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Found 1392 results

  1. RAGE DOES CWA/WILDY INNERS WITH FI #5 and has yet to accept my declaration for 2 months This is why.....
  2. Pm Fudog#7042 to either join foe or leak ur dead clans rank meetings on weekends 30M per trip
  4. ps. this took me 2 mins to make hopefully ur main topic didn't take as long 😕 Hey SB community! As a long term user since the old rs warfare db days i was browsing the pure wilderness section i noticed a main clan posting in the pure section. Wondering if this can moved to the appropriate main section. I understand this is pretty much the only clan who actively uses Sharkbrew, hopefully they can follow the rules and post in the correct section in the future! Not sure why a Main clan is trying so hard to win pure awards! Video (exilent showing 19 mains): Pics via their own topic:
  5. Well actually Jagex finally noticed, that the statue was to old, and replaced it. Due all the things going on, they noticed there's someone better.. It's in the home world of Rage, 334. Go watch it.
  6. Topic by Fudog After this rage member broke at the 13.5 hr rag war. I will be donating $1 to start a gofundme for this useless rage member! Better luck next time! You might need to stock up returns before I kill you running at me with 1item
  7. No more P2P Friday’s for you retards!
  8. If apex closes UB... everyone but the UB rank team is encouraged to Pm Fudog#7042 so we can make arrangements and get u in Foe! Dont hesitate contact Fudog#7042 for contracts!
  9. This is my personal opinion and I'm probably forgetting some Great clans. I was mainly around from 2006 to 2011 and slowly stopped clanning. But I always stayed around. F2P 1. MM was always so dominate in F2P I always felt like when they really needed to turn it up they could always mass up a large amount of numbers and they had great organisation and always came out on top with there 1 defence monk robes against so called pure clans who had 20-40 defence running around in addy which I always found amusing because MM used to beat them anyway. 2. Epidemic were so dominate at there peak in F2P they definitely had a run where no one could really challenge them even MM and FOE struggled for a period of time. 3. FOE started out as a P2P clan back in the day and they really struggled at the start moving into F2P I remember being In the hatred and demolishing them at the start but it did end up changing for good and they ended up being very dominate in F2P and wrestling the #1 F2P spot with MM constantly and did hold the #1 spot for large periods and by the looks of it there still dominate today but times have changed and clan aren't as strong from what i can see. 4. FI, eop ,cp Couldn't really split these three so I'm going to put them all in 4th spot. FI was very dominate in the early days till they got new leadership and for some reason they never really got back to those glory days. They sort of struggled to take the number 1 position from MM, FOE , Epidemic. EOP Were very dominate in the early days also and I would probably say they were definitely better then FI later on as they always had decent organisation with large pulls and always fighting for that number 1 spot against mm, foe , epidemic. CP in the early days were known as quality over quantity. They were very dominate in F2P later on challenging for the number 1 spot. P2P FOE are without a doubt the best P2P clan of all time and it's indisputable. If you haven't watched FOE vs ROT I recommend you watching it 🤣 they were so dominate that they challenged the best main clan. They did well for what it was against rot. 2. MM were probably the only clan who could sometimes beat FOE but they didn't really have big stretches of doing that in P2P. 3.TLP were always known for there quality over numbers! They were very dominate in P2P . 4. FI always gave P2P a good go but could never really compete properly with mm and foe due to numbers but the quality was always there . I'm an old school pure community member I'd be interested to see if anyone remembers me from The hatred ( skull pirates ) or The Dreaded ( Spartan )
  10. Biased Sharkbrew Mods, Rage member PABZ (aka Pubez) tried to act tough finding a tinychat of me and lil bro 2 years ago... Victim move by Rage deadweight member Pubez! if I bring the conversation of PABZ attempting to dox me to the mods, they will not help me in anyway... P.S - I don’t start dox wars, I end them @[email protected] Before you try to ban me for making your site active... Look at all the victims postin up with dox threats from rage @[email protected] my [email protected] @Pabz *Woof Woof* Victim #1 @Ajs my cubVictim #2 Broxx and Abraham Victim #3 and #4 @tntprodigyVictim #5 Remarks, Fudog (#1 Clan Killer)
  11. Final Ownage Elite all fucking day baby 100 eagles
  12. Enjoy the actual teamspeak leak of Rage Ranks getting mad at their members for starting rev trips without permission...
  13. https://www.foe-rs.com/forums/topic/136989-rage-og-cleared-in-revs-pov/
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