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  1. Where you at? 3 weeks of no pk trip Sunday?
  2. After Lord Ex demoted all of his ranks and called 5 clans to fight Fearless. It looks like the crashwar Terror/KP started 1-2 years ago ended up being Fearless winning again. Must suck being Dogshit, can’t relate…
  3. Terror is officially closing per intel from their TEAMSPEAK today. Saturday: Lost a F2P Fullout to the worst 2 clans on RuneScape (Rev Minion Rage and Shitality) Sunday: Had 85 ‘yes’ sign ups only pulled 50 + ofa invites. Got ragged by 40 Fearless and kept calling Zenith… Lord Ex announced that Terror will close today. Heard they’re making a diss song and including my name in it lmfao. I come off a 2 month Cancun vacation and hear Will screaming “Pile fucking Fudog x50” P.S - Diss tracks are for pussies, you know where to find me nigga… Runefest 2022.
  4. I’m voting all 3 because they’re all garbage as fuck.
  5. @Zenith E-Girl@ZENITH HEAD LAWYER@Smashville@Herbo@puggi THANK YOU SCIMS FOR CASHING OUT, STAFF LOGS COMING SOON. L0000000000LL. PM Ram1#8555, Scott#5263 or Sturg#1065 to make some bank.
  6. After watching Fatality get completely fucked by Final Ownage Elite on Sunday, I know for a fact that fragile outrage ranks are gunna quit and pull another jamz. on a side note Terror is still getting camped by fs and I gotta admit leaking their audio is fucking hilarious lastly rage is dogshit and only pulls 13 people to weekend trips. I got fatality closing first, wbu?
  7. Heard a couple years ago my ex ub leader Tyen was getting camped by some random main clan and now they have a bunch of junky outrage ranks (a clan I closed) running fi in 2022 Foe still open and pushin P niga. Get use to it rookies.
  8. 5 days after their defeat to terror in clan wars, they had a scheduled PKRI with that same clan however couldn't mass more then 18...... leeaboo — Today at 8:13 PM Make sure to pull that to next preps then why is the clan bolstering about preps always avoiding cwa action? Is fatality on the verge of slumping? AGAIN?
  9. Little does Oliver know we have been listening ever since the start of the pure campaign...
  10. @slushpuppysince u keep making topics about my boy @Elvewhile hes muted on your website, i figured we'd start a series about YOU!
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