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  1. Killer Kamal

    Day 2: the bible clears rot

    loser lmao
  2. ma niggas from blunt purez smoking on that gasssss
  3. Killer Kamal

    Uh Oh

    Nigga you are in bad timing , you have a signature with a bunch of low tier clans none relevant has ever heard of. Keep beefing with f2p hybrid type clans and shut your mouth.
  4. Killer Kamal

    For my dutch brothers

    Goed idee man , Nederlands debat posten op een RuneScape clanning forum
  5. Killer Kamal

    midweek Message to upcoming XLPCS/LPCS

    2005 pking blackbars included retards lmao
  6. Killer Kamal

    FOE backing down against ROT?

    No need to KYP fo dogs, they got 3-0'd and have been avoiding for almost a year now! They know in the back of their minds they are not the best matched. Stick to running around with maple shortbows
  7. Killer Kamal

    Did someone say CD opening?

  8. Killer Kamal

    The greatest crossover event in history...

    Fo dogs get smoked whats new
  9. Killer Kamal

    weekend When FH talkin too much

    stfu pussy if you beef with f2h you're just as low tier as them
  10. Killer Kamal

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

  11. Killer Kamal

    [PSA] Regarding all RSPS users

    i'd rather catch a virus than participate in this cancer era you guys call clanning
  12. Killer Kamal

    [BS] - Immense Vs Terminal 6v6 2-1

  13. do niggas log in every weekend for this l0l