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  1. They are a product of Jagex's absolutely hatred and indifference of PvPers
  2. You are actually right in this instance as; both pabz and foxy don't use any part of sharkbrew platforms, and pabz is currently banned from SB discord for doxing when he was in CD.
  3. 8/10 of the community today wouldn't even know who tlp is. That is also how far down the road we are- and how many people has quit the scene/game
  4. Thanks to our sponsors, Sharkbrew is increasing the prize money respectively: COTM - 70m WCOTM - 50m We are hosting a tournament within a week or 2, stay tuned!
  5. until
  6. Annual Pure Community Awards We would like to apologize for launching these awards later than expected due to the many irl obligations of our ranks. Voting For this year, we will be using ranked voting method, the first vote will get 2 points, and the 2nd vote gets 1 point. Persons or clans with the highest point wins. Only categories with 2 votes will be counted Voting ends on 10th Feb 2020 Copy and paste the below template to vote:
  7. Congratulations to Rage for the 2-0 win, although the 2nd round was marred with DDOS attacks. Please drop me a DM on discord to collect your 40m prize money Due to the unforeseen DDOS attacks, we will be giving Resistance 10m as well for participating. Sharkbrew would like to thank both clans again for participating and organizing the tiebreaker event!
  8. It's ironic that pure clans bring more mains than main clans themselves🤣
  9. well we haven't had any hyped up cwa events for months now ngl
  10. As it has been a while since we had any competitive cwa events, I guess most has forgot to about the possibilities of getting hit off during a prep. Every opt is extremely important in preps and we can't have members or callers losing connection. https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Ddos_Mitigation_%26_Protection ^^ read the above guide and if you have questions, reply below 👇
  11. GL rage & resistance

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