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  1. Got word that certain clan(s) were trying to battle it out in a lil 30v20. We quickly massed up some lads and patiently waited out the 10 minute fight. With live scouting technology and precision timing, we caught SV in a huge fucking pogball as they tried running south of newgate. To our surprise, Pakistan + Ikea both donated us a generous ACB+ZGS. ACB - ZGS - LIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE - rev gwas sv.mp4 eefd0b708d1b9dc60e409861636966fc.mp4
  2. bitter foe member posting rot propaganda of 18month old audio! try again! 🤡 i leaked ur admin TWICE !!!
  3. DF approached us with a fight earlier in the day and we gladly accepted knowing all of Anti Rev would show up. Fought cleanly for 15 minutes even though Anti Rev pre-massed but what they didn't realize is that SV's pull would have to be cut in half due to it being in a 2K world. After stalling long enough they finally showed up and the slaughter that they never came back from began. From the get go you could tell this was going to be an easy as fuck fight, they logged in had 1 pre type and were pretty much silent the entire time, then again with 5 in-game what do you expect. Pretty much the remainder of the fight consisted of us clearing Anti Rev and pretty much spamming at them while they stayed silent the entire time or attempted a 3 man spam. Knowing we had raped them long enough tonight (NSFW) we decided to peace happy with how hard we raped Anti Rev tonight for an hour straight. Vids: LEADER OF ANTI-REV 'K2P' IN 1 ITEM LOL THIS IS WHY REMY LEFT YOU [AGAIN]
  4. talking like foe can even pull 60 pures L0000000000L empty threats from the most victimised noob of all time I GOT YA ADMIN BOARDS LALALALA
  5. uh oh foe admin leaked again!!

  6. www.rev-rs.net @revrsnet discord.gg/rev FOE ADMIN LEAK PART 2: THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN Following our previous admin leak of FOE, their deteriorating and self-destructing leadership have resorted to NH tactics at a feeble attempt of saving their clan. In FOE leadership leak Part 2 we EXPOSE the NH tactics that FOE leadership resort to in times of adversity. DOXING, HACKING and threatening of rev-affiliated members has been the forefront of the DESPERATE strategy that FOE has attempted to adopt. Seen in this EXCLUSIVE admin leak we discover the damaging effect these decisions have had on their clan - with several mass leaves of loyal, fed-up members who are at a wits end with the poor choices of FOE leadership. POST FAVOURITES BELOW ROT MERGE EXPOSED: Nice week prep @remy shame you pulled 60 foe and 20 rot LMAO
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