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  1. Killer Kamal

    cwa Outrage Vs Supremacy ~ F2P Prep ~ 2-0

    fo running from outrage as well
  2. Killer Kamal

    gz cd

  3. Killer Kamal

    F2P HYBRIDS 2015-2019

    You achieved nothing whatsoever, fought none relevant. But at least you managed to get your blackbars off your final vid
  4. Killer Kamal


  5. Killer Kamal


    ^ Also 2-3 min of action lmfao rs 2k19
  6. Killer Kamal

    Brid Video #11

    you're vids are always good, but you always have trash songs
  7. L for every fucking loser involved btw
  8. keep it up blunt brothers, looks like y'all having fun the way its supposed to be
  9. Killer Kamal

    Nigerians vs Somali Gang P2P Mini (2-0)

    Lmfao tune slaps
  10. Killer Kamal

    Wtf was that?

    paar niggas met money paar niggas zijn broke
  11. Killer Kamal

    Wtf was that?

    Ik doe gewoon m'n werk en verdwijn weer
  12. Killer Kamal

    Most Awkward "Speech" in History ft. IR Leader

    It has been a year and a half almost since you're pussy leaders had the balls. Low tier wilderness clan keep competing with IR l0l
  13. Killer Kamal

    Most Awkward "Speech" in History ft. IR Leader

    Lmfao is Fo competing with IR now , leaking public teamspeak recordings. How deep have they sunk.
  14. Killer Kamal

    midweek Sko slaps dogshit dc around.

  15. whoop em after school just to show i got class