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  1. Elve is a freak that would sell his own ranks out for a McChicken (and probably already has).
  2. Interesting development, and always good to see old faces return. Best of luck RDK and welcome back.
  3. Eevee

    cwa Deleted

    Lol so we're posting losses now? Stop cosplaying as inactive clanners you clown. I shut you down once and I'll do it again.
  4. What are you talking about "ex-mod?" Clearly I'm still here, I just need a break occasionally from getting death threats from a bunch of edgy teenagers on a near daily basis for doing a task that is completely voluntary. There's no winning. If I don't do something about certain events, I get attacked and mass pm'd some pretty disgusting shit. If I do intervene and uphold our rules, the same thing happens. Spare me your bullshit. The decisions I make are generally pretty clear and fairly well fleshed out. I just have minimal patience for idiots like Nox who cry bias when they're usually the source of rampant community bullshit. Him and about 7 Apex members got banned for basically making direct threats to staff members, mass highlighting our Discord and attempting to attack another player very directly back in 2018, and *MOST* of them have successfully appealed and have been unbanned. I'm sorry that Nox feels like he's due special treatment because he's a clan leader, but the truth is he isn't. He's very well aware of our policies and procedures and yet chooses to undermine them pretty actively. Apex members are fine and free to participate on this website as much as they please. Nox is not and has not for the last two years because of actions and decisions he chose to make to attack Giggs publicly and make the jobs of this staff team more difficult than it needs to be. His reaction to his ban was so extreme that he screamed and cried like a damn infant and threatened to have Apex boycott our community (But guess who is still participating here? You are!) He refuses to appeal, so he's staying where he's at, and quite frankly I'm tired of his bullshit. Even if my recent interaction with him was extreme, there's no excusing his attempts to undermine SharkBrew and attack us for things that were ultimately his fault, and also hypocritical considering he's said and done much worse. Anyone who chooses to follow his example will join him. On the flipside, if he actually wants to make a defensible appeal instead of asking others to backdoor him into the community, he'll have his chance at an unban, but only if his behavior towards SharkBrew changes. On a separate note, if you want to discuss the terms for why you were banned and want to appeal your offense, you can either message me on Discord or make an appeal topic. If you message me directly I'll be able to help you much quicker. You mentioned that you appealed previously, but unfortunately you thought it was appropriate to not take the process seriously and demand an unban which saw your appeal denied. If you choose to do nothing again, best of luck to you.
  5. We do. The problem is that this behavior has become endemic to the community as a whole. When someone steps out of line and behaves in a manner such as this, others feel it appropriate to take matters into their own hands and lash out in retaliation, which creates a pretty substantial domino effect. I have 10 pages of logs of users we’ve banned from Sharkbrew for this behavior. 10 PAGES. That’s 15 users per page. I’ve been ratcheting down pressure to get people to stop, and it still doesn’t deter anyone which means the issue is greater than “just permanently ban these people.” We do, and it still persists. Everyone involved on SharkBrew or in the community as a whole needs to ask themselves what they want this scene to look like, and you cannot act hypocritical whilst doing so. If you’re going to complain about this pervasive and toxic behavior, you better make sure you’re holding your own people to the same standard. That’s how we fix this, by everyone pitching in and holding each other accountable, and not let these people continue to participate in our clans. I can only do so much to ban these people, the rest is up to you guys to set the bar higher and not recruit anyone with a history of aggressive and threatening behavior. If no one will let them participate, they go away and our community will benefit from it.
  6. You fail to understand that this is 2020, and a photo is enough to reveal a whole lake of information about people. You can plug a photo of someone into a search engine and have the opportunity to find social media accounts, which can more times than not lead to finding out where someone lives, where they work, how to contact them, etc. While it might be your personal responsibility to take precautions to protect yourself, it doesn’t change the fact that there are psychopaths that become obsessed with attacking people to the point of ruining their relationships, career prospects, and much more. The whole point of this argument is that there can be very real, and very dangerous consequences to this behavior, which very clearly seems lost on you at this moment. The world isn’t private anymore, and there are some real shit stains on the internet that will bend over backwards to ruin someone’s life. People in the PvP community have been attacked. There have been people that have been killed from being SWATed by some angsty teenager on a fucking video game. This isn’t about posting “what someone looks like.” This is about preventing others from being harmed by nutjobs who think it’s acceptable to upend someone else’s life over a game. Your entire argument is flawed, and dangerously so. Maybe you need to reconsider your thoughts.
  7. I can't speak for the other staff members and moderators, but I'm confident in my abilities that I am taking every available step and precaution to combat this sort of behavior, and continue to do so on a daily basis. Unfortunately I'm human, so I can't be around 24 hours of every day making sure that people are adhering to our standards, which is why we have additional staff members. Getting everyone on the same page is a constant evolution, new situations crop up, and stuff falls through the cracks. It should not be a regular revolving issue, and if it's getting to that point, we need help from the users of the community to make sure that these situations are being dealt with in fair and just fashion. So, if you see any of this happening, and something isn't being addressed, I am asking you to please get in touch with one of us and we will look at the situation seriously. Given the problems over the last 24 hours, I've had to scramble my staff team and bring up multiple discussions about this type of behavior to make sure everyone is on the same page. Because of this I'm taking up a fair bit of their time making sure that we have the tools to address these problems. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, PLEASE SAY SOMETHING.
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