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Found 1228 results

  1. Foe is able to PK again? 1 bil paid correct? Moni😢
  2. Imagine being a 13 yr old legacy clan and teaming with a 10 yr old main clan against a 5 month old clan on your own anniversary LOOOOOL
  3. Tannie

    hej pure world

    https://discord.gg/qWWnbYx Will be reforming the best F2P Pking Team once again. Join discord link if you meet the requirements. Requirements: 2x Multi-Logging (Minimum) Access to 1-13pray accounts, *85Mage* Min combat : 65 Access to mains/your own mains also required. Example :
  4. lnfamous Jet

    The Fudog Song

    on gang cuh fr fr
  5. idk why I'm wasting my time on this but I thought you sharkbrewers might like a topic like this xd This is my last response to u about this pkri because it's just a damn pkri srsly.. Enjoy : D @┣┫_88
  6. whose gonna win this mainfest lmfao. pretty pathetic tho, only cap at 80. need to see at least 100 on the cape counter next weekend alright, both clans. Legacy: CD:
  7. So last Saturday I had the pleasure of going to my clans trip FOE it's been a few weeks since I made the f2p but I wasn't surprised apex still used mains to be able to compete since their members dont even pray switch. Even their leader nox lmfao and cant return if their life depended on it. Foe outreturn them to the point apex ran north and log while foe stayed south of ca to avoid rot mains and apex mains. Can someone explain to me why they pipe so hard but yet cant even play runescape.com lmfao. Heres my POV of Saturday. Very sad tbh. Apex still got smoked lmfaoooo was very easy
  8. Ace Krave


    F2P CLAN CD KILLED 8 IN 2ROUNDS L0L I think I found ur problem GL SATURDAY LMFAO
  9. lnfamous Jet

    Happy Easter y'all

    Subscribe to new YouTube chan
  10. Tannie

    i cant help it

    i cant help it but to flame my own clan. fukn shitters losin to my 2k16 tactics? me in 2k16: apex in 2k19: fukn how 2 lose a prep to apex when i trained u guys to be #1 in f2p. smh...
  11. Since Vengeance has decided to take things out of game (this has been going on for months now, but recently more people have got in on it) we have felt the need to retaliate and silence the out of game activities. You should not have to suffer the consequences of your incompetent leaders who've taken no action to punish said individuals. PM Will or Stl Arrow on discord to discuss your clan's current situation! It's not propaganda if it's all true btw! Enjoy! Mass Merges: Since Vengeance has been open, they have been the clan punching bag inside this bracket. The current ranks decided to prey on smaller clans this time around and try to brainwash their ranks into joining Vengeance. Sadly some of the Destiny ranks gave into the constant pressure and decided to merge their clan into Vengeance with the promise of a rank. They plotted this all along and preach about wanting to have a healthy scene but you try to merge the only other clan at the time into you. Makes sense right? Ranks begging Res members/ranks: Current Veng ranks spying on their own clan in the past: Since we have opened and originally tried to offer clean fights, Vengeance has constantly avoided because they knew fighting us would result in a loss. So we made the necessary adjustments and sought to get action out of them by using intel. Since then it has become their trademark excuse as to why they wouldn't fight us. But hold on for just one minute. These two central figures in the clan didn't seem to mind spying when they spied on their current clan in the past. VERY awkward! TLDR; Spoontech spied on Vengeance and their current leader gave me the account LMFAO!
  12. lnfamous Jet


    Fearless 2019 is the new wave 🌊 join up @everyone on gang cuh
  13. Post your characters hairstyle and I Will rate it 0-10. Fashionscape is a bonus.
  14. lnfamous Jet

    Just kill the Rags

    Fags brought tanks just to get my dick in their throat fucking dogshit parody team
  15. CP Remake "IMT" Trip Summary: 1 hour mass, 30 man pull > 30 minutes of action vs sko ("hide from rage at all costs") > ending in clan wars. (Two weekends in a row and won't stop until you beg for mercy by kissing our dirty paki feet).
  16. lnfamous Jet

    EOP Returns to kill Foe

    Tired of getting ragged by a main clan? Tired of being in Legacy? Tired of being in Fatality or Apex? Join Fearless!!!
  18. Btw im still waiting on IMT and SKO sunday topic.
  19. Korasi aka John Katsionis

    TLP re-opening

    hello as some of you may know by now nate beast and range_grudge are going to (confirmed) re-open tlp. I can confirm by being in the discord a lot of the fatality members and ranks are very upset by this. what are your thoughts daily sharkbrew users?
  20. 2:20 btw. Run west because you know you can't handle a return fight against Rage. Was easy, first clan to touch singles lost good job IMT LOL!