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  1. Zenith sucks ass! just fyi!
  2. Irrelevant era against weak opponents in a meat-shield infested cancer scene. 0 legacy, never won a noteworthy prep
  3. typical SV slave , you wouldn't be able to recognize a good 1 def scrap lmaoo
  4. osrs has been pure cancer ragfests for the last 4 years what are you on about lmao
  5. why u saying 25+ like thats anything to be proud of lmap
  6. Should've moved on 3 years ago, but it's okay u can still turn things around. 

  7. everyone should close lmao , we're nearing 2023 and y'all are still writing runescape propoganda topics??
  8. nonon it can't be , y'all still logging in to runescape.com 

    1. Viking


      no no i cant be, you're still posting on a runescape forum

    2. Killer Kamal

      Killer Kamal

      yes im here to wake you up 

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