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  1. Imagine being proud that your discord is filled with the people that were banned from our channel for doxing. What a fucking community leader you turned out to be. 🤪 You depend on scum just to be active, so your discord might as well be dead.
  2. No one is crying, just calling you for your bullshit. Boards are still up and accessible, so I guess that was another lie you just told. Stop pretending that you’re not a snake because you clearly are.
  3. But they still exist, do they not? :kek:
  4. I dunno, looks like a forum to me (regardless of how massive a failure it is).
  5. At least @FLOWERrecognized Clan Warfare was a joke. Smart kid, glad to have him here on Sharkbrew.
  6. Weird, that’s clearly a lie. Just like your intentions when you tried to apply for a rank here. A whole 16 members registered on your forums, and your discord channel is a dox fest. Glad to hear things are going so well for you!
  7. That’s a prefix that is added by a user when a topic is created. I went ahead and removed it as well.
  8. Adjusted topic title to eliminate clickbait. No audio leak appears to exist.
  9. This thread serves literally zero purpose.
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