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  1. Recently, a 5v5 Tournament was held and hosted by Oliver, a community member and former SharkBrew staff member. This tournament had a cash payout of 450M (200M from the host and 250M from SharkBrew) and was canceled by the host halfway through for reasons that aren't entirely clear, speculating that it was related to a mute sustained for inappropriate conduct in our Discord. Because of this, they have refused to contribute their portion of the payout that was agreed upon by both the host (Oliver) and the staff at SharkBrew. This type of behavior is a blatant waste of time for our community members that participated directly in the event, and a waste of time on behalf of the staff members here that work to organize events for the community. It creates uncertainty as to how an event is completed and whether or not it's worth your time (and ours) to continue the brackets or dissolve them, which can leave people feeling disappointed or even outright scammed. Because of this, SharkBrew will be picking up some extra slack and offer the entire 450M prize pool directly to make up for the unprofessional behavior of the event host. I would also like to give a personal shoutout to @lawi, a fellow community member and volunteer who stepped in to finish the event on behalf of the participants. Without his help the event likely would have been canceled, so please thank him for his efforts. A sincerest apology to all of our participants. Rest assured that this individual will not be permitted to host events on our platform(s) again in the future. Winners: Fatality - 200M Synergy - 150M KO- 100M DM @Kimfor your winnings.
  2. Aftermath topics are proof and a record of demonstrating and proving your clan's performance in the game. Clan ranks and members collectively have spent hours creating such topics and we will not tolerate any attempts by (ex-)ranks to tamper with such topics. If you believe that your topic has been altered, feel free to drop a dm to any of our ranks and we will work to sort it out.
  3. Pretty certain having representatives across the board to keep members of their participating clan in-check with community standards is a solution he clearly outlined in his opening post. Whether or not it works as of this moment is yet to be seen. Are you blind? I'm eagerly awaiting any/all thrilling solutions you have, smart guy. If you think you can do better instead of just running your mouth, hit me up on Discord and we'll have a conversation about it.
  4. Elve is a freak that would sell his own ranks out for a McChicken (and probably already has).
  5. Interesting development, and always good to see old faces return. Best of luck RDK and welcome back.
  6. Eevee

    cwa Deleted

    Lol so we're posting losses now? Stop cosplaying as inactive clanners you clown. I shut you down once and I'll do it again.
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