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  1. puppyslush

    Things need to change. This can not continue.

    for xlpcs, i highly recommend you change your fighting style to combat the mains
  2. puppyslush

    95 CB Rigour Pure Pking

    pity the poor guy at 0:17
  3. puppyslush

    EOP back up?

    https://eop-rs.org/ 🤔
  4. puppyslush

    update Segregation of Main/Pure/PvP forum section

    I added a huge ass label, is it better now?
  5. I finally found a plugin that allows me to separate forum section and categories. I hope the new layout is a lot cleaner and more intuitive for newer members. Please vote on whether you like this update and I welcome any suggestions ty
  6. If you require the capability of hiding your topic titles in url links e.g. https://URSITE/community/index.php?/topic/14830-/ drop me a pm and I will enable it for you
  7. puppyslush

    announcement Promotions - Dill

    ~ Current Council of EoP ~ can't trust ur sig either
  8. puppyslush

    announcement Promotions - Dill

    Mediator Promotion @DilL- Since Oct 2018, Dill has been working diligently on the xLPC scene, running events and managing the w308 discord. Having organized 2 xLPC events without any serious trouble and all while being a proponent for this new scene that needs the nurturing Dill provides, I am extremely proud to announce his promotion. Un-retirements After taking sometime off the community to pursue and settle their IRL commitments, I am glad to say that @Leninand @Kimhas returned to the community and have taken up their old rank positions. PVP Section I have created a new dedicated PvP section where you can show off your Pking Kills. Everyone has the ability to tag high priced item kills. Stay tune over the coming weeks as we will be hosting a pure mini tournament, and tools for pures and pkers alike on the home page
  9. Also speaking about year of the pig... coincidence? I think not!
  10. Sorry for the late reply, we are in a middle of a forum reshuffle Sharkpoint points allow you to buy clan hats which appears ontop of user's profile names on site You need 25 pc You need 25pc Well we are still a clanning community, but that is soon to change 4 years as of 2019
  11. puppyslush

    20 def movement?

    dirty money for subsidizing a clan's hosting cost? what the hell are you on about
  12. puppyslush

    20 def movement?

    in light of LY's success, could we see more 20 def clans opening?