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  1. System looks great! Hopefully the rollout is smooth and it takes off on a pretty positive note. Congrats to both @Breakand @Yak, well deserved promos. Love you both!
  2. So, TL;DR some idiot bragging about how he’s a 23 year old degenerate ex-convict with an active felony and no redeemable future, so he plays RuneScape all day? I bet his mom is real proud of him.
  3. Riiiiiight, because copying and pasting someone else’s post word for word is a great way to show people what a “waste of time” this is. The true waste of time was making this topic, and us having to read it. No.
  4. I’d like to point out that this role isn’t the same as the staff roles. The Advisor role is a partnership role that has no permissions over moderation of the community. It’s here to give clans and their representatives a louder voice in how we shape the community from this point forward.
  5. I’m putting an end to this topic, It’s a literal waste of time. If you didn’t actually feel like filling the role you probably shouldn’t have filled out a topic in this section. You’ve also managed to show your indecency, lack of maturity, and full blown incompetence to just about everyone in the community as well.
  6. We really hope that a higher interest in this position will develop over time. The truth is, a lot of you want to be more directly involved in shaping a healthy community and it shows. This will basically provide a more direct method of getting the community involved with our team to highlight some of the problems you would like addressed. We want to create a system that incentivizes clans to hold events with each other, to actively engage one another in the community, and fix problematic behaviors that demotivate people to hold events. We also want to hold a dialogue discussing why certain clans feel it to be necessary to not engage with the wider community here and what we can do to change that for the benefit of everyone. We want to provide a welcoming and all-inclusive environment, for both social purposes and for community engagement. Where we go from here is up to you, the feedback you provide us, and your willingness to work with us to make this community the best it can possibly be.
  7. So you decide to make a topic with barely any effort put into it, you attempted to derail another person’s thread who actually is taking this process seriously by making a joke of it, and you somehow don’t expect some level of backlash from others? Probably safe to say this application is going nowhere.
  8. @JerntIt’s no wonder your topic and voting results are an absolute dumpster fire. Guess I can go ahead and close it then? Now, back on topic: @FLOWER I’m fine with this. You’re able to recognize several of the community trends we aim to change. There’s a lack of not only healthy competition, but a lack of healthy general interaction between many different groups as well. You also seem to have a pretty favorable response so far, and I have no problems giving you my support. However, you did make an application lately for a staff position as well, so if we reach out to you about filling a role, you’ll have to make a choice. Either way, we’ll be in touch soon.
  9. WARNING: Users of SharkBrew should be aware that this individual has been known to conduct unfair, deceptive, or even harmful business practices. This has been verified through an independent investigation that offered a third party opinion from a Marketplace Moderator of Sythe.org. We will not be permitting this individual to actively advertise on our platform, and any business transactions you engage in with this individual is at your own personal risk.
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