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  1. Eevee

    Hi there

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    Old Timer

    Change your forum name in the next 24 hours.
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    Forum/twitter clans

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    Dave's intro

  5. You’re a party to half of the existing problem, so excuse me if I don’t take what you say seriously.
  6. It needs to be kept out of #campfire and the general discussion boards. I suggested that we make a new text channel and migrate the nonsense between FOE and RoT there so they can act like apes and not impede our regulars from having normal conversations. I’ve had a few regulars approach me who are pretty pissed off that we haven’t attempted this yet. It needs to be a split decision, we cannot cater to one particular group and alienate the rest. Not even sure why this needs to be a discussion point, should be common sense.
  7. Eevee

    Critical Damage LPC - Abdullah Returns

    Welcome back, and good luck out there.
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    Sunday: SV Beaten Battered and Bruised

    Didn't realize SV were still open. Good stuff JaJa.
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    QoL and W45 Changes

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    Hi im Hatton

  11. Do not advertise your clan in the status updates section, it generates unnecessary clutter and spams out the tool. Make a topic, don't put it here. 

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    150m Fight Pits Event

    Looks good guys! I'll see if I can find some time to make it, should be entertaining.
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    GMT/(Fuhlex) re-intro

    Welcome back.
  14. Welcome to the team, looking forward to working with you.