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  1. Didn't know there were Imperial or SV members in LY
  2. Killer Kamal

    next best p2p clan?

    how does a clan go from sitting on the p2p throne for years to losing to a rsps clan and turning into a wildy quanitity shitter clan l0l
  3. Killer Kamal

    2017, 2018 no aftermath topics btw

    Aren't u the rat that left to fo
  4. Killer Kamal


    ew marxism, welcome tho
  5. Killer Kamal

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | P2P Prep [2-1]

    glad to see p2p preps happening
  6. Killer Kamal

    cwa Team Potent Vs. Vengeance 2-1 P2P PREP

  7. Killer Kamal

    cwa Team Potent Vs. Resurgence 3-0 P2P PREP

  8. Killer Kamal

    tournament P2P Tournament Of The Underdogs

    clans like cd and purge aren't capable of any real p2p
  9. Killer Kamal

    Word on the street

    l000l shut your mouth
  10. Killer Kamal

    cwa Rage Vs Apex | F2P CWA FT100 | 2-0

    Looks very fun, gz rage
  11. Killer Kamal

    Yung Wook - Critical Damage

  12. Killer Kamal

    What do all of these clans have in common?

    You're highlighting very well how bad Ace Krave is and as the poll results show we all agree, But you're the one competing with him / writing topics on him. Just ironic how you don't see this makes you look just as bad. And no thank god I don't clan in this xlpc era where nothing is happening besides rev pking and cringe rivalries between shit clans.
  13. Killer Kamal

    What do all of these clans have in common?

    Actually writing topics on / competing with Ace Krave is just as bad lmao