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  1. Are you comparing the UFC with 45 fighter per devision, months of training, camps, million on the line, with fucking 20 minutes of playing RuneScape? McGregor fights once a year (not even), almost as infrequent as Fo fighting their direct competition. But honest to god, who can blame FO leadership with fudog and wiki editiors on their ML
  2. PUSSY CUCKS Imagine being a clan on a video game and not being willing to play the video game! Losers!
  3. how is a 12 year old legacy clan shaking for a matched battle
  4. nice eagle spank
  5. Yeah dude! Let me get some fresh recruits from a guy known for scamming a McChicken (no fries)
  6. tannie only goes after weak xlpc's these days
  7. It is just super messy, animations are really all over the place, shadows are inconsistent, shapes are really random and stack in a chaotic way, texture feels really just tossed in there for the sake of adding texture,. Subtext layer style has a 2014 vibe to it. It is not horrible overall it is just so repetitive, GFX used to be really evolving, but it you don't really seem to push yourself. Nothing personal.
  8. Fo should be able to pull 100 on their own, but they don't. Because they're filled with glory hunter rats.
  9. dogshit clans honestly mediocrity at its peak, grats apex
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