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  1. Eevee

    Warning to every purge member

    Pointless topic with an empty threat made to taunt others into a flame war. Shocking. Surely you can do better than this.
  2. Eevee

    Guess Who

    Welcome back.
  3. Eevee

    Rules of Sharkbrew ?

    The rules are in the same subforum they've always been: In the "Community Information" subforum at the very top of your .gif image. That link you clicked on in your image is outdated, but has since been updated by Kim. You can also navigate to the rules by clicking the hyperlink she provided in her post in this thread, or by highlighting the "Forums" tab at the top of the community website and then selecting "Forum Rules."
  4. Eevee

    announcement Promotions

  5. Eevee

    announcement Promotions

    Because Eevee isn't what I go by in-game or on Discord.
  6. Eevee

    announcement Promotions

    You didn't answer my question, so because you didn't provide a name I'm inclined to believe you're full of shit. I don't care what was reported to Moni or Slush since I'm the one in charge of Community Management, so if you have a dispute pertaining to the ethical standing of ANY of our ranks, you can drop me a Private Message.
  7. Or maybe, just maybe, if salty internet trolls with no hobbies or real life to speak of didn't act like apes on a dedicated community site for an online wizard simulator game, it wouldn't be a problem.
  8. He has literally no chance. It's the definition of selfish, that he would try to harm the clan scenes line of support just to be unbanned on a fansite dedicated to a 16 year old Java Dragon Slaying game. If anything, this makes his chances of being unbanned even less likely. He needs a new hobby, other than roleplaying as a gorilla.
  9. Eevee

    announcement Promotions

    Not sure who you're speaking of, but neither myself nor Paul permit or condone this type of behavior from anyone. Maybe instead of accusing someone of wrongdoing, you should provide proof alongside your accusations. This type of behavior will never be acceptable or allowed in any way.
  10. Eevee

    announcement Promotions

    Welcome to our new team members, looking forward to working with you.
  11. Eevee

    Dk Derek opens fire

    Wow, no one fucking cares. Closing topic as it is spam.
  12. Eevee

    announcement New Community Code Of Conduct

    You're right, I don't work for you.
  13. Eevee

    New Intro