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  1. Earlier in the week I got word that RoT, SV, EZ (and a few zenith who bothered to show) had plans to crash a pure cluster tonight so after our CWA fight with Tempest yesterday I told everyone what the deal was and to be online and ready to fight and end everyone. The cluster had been going for 15 minutes or so before all 3 Anti Rev clans logged in together and to our surprise (not really) they were all in 1 item. That's how far down RoT has fallen in just a few weeks. They started off the first weekend trying to contest us just to get ended by us in 13 hours. The following weekend they tried again and only lasted 2 hours before they once again ended to us. Since that last 2 hour fight RoT has not fought us in P2P and I honestly don't think they ever will. They have finally learned that they simply just aren't built like us. Anyways, we cleared them multiple times tonight and basically kept them away from the fight that they prepped and massed up to crash. Once we showed up they were locked in with us and not a single time were they able to get even a single person on the same minimap as the fight. Once all the pure clans took their endings we stayed around hoping RoT would drop the "5 clans" excuse and they would 1v1 us, but they just simply watched us walk around in a fall-in and spam at them inside GDZ, the place that they claimed to enjoy fighting in (not really).
  2. Yesterday we called out the very dead clan called RoT, teled up infront of them and instead they decided to "troll" back fake teleing to a random ancient teleport. The terrified clan will never face Revenant again and today showed that. Today we forced 5 different clans into the same teamcape (if+ez+vennies+zenith+sv) but it wasn't enough, just after 5 minutes they were all cleared off the map. After sending all these noob clans back down to lvl 15 we then went back to bullying foe+apex+sup. Fel#4603 for a good time
  3. tweet 2: https://twitter.com/RevenantOSRS/status/1383528237247074309
  4. tweet 1: https://twitter.com/RevenantOSRS/status/1383524253501255687
  5. Same shit, just a different Saturday. Started off the night by quickly intercepting Apex as they tried crashing some fight, they lasted a total of 15 seconds. Right after sending Apex packing we found Supremacy fighting on the East Side of bandits which we made quick work of fully chasing them into single and escorting them into the safe zone. Many fights were ended by us even in the most hider locs they could not hide from us. We even had RoT East of Graveyard suiciding and getting baited into multi by us and at the same exact time we ended FOE and Apex trying to fight on New Gate. They soon realized that we were just keeping them busy by not only killing them in single but also ending all their allies in multi (at the same time) they ran away and logged leaving Many of their members behind to die to us. After Ending FOE/Apex's New Gate fight they both finished their trips off in CWA which only left Sup and Zenith as the last clans to end. Supremacy ended up ending after not being able to get clean fights off since we basically crashed every fight they had and Zenith sat around all trip doing nothing while we sniped their members/vennies 1 by 1 around the altar before they also ended their trip. That left RoT and this is was by far the most awkward one. Not sure what was more funny the fact they got ran out of the wilderness into Ferox (on video) or the fact that we teled up in front of them (they saw us tele up) and they pretended to tele up and spam "tele up and fight us" as we were sitting inside GDZ (also on video). That by far had to have been the most awkward thing I've seen to this day in 2021.
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    only reason people join your team is to spy for frontline
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