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  1. Spying/Leaking This is a reminder that DMing users on sharkbrew discord to leak or spy is a bannable offence. If you receive DMs such as this: Please forward it to any of the active Gatekeeper/Mediators/Counselors/Overseers to have them banned from Sharkbrew discord
  2. hey mommy i killed some 1 def pures on my 126 maxed main
  3. I have developed a bot to assist with the management of team/clan roles in discord while giving users abilities to willingly leave their clans/teams. For users with the "XXXX_Lead" roles, execute: !give @discordusername Afterwards enter the number of the role you would like the bot to hand out. For anyone, have you recently left a clan or team but you still have said role? Execute: !hop Afterwards enter the number of the role you want to get rid of.
  4. Congratulations to Apex for beating rage in the cotm run off prep.
  5. i'll sell u some sharkbrew forum accounts, 50m per
  6. Appreciations to @Bibiifor tallying most of the votes Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 annual sharkbrew awards: ty to @LeaksCityfor gfx
  7. Break Due to his IRL commitments, Break would be taking a back seat and has retired for the time being. As one of our oldest ranks on Sharkbrew(2016), Break's contributions has positive far reaching effects, and that the many of our pioneering systems, like WCOTM and COTM, that he had helped support are still in use today. As our Discord manager Break had also helped Sharkbrew transition from IRC to Discord. During his active tenure, Break was one of our most active and loyal high ranks. On the behalf of the team, I wish Break the best in his IRL endeavours❤️ Peace @Break
  8. yet both of u are at clan wars, which means onslaught/damage control are winners
  9. Congratulations to Legacy for winning WCOTM for the month of Feb. Winner for this month's WCOTM had been a close call. Keep up the great activity Rage and FOE. @legacyranks drop me a dm to arrange collection of your 50m rsgp mulah
  10. Congratulations to Rage and Apex for being the top 2 CWA clans of the month. Please kindly arrange for the run off prep based on the rules from this topic The run off prep would be matched opts. Apex shall decide the server type. Rage may also choose to forfeit giving Apex the auto-win.
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