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  1. Eevee


    Fatality could propel itself much further if idiots like Elve weren’t ranks. That could be a New Years Resolution for them.
  2. I think a good handful of the staff members here appreciate your honesty and concern. However, this idea that if a community site was eliminated that it would generate less toxicity and more growth isn’t true in practice. Zybez shutting down actually caused a substantial amount of harm to main clans and their scene, simply because that buffer that used to exist between clans no longer existed. It became harder for some groups to reach out to newer people because they lacked name recognition, and actually made toxic behavior worse. They don’t socialize, they don’t go to each other for fights, they just crash each other endlessly which isn’t healthy for their scene. You seem to think that this community *does* offer a value to clans and participants (as you mentioned near the end of your video), which runs counter to the larger point you tried to make. Furthermore, we have been trying to actively engage with clan leaders and community members, and we’ve been toying with ideas that *WILL* give them a much louder voice and bring them into the administrative processes here, but every time something new is proposed, the trolls come out of the woodwork and slam the idea(s) as useless and then we’re back to square one. Clans don’t want to see members of rival clans have an impactful voice on the scene, so rather than working together with us, they tear each other down in front of us, which doesn’t accomplish anything. The problem isn’t SharkBrew. The problem is the isolationist and tribalist mentalities that a lot of clan leaders and members have developed. We’ve voiced these concerns before. If anyone wants to be part of our process here, PLEASE message us. If you want a voice, reach out, we *WILL* and *DO* listen. We care about this community just as much as you guys do and want to see it thrive, and we welcome new ideas and fresh perspectives. Again, I appreciate the video and the conversation you’re drumming up. If you want to work with us on making the scene the best it can be, I’d love to have a direct conversation with you so we can discuss these details more thoroughly.
  3. Regarding recent events and discussions related to the conduct of one of our staff members, we have agreed that a temporary demotion for @DilLis the appropriate action to take in addition to educating him on what is and isn't considered appropriate conduct for staff members to engage in. While it is apparent that there has been a significant amount of concern trolling and exaggerated outrage regarding the situation, it is our opinion that Dill did cross a line with his conduct. While we do allow staff members that participate in community/clan activities to engage with community banter, we cannot allow the use of disparaging, obscene or hateful language in any fashion. We will be using his brief period of suspension to re-align him with our goals for this team, and the wider community. Please note that any attempts to bait Dill for his recent suspension will result in action being taken against the offender(s). This only serves to create further negative discourse and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Thank you.
  4. You should have seen their stance on clients back in 2006-07. Something as simple as a world switching client (Think Swiftswitch) was largely a bannable offense. It had all of the same functionality of the world switchers currently integrated into the game and into other clients like RuneLite. It was much more restrictive. I feel like what has encouraged this level of action from Jagex are some new features recently implemented into clients like OSBuddy that change or bypass certain interface options to speed up a task. Additionally, a lot of the things being highlighted also target Exilent in a pretty substantial manner. The frustrating part about these updates is that Jagex would rather paint with broad strokes than to take an official stance against specific features that go too far, which puts some client features that serve only as a small quality of life adjustment to fall within their crossfires of what is considered a “bannable offense.” This is an incredibly thoughtless and lazy way of dealing with a pretty large pool of different features, most of which are pretty benign.
  5. At least the main scene would get more action from this.
  6. Imagine being proud that your discord is filled with the people that were banned from our channel for doxing. What a fucking community leader you turned out to be. 🤪 You depend on scum just to be active, so your discord might as well be dead.
  7. No one is crying, just calling you for your bullshit. Boards are still up and accessible, so I guess that was another lie you just told. Stop pretending that you’re not a snake because you clearly are.
  8. But they still exist, do they not? :kek:
  9. I dunno, looks like a forum to me (regardless of how massive a failure it is).
  10. At least @FLOWERrecognized Clan Warfare was a joke. Smart kid, glad to have him here on Sharkbrew.
  11. Weird, that’s clearly a lie. Just like your intentions when you tried to apply for a rank here. A whole 16 members registered on your forums, and your discord channel is a dox fest. Glad to hear things are going so well for you!
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