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  1. TWEET: https://twitter.com/revrsnet/status/1320936251910955008?s=20
  2. Rumour was that a certain slave clan was attempting to pk deep wilderness with the promises of 'fat loot out come pk', Its 2020 lmfao evaluate your life choices. We fired out a mass-poke and gained instantly to 50+. REV-19 [deadly strain of covid-19] swarmed SV at every single location and world that they attempted to PK in. After ending their real 'PK trip', it became very clear why they stayed out. Instead of getting an early night with school in the morning, blind A1v1 lead his members into an absolute slaughter. Pics will do the talking. We'll show you the true meaning of any time any place. See you very soon. JAY#3067 Famcloth's bait for dragon claws.
  3. where was apex/zenith????? non 2k world whats ur excuse LOOOOOOOOOOL
  4. Setup a single spells fight with the m8s over at DF knowing that there was absolutely ZERO chance of our 'competition' showing up in gear. To no surprise our low energy, disobedient pets Reign of Twinks showed up with 30 anxious dweebs in attempt to end our fight. We caught their entire CC in a DD wiping them within seconds [multi spells are on btw]. Using our mind controlling abilities we forced the broken clowns to return in 1 item allowing us to effortlessly mace several +1s. (i looted ur burning ammies too tysm) sv ending btw [23 on teamspeak, trip lead by solidtag]
  5. pathetic losing topic ur members know you have ZERO intel gz on ending with 65 btw LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL HERE COMES THE SLUMP
  6. tweet: https://twitter.com/revrsnet/status/1320482858767667200?s=20
  7. The downward spiral [the revenant effect] continues for Zenith this Sunday. Following recent events – see our previous aftermaths- many zenith members decided not to show up! [very smart!]. In a matter of weeks Zenith’s pulls have plummeted from 120+ to a mere 70…all as a result of the continous beatings delivered by Revenant. Today was no different from last weekend, not one clean fight, all ended within 60 seconds. The entire ‘event’ for ZENITH was attempting to hide around CA and GDZ, however we intercepted them at all opportunities, every location, every world, we showed up. The disorganised and flustered zenith leadership tried their best to show up to clusters but we were 10 steps ahead, forcing them to teleport EVERY SINGLE TIME, resulting in Zenith having absolutely 0 impact. Their only 'proper' action today was setting up fake fights with APEG in attempts to team in the same capes and clan chat. Let’s just say this didn’t end too well, listen to their TeamSpeak!
  8. zenith ended again! [60 on teamspeak] LOL!!!!!

    1. I Eat Xans

      I Eat Xans

      Zenith is closing revenant lmfao

  9. lets hope foe keeps this clean! we all know what i'll do to them [again] if they dont behave!
  10. yet another event where apex is forced into fighting mains and having their teamspeak echoed! not surprising many more are cashing out! see you tomorrow!
  11. surely apex didnt get baited into fighting mains AGAIN? hahahahah

    1. toughguy


      ur locked in here with me

    2. Brock Lesnar

      Brock Lesnar

      apex lives for this, you don't know apex l000l

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