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  1. P.S. if you have no idea what the hell I am talking about, be sure to head here to reserve your clan name: https://secure.runescape.com/m=ticketing/zendesk/support-form?form=360001184877 Edit ^^ yes you need to login ^^ make sure you check the address in the login bar for the green padlock and that it ends with runescape.com
  2. the unpleasant truth is that when foe had to fight off rot at the beginning of i think... 19? or was it 20? FOE rivals basically helped rot destroy foe. color me surprised when rot eventually turned on those same clans demanding that they bend to rot''s hand. meanwhile rot rivals like rev/af aren't just gunna sit there and watch rot run from the main scene and feed off their allies.. rot had already frigging done that to CT before, so obv rev/af are going to interdict with rot's operation in the pure scene shoutout to clan for actually having the guts to tell rot to piss off(even initially) instead of simply bending over barebacked
  3. Oh just a feedback from a bunch of individuals.. if i am not wrong they were trying to draw a distinction between practice events vs serious ones. Would you like for me to increase it?
  4. (Still looking to improve the name-suggestions appreciated) The CWA activity in the main team scene had increased significantly as a result of the JCup rumors, we would like to encourage and bring more eyes to this brilliant movement with a monthly activity award. Please note that the goal with this award is to encourage continuous CWA activity in the scene- This is not an RSBL competitive award. What Are The Rules? Min opts for fights to be counted: 27v27 3 points would be given both participants An additional 0.2 points to the winner For now there are no restrictions on the number of points you can earn in a day but we reserve the right to impose limitations if clans/teams start to abuse this system. Start date: We will start recording topics posted from the 25th of Apr onwards to count for month of may What Are The Prizes? 90m RSGP A customized signature Forum award given to all members in your clan group https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/clans/ Who Can Participate? Any clan/team may participate(including pure clans who may have a main unit) How Do I Participate? Simply post your topic recap in https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/346-clan-warsrsbl/ No further steps required
  5. that's our intention eventually, our idea is to demonstrate to jagex that the clanning community has some mass and they should take us seriously that's definitely on the cards, we want to push the idea of multi category jcups like what we do here in our own community events incl xlpc
  6. i remember the memberlist issue but didn't care/know of the specifics... isn't it something really simple to do where u just simply dq rounds if there were invites. the whole thing sounds convoluted as fuck
  7. would u prefer a dif format? throw down what fucked up shit happened from 13-16
  8. JCUP I believe the rumors about JCup stemmed from a livestream where Jmod Ayiza let known of the interest that Jagex was planning to run a JCup. Personally I wasn't too confident as Jagex had routinely let the clanning community down time after time and the fact that Ayiza just rejoined Jagex. However recent activity in the main CWA scene showed that many members are taking this seriously, thus I decided to ping Jagex Ash on twitter myself and I received a beautiful answer: In light of this confirmation from a senior developer in Jagex, We believe that many clans would probably want to conduct more CWA events to prepare for JCup Sharkbrew will be supporting your efforts by using our sponsorship money to fund more tournaments and activity-based CWA events so that even weaker clans can be rewarded for their contribution towards the overall activity in the CWA community. Stay tuned for more updates!
  9. credits to this meme for making me actually cringe irl lol
  10. Congrats to Legacy for winning WCOTM for feb Drop me a dm to collect ur prizxe money
  11. Due to IRL work, we apologize for this delayed COTM announcement Congratulations to sup for finally making it to top 3! Terror & Rage please arrange tiebreaker fight. As terror is #1, they set the server type
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