEIR ENTIRE PULL INTO A BOX) It didn't take long for Misfits to get easy clears on them at corp Following that, we got an even easier clear on them at Sperm Hill But as we all know, what zenith tends to do when they start to lose.. Yep you guessed it, they pull out their mains & rag (tsk tsk) The fights went on for an hour or more, and all that was left was garbage rag & mains, we then dipped out and claimed today a big win for MISFITS Thanks for the fun pure action Apex, Terror, and KoS!
  6. Peaking at ~20, we spent a few hours around rev caves PKing this morning. We ran into BP once, then Terror several more times which turned into some fun fights and we got some nice +1s. thnx for fights
  7. Our friends over at Terror agreed to have some wilderness F2P fights! We started the fight at East Bandits, while zenith rag tried crashing and having absolutely ZERO affect on the fight. zenith tried their hardest to mass and crash a clean fight vs two pure clans, and still failed to hit even 15 in channel.. So they resorted to showing up on their rag/tanks, and face planted into the ground to donate rune sets to the pure scene!. Misfits took a full clear of all clans after 20 minutes. Terror agreed to have a second round at CA this time, and once again zenith made an appearance and had zero impact. After 30-40 minutes when everyone was pushed to singles, Misfits took their wins! Thanks for the fun fights Terror, looking forward to our next fight!
  8. KoS had approached us to fight in the wild. As we just finished and won our prep, we geared up for the wildy to go out. Our little whispering bees notified us that Zenith has been preparing to crash that fight for couple of days now. As we fought KoS, Zenith kept trying to crash and got cleared every time including their shitty lvl 90 70 defs. GF KoS! Let's keep it going, nice to see you grow! Thanks @0wlfor the Elder Maul Zee POV Yaz POV Some Zenith Mains/Rag
  9. LY asked us for a P2P PKRI but capped at 10. We accepted and went and had some fun fighting. GF LY!
  10. We got to fight a couple OC/BP at Slayer Caves after clearing them, we had asked for a pkri. After no response, we went to PK deep where we got to kill multiple main clans and after 45 mins they had messaged us to fight where we accepted. We knew we were going to fight downs but there is no challenge to big for MF! We took it on and fought down opts where we beat them until full clear! Good fight BP. It was really clean!
  11. UW had approached us for a PKRI. Moments later BP logs in East of us trying to sandwich and that's where we manoeuevered around the fight clearing both clans multiple times without banking 1 single time. Thanks for the fight! Was one of the cleanest fights of 2023 so far! Zee POV Ma3lish POV Woo POV
  12. We were pking in the wildy and found FOE and fought x4 at CA! Got the clears and that was it. Good fight FOE! Always fun!
  13. Lord Egg has been asking Misfits to diversify our action to come in the F2P scene to bring back the F2P servers active. We've never done F2P as it doesn't require skill so we banked our dragon daggers and went to G.E. to buy rune scims to put up a fight. As BvG was telling us to bow, half our members had rune arrows and the other half tried to entangle yet we beat the #1 F2P clan. 1st Round: WIN Score: 50 - 38 2nd Round: WIN Score: 50 - 48 Edgi POV Zee POV Clutch POV Kane POV
  14. FI approached us for a p2p where we got the win in 2-1 in sets. Good fight was fun.
  15. We approached Apex for a PKRI where the sharks accepted. We went on to defend. The fight lasted about 30 minutes where we went back and forth. It was really fun! Thanks for the fight Apex, happy to see you back around!
  16. BP approached for a fun 20v20 at bandits. We accepted as they rushed we realized they had a bit more - but we still held out and dominated throughout the fight. Good fight BP - It was real fun!
  17. Today we showed what MF is capable of doing and pushing through clans. To the point where Zenith had to bring mains to try and compete and still failed. ez GWAS ZENITH MAIN COLLECTION! You lost!
  18. BP asked us for a PKRI where we accepted. It was a super clean 17v17 30 min capped! We were able to push the fight down to corp where the fight was ended. Thanks for the fight!
  19. Apex approached us for a late night and we accepted. We got the 4-2 W. Good fight
  20. The first day of the wildy cave update really brought us back in a past of the wilderness activity where we pked for 18 hours and ran into constant clans/pkers/pvmers. It was a great day!
  21. Bumped into TR in the wild then some time later we set a fight! GF Terror! Always a good time
  22. FI asked us for a P2P PKRI and we accepted. Thanks for the fight.
  23. We heard our old friends in Fatality and Legacy we're having a fun 10 vs 10 scrap, so we decided to round up a quick 10 to go and join in on the fun! After our first quick hit north of mossies we reset and set the fight up vs Legacy and we had some good action! it was a quick pump and dump, same way your boyfriends do to you If you're a 1 def pure, you should be in Misfits to honor the 1 def master race, don't be a pussy, leave your shit med/rag clan to join THE LAST TRUE PURE CLAN Want to be part of the most active community and cleanest action? You want to be on the winning side that doesn't cheat and stays true to pure clanning? DM on discord Zee#0786 with a capital Z for a chance to be part of the swarm and be big own.
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