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Found 1289 results

  1. He was deadweight and only knew how to bark on the sidelines, #fudogsera
  2. Blood Unit vs Snipe Vision is the most one-sided rivalry of 2019 , besides foe smoking outrage 6 weeks straight. BU peaked 21 legends and pulled the strap against some fuck niggas who were barking too much It's clear that vision is a dogshit snipe team after inviting founders from Vendetta (ryan/kold/jay) and Noxious(scims) to compete. 5-1 @Fudog pov
  3. Outrage is pretty dogshit considering they sat in singles in the p13 fight, they only got 2 scim pushes within a whopping 10 minutes of finally fighting back all year...
  4. This is what I do before I ball out in foe ts
  5. Hey everyone!! My name is Tyler and I'm a pretty new youtuber that used to play a lot of RS! I make adventure videos mainly about scuba diving and treasure hunting, and I'd love for you guys to check out my channel and to let me know what you think!! This is a video I released yesterday! If you enjoy, please like & subscribe!!
  6. Nigga putting Vendetta (an XLPC) as one on his record. Keep in mind half these kids are level 60s LOL. OH AND LETS NOT FORGET THE FACT THAT U PUSSIED OUT OF A MATCHED OPTS KNOCKOUT VS VENDETTA.
  7. I noticed after reading Noxious' topic that nothing has changed. @Scims keep at what you're doin - Please don't make me come back into XLPC xD
  8. My niggas man... if you gonna attempt to make fake propaganda at least inspect element right, my nigga made the grey text white and bold instead of grey l000l
  9. Sike! Outrage (eop/ir) lost another rivalry and I slapped the fuck out of Supremacy today (ex- clan). Kiss the ring faggets...
  10. Apparently the "#1" f2p clan thought it was a great idea to be beta and do inners vs rage on Wednesday. THEY DIDN'T REALIZE THAT MY 3 LEAKS WERE ON THAT FT50 AND MADE THEM LOSE... they also got a fake spam by jamz and he told his members that "he got HIT OFF" R2! This is what happens when u pipe up to FOE and lose to every other clan in f2p! @exzrts pov
  11. These niggas having a debate on why I wouldn’t kill their clan this weekend... here’s my response :mood:
  12. Does everyone remember when Jamz went on a mentally UNSTABLE rant about FOE?? He cried PARAGRAPH after PARAGRAPH about FOE implementing "NH" Tactics on his clan. After extensive research and analysis, we have come to the conclusion that Jamz is a MASSIVE hypocrite AND NO-HONOR SCUMBAG!!!! EVIDENCE:: IMAGINE USING REPA TROLLING AS AN EXCUSE TO START DOXING FOE ELDERS LMFAO. @slushpuppy please add this dishonorable doxer to the community watch list!!
  13. After @Jamzpiped up 5 weeks ago, his clan has gone down from 60 to 40 pull. His clan lost a p2p prep to FOE 3-0 Who’s winning the rivalry? FOE or Outrag Also, Outrage got bullied off of sb disc
  14. I hereby appoint Fudog as the new chinaman. Carry on my legacy, you've done well my son.
  15. Got intel you retards are calling a wave of dogshit pkers and edge recruits this weekend, gl Saturday...
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