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  1. why does the gif randomly stop? its because 20 of you died L0000000000000000L
  2. https://twitter.com/revrsnet/status/1350564740096008192 https://twitter.com/revrsnet/status/1350565520588857344
  3. Zenith has been suffering painfully ever since they decided to bite the hand that fed them for months. From pulling 150s to 35s in only a few months, Zenith is a prime example of how quickly we can destroy disobedient clans. Unlike Reign of Tears who struggle to have an impact even with a 10 clan alliance at their side. Following weeks of being tortured by Revenant, RoT has decided to put their true feelings aside to create a new pure alliance because of their failed compaign, courtesy of REV. Last week Zenith had 2x20 man channels trying to spy catch. Today they pulled 35 people, to continue their spy catching attempts, which of course, fell flat. They tried setting up a total of two fights today with hopes of an AC from the same clan they despise and flamed for weeks. This didn't really work out, every fight was crashed and ended within seconds. After putting a swift end to all fights we caught Zenith alone in their regroup worlds where they got cleared within 30 seconds everytime. (perhaps you should ping the groupchat faster next time ). Remember who did this to you btw.
  4. you've been saying this for months and NOTHING - stop lying to your members! meanwhile rev has posted your audio EVERY weekend!
  5. nice topic u pulled 35 to a merged pk trip with apex and rot btw those pics arent ur spams why did u post them? good job pedo elve!
  6. show ur ts numbers after u moved out 35 people l00000000000000000000l ur whole topic is pics from a 15v15 spy catching inners?? just post your closing topic already dont delay it anymore LOL
  7. another weekend and NO topic for zenith! not surprised!

  8. Following yesterday's F2P beat down we massed up for the usual Sunday antics. Knowing Zenith are on their last legs we hit them at every opportunity meaning they would have a total of ZERO fights for the entire trip. Congratulations on not only ruining your own trip, but ruining Apex's too - they won't be happy! Hit after hit Zenith would continue to move out more and more members in a comical attempt to spy catch, reducing their pull from a pathetic to 60 to less than 30 over the duration of the trip. To any disgruntled Zenith member who is unhappy about the leadership decisions within the clan, you know exactly who to PM!
  9. should've just kept that video in the archives lol so embarrassing
  10. even if this was true it'd still sound like you're terrified LMAO 10v10s are nfs
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