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  1. puppyslush


    hey whats ur discord ID?
  2. puppyslush

    HYDRA vs Intolerance [PREP] 2-1

    actually it is probably more intuitive for advertising ur site than having a gfx banner tbh...
  3. Since the OSRS mobile launch and revitalization of the w308, xLPC scene has be growing at a tremendous rate, so 4 xLPC clans took part in a 2v2 fullout. This fullout was largely organized by the xLPCs themselves while @DilL helped with the initial ideation process, coordination and showing up to oversee the fight. credit to @Leaks for the signature!!
  4. puppyslush

    Is God a sexual predator?

    imagine cutting down a 2 hour porn scene into 6 mins that isn't sped up
  5. puppyslush

    Is God a sexual predator?

    if you believe that 6 mins == 1 1/2 hours, i feel sorry for your girlfriend.
  6. puppyslush

    Is God a sexual predator?

    i would be mad too if my 2 hr trip was condensed into a 6 min video.
  7. puppyslush

    Is God a sexual predator?

    it's a controversial debate topic raised by someone else(a professor no less). If you want a funny joke, you might want to look at your own clan's weekend aftermaths in clan wars
  8. puppyslush

    Is God a sexual predator?

  9. too bad the bets closed before either of the clans hit 40s. What are ur predications though?
  10. puppyslush

    update Negative reputation fixes v2

    when shit banter reaction is used inappropriately or as a harassment tool, it loses its significance. In light of this abuse, I have changed the function where u can only receive 1 shit banter reaction every couple of days.
  11. O? @Scims this is a community event so i'd remove the ascent flame.
  12. puppyslush

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Supremacy 55v55 F2P Prep 2-1

    idgi. Sup goes from losing 3-0 to xlpcs to besting foe in 1 round f2p in a 55v55
  13. puppyslush

    team Team Bandits

    moved to the correct section. good luck!
  14. Your teamspeak comes with an internal music bot. Running this music bot is a little different than previous music bots you have used before, and the steps are as follows: Creating the music bot with a command Playing youtube URL Deleting the bot once you are done with it. The relevant permissions are shown here, and the permissions you need to edit is fairly intuitive: Commands: .help - Get a list of commands incase you forget Commands to play and music: .mbot create .mbot play <YOUTUBE_URL> .mbot stop FAQs How do I move my bot? You can move it manually- but if that fails, You have to delete it from 1 channel before creating it in another channel