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  1. Free teamspeaks for upcoming XLPCs With the release of F2P TB and the increase of interest in starting up a clan, Sharkbrew is offering free teamspeak hosting to any new clan popping up. Make an application here: https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/application/form/4-free-teamspeak-hosting-for-xlpc/ and we will sort you out. Application shouldn't take more than a couple of days to process if everything is in order P.S. If you want to open your clan on the low key, feel free to make an incomplete aftermath topic- but we will need details including screenshots of ingame pulls to ensure that you have the foundations for starting a clan
  2. seems like everyone brought their fair share of snipe squads ontop of rot joining the fray, whats going on?
  3. how the fuck did u pull 55 to a midweek, nice fucking job
  4. As FS just disbanded throwing my plans for f2p w308 pking into disarray, are there any clans looking to reopening?
  5. Teleblock in Free to Play To encourage trying out PvP, free players now have access to the teleblock spell. It will have the same effect and duration on both free and members worlds. https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/pvp-changes-and-deadman-beta?oldschool=1&gsi=h67pyl#_ga=2.235664193.1393207051.1559815451-75113949.1525439730
  6. puppyslush

    lol @ elit3 bs3r

  7. at least CD entered in-spite of a recent rank restructuring though
  8. puppyslush

    XLPC RT [RiskTakers] | Back in the Game | 50-65

    the xlpc scene is quite dead, how much activity is there in w308?
  9. puppyslush

    announcement Promotion - Kye & retirement

    we might do a 10v10 round robin tournament w/ teams allowed
  10. Retirement I regret to announce that owing to IRL obligations, the following ranks have stepped down: @Kim @IMK They each have contributed greatly to the site and they will be sorely missed. Promotions @Kye- As our de facto community events manager, his ability with organizing successful main and pure tournaments in the past has helped him earn this rank. I hope we can continue to benefit from his continued contributions ----------- Future Plans In the next coming weeks, I will be doing an overhaul of the old site systems and revamping the memberlist system. Do expect the return of WCOTM and COTM as I will be finishing the proper ELO table system that I haven't got around to completing in the past few months due to IRL work. Eventually, I will be integrating this site strongly with Sharkbrew's twitter page & our discord server to create a unified PvP platform, so stay tuned as there are big announcements coming soon in the near future. Talented Individuals If you are an individual who is extremely proficient at NH/Singles/BH pking, can spare 30 mins to an hour daily, and can play well in a team, please kindly drop me a private message on forums or on discord. We are looking for Pkers with varied backgrounds to help formulate and contribute to our upcoming PvP system. The one of the main goal of this system is to help alleviate many of the problems that plague the scene. While I can't say much as the details are still in the woodwork, your invaluable contributions will help shape the system and ultimately help the community you are so invested in. P.s. Do update your clan page and contribute to our newly re-released wiki https://www.sharkbrew.com/wiki/Main_Page
  11. puppyslush

    Place your bets for P2P tournament!

    My mistake, thanks for alerting me to it