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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/kyjc9m/i_got_99_defence_by_killing_500000_men_in/
  2. copy and paste from the moni's p2p tournament so chill
  3. Pure Brewcup 2020 This year is the inauguration of first annual brewcup tournament. As decided by the community, this year's server fight type is F2P. Rules Fight type: F2P 1-25 def accounts & 1 def gear Best out of 3, Each clan will attack and defend one round each with one PKRI Matched - sit to 40 min Full round robin - Everyone has to fight everyone Clans earn 1 point for every round won or forfeited by their opponents To mitigate issues addressed by @nawe, winning each prep will earn an additional 0.5 points Clan with highest number of points wins the tournament There will be a tiebreaker if 2 or more clans have the same number of point Clans will be assigned 2 fights per week and can fight at their own convenience If both clans cannot fight, we will set a default time and day Default time: After Saturday weekend trip Any shenanigans will be dealt with accordingly, but we hope clans can respect their opponents Due to the visibility and higher profile of this tournament, we expect all clans to ensure that their member IPs have been changed and that they have a DDOS'd protected VOIP software before each events Any infringement of the rules will result in instant forfeit and round awarded to their opponent Equipment 1 def gear only Match Ups Clans are free to schedule fights at their own convenience. The last week is reserved for any missed preps or incidents that needs sorting. In the unlikely event that your opponent decides to ignore your prep requests, an auto win(3.5 points) will be awarded to your clan on the last week of the tournament. Be sure to document ALL communication evidences with date + time
  4. an acc with those stats.. ur gunna get wrecked by just about every build out there
  5. nice format, hope this carries over to future xlpc tourneys
  6. basically xlpc == no overs so basically if u can get quick 1 bangs at the start of the round, it's over for the other side
  7. that's like saying hillary still call the shots in the white house
  8. uh dill isn't server owner, i am.. also u aren't truly new leadership either as u were the face of multiple xlpc clans that consistently brought tanks and 70s to trips prior to the current reinvention of xlpc
  9. yes but imho anything above 25v25 becomes a massive 1 hit fest
  10. meme rank channel name lel meanwhile tell ur leader maybe he should thoroughly investigate before throwing out wild accusations like that
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