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  1. Pulled 8 BU tigers and caught more bodies than any other xLPC this afternoon... big plans ahead for Blood Unit *stay tuned^ Videos: Fudog Video Uploading....
  2. Fudog

    Golden Vs Ascent 2-1

    Golden ded
  3. Beers & Bentleys


  4. I'd aim for warlord of Outburst if I took this brown sticky stuffty outdated game seriously
  5. Fudog

    not counted Fatality Vs Fearless 2-1 P2p Prep

    FATality always had the best uniforms my gfxs
  6. Who still plays Runescape.com I retired like a year ago 


    1. Public Relations Pig
    2. Fudog


      You really have me on ur snipe list?!?!? Looks like I really am #1

    3. MACCER


      22 minutes ago, Fudog said:

      You really have me on ur snipe list?!?!? Looks like I really am #1

      fudog on top again!

  7. Shoutout to the supporters and fans 

    Blood Unit debut views :128 

    if you have a lvl 60-61 and wanna join the best snipe unit 

    pm "Fudog" on sharkbrew messanger

  8. Smh at all the Fearless kids who got kicked from Outburst

    pretty nasty creatures, who make fake sharkbrew accounts, stinky piggsss

  9. Deviants just give up dude, we all know your a random mute who dedicates his life to sharkbrew no1 cares grow up dummy
  10. Honestly if I've killed ur clans 3 times around, it shouldnt matter I'll run in p2p with r scim and drop ur 8head