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Found 1326 results

  1. Apparently pulling “80” + and not having a pk trip vid lmfaooooo??????? Bark for me @pamela
  2. Lmfao, I don't know how this is acceptable in the pure community. Imagine being mad because you lost a F2P Fullout to ur ex-member... Regards, from Fufu
  3. Onslaught posted a fake video where they won 2-1 set vs Brief. So I thought I would make some meme worthy content, enjoy. Featuring multiple Perfections and 2-0 (sets). 🥰We weren't gonna post a video but talk shit get hit..🥰
  4. When rage really is desperate for higher pulls
  5. Why everyone is leaving leacy lol? Looks like alot of dedicated LY members are finding a better home Seems to me that most people realize that legacy will never be more than a mediocre masser clan that will never achieve anything, more than being a high pulling rev team. For any legacy members who wants the easy way out, feel free to PM any CD offical. (Ex-officer) (Current Officer in ly )
  6. Special thanks to EOP leadership for giving me another chance to kill the deadweight that basically killed your clan from the inside - fufu @fufu POV (Jamz screaming like an ape(ub))
  7. 1. Brings 20+ mains to a matched opt wildly fight 2. Refuses to prep foe 3. Pulled 60 and sat in singles all sunday 4. Counts FT100s as preps 5. Lies about being a newly opened clan, when they have a yt Chan from 8 years ago 6. Ends their Sunday trip 30 mins before every other clan 7. Driven off of eop members (despite the leader flaming the downfall of eop) 8. Fudogs Regime > “jamz era” Remarks from Fucat, Future Legend of FOE
  8. 0:00 - 70v70 fight @ bandits: Winner (Supremacy) vs loser (rage) audio 2:00 - niblet spazzes at retarded members like BSA who wont listen 2:20 - jizzle gets his clan killed by leaving singles 3:10 - edgi calling lmfao 3:35 - ranks refuse to call 3:45 - Broxx: (unintelligible) 4:00 - bullied to singles v2 4:10 - jizzle explaining the sand crab recruits how to 2v1 4:20 - "foe is fucking trash" 4:40 - 2v1 @ ca 4:50 - Broxx: (unintelligible) v2 5:20 - "get south west retards" 6:00 - we need returns guys, we have the least ingame 6:20 - rage clueless without foe holding their hands 6:40 - "CAPE COUNTER IS BULLSHIT" - ayb 7:45 - niblet and ayb losing their minds 8:00 - jizzle giving a speech as his clan is getting rushed 8:05 - stfu jizzle l00l 9:00 - "you guys are gonna make me kill my self" - niblet 9:20 - rage getting a fall in in multi while they get rushed 10:00 - rage taps out @[email protected]@Waifu [email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected]@Rage [email protected]@[email protected] S [email protected]@K0nt i heard u guys had a great trip lmfao, speak up dogs
  9. My rivals just hide the entire trip, can’t consider Outrage or Vision rivals despite them slumping and hiding the entire trip Thanks for boosting my rivalry record I’m now 54-1
  10. They sit on the sidelines to watch foe win another f2p in prep... Congrats to legacy for spitting on the deadweight I have to deal with every weekend... you stepped on an 8 year refugee clan Lastly, I can predict Outrage will bring mains to f2p Saturday to compete with foe... If you’re still slaving for a one-man rivalry, I don’t see why you would slave for someone who quit their job to play a video game... anyways gl
  11. Lol so I bought this account with like 60 range on it no other stats about a year ago for cheap and this kid desire goes and hacks it back after I max it out enjoy the account, btw I quit osrs!
  12. Which do you think is #1 p2p Sunday?
  13. LOL I don’t even know where to start poor @AK 4U is your clan even a clan or just a snipe team when are you going start doing officials? Thanks for the zgs and acb btw lol
  14. Come on guys I’ve been seeing a lot about this 35 def shit, lets be real 1-20def is what is it and will always be if I see you kids bringing 35 def to officals I’m bringing mains
  15. Next level recruiting tactics by a FOE member.
  16. I need answers.... Wasn't he in rage first? Why is 35 def only a problem when someone decides 3 days in your clan was enough and leave for your rivals?
  17. "declined" on friday the next day, spotted in a t-9 with full addy: btw he didnt get declined, he left after 10 mins of u guys camping singles
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