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  1. Guy below me speaking facts.

  2. @Murd You wake up at 3am just to @ me on your dogshit clan's topic. I never read them! come @ me here reject l0l.
  3. More than what your clan pulled or has ever pulled and thats not to be disrespectful. OT: Zenith wins once again.
  4. lets see purge pull 38 this weekend...oh wait..
  5. fatality looking for my alliances lmao ot: gj smoking fi bp.
  6. my dms from old fatality legends/oldschool say different till this day. stop talking out your ass lmao.
  7. I find it hilarious that old Fatality ranks are completely fine with accepting the propaganda the eop refugees that joined, pushed on them about their clan being terrible for a long time lmao. There is no way in hell old ranks like: Couck,Sulfate,Jons,Ssj,Chris etc. , are completely okay with this lmfao. I honestly expect the current fi ranks/members to be totally okay with such self-hate propaganda but damn the oldschool/legends that still attend events gotta be pissed about it deep down. Fatality has reached greatness many times before there was a "Jamz" lol, and it definitely was more than what EoP can accomplish.
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