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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord " If you look, you'll find " Today Fo learned the hard way about what happens when you step into Fatality's Wilderness. Never forget you need our permission to come past 10 wilderness, Never forget who clipped your wings tonight. Over 25 Green Reapers dominated the depths of Gielinor. No alliance could stop the massacre that happened. It seems Anti-FI is crumbling with each day that passes. Where did their energy go? Who will save you now? Jus10 Pwn Stella Paige
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 18 muthafucking g's roaming around the streets of the wilderness. We started off in the varrios of Spider Hill gang banging on foo's. Niggas got caught slippin' and dealt with Namsayn. So we cleared Spider Hill and mobbed it to Vet' ion where we caught a few niggas slippin'. Niggas thought this was a picnic or sum till they died right in front of us. So we continued mobbing it to Bear pocket ( Callisto ) where no niggas were found cause we're absolutely fucking powerful namsayn. We headed over to 50 ports and it was same shit no one was really out. We mobbed it to High Alter when we spotted a few niggas risking decent amount and we shot them down instantly like the fucking dogs they are namsayn. If you enjoy what you see feel free to come out and pk with us, we constantly out pking whether it's in Multi or Singles we always out in the hunt to shoot down niggas and let them know how fucking powerful FATALITY is namsaynnnnnn! Paige Pwn
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, January 9, 2022; Fatality massed up peaking at around 50 members for our weekly P2P PK Trip. After winning multiple 1v3s today vs ANTI-FI it was clear that our dogshit rivals couldn't bring any momentum into the new year. FO was running to singles waiting for other clans to team on us, Zenith was still hiding on level 60s to avoid us and Apex still pretending like they're a relevant clan. It was clear that Fatality's going to be the #1 Clan once more. We started this year off with a PKRI vs BP at Boneyard. As the fight began, we quickly out smarted our Dutch Brothers and changed our spread by overwhelming their southern side. After some clean action for a while, Zenith logged in and we got off BP. To no ones surprise, we absolutely smoked their dogshit members. They must have forgotten they weren't in level 2 wilderness and they started dropping like the rodents they are. Fo quickly picked up the phone and called Apex to try and organize a hit on us. Like Zenith, Fo didn't pay attention to the warning that they're only allowed to fight in level 2 wilderness also. Again the quality of all 50 of our Elite Pures overwhelmed the lesser clan and Fo was forced to run to singles while waiting for Apex mains to show up (all 15 mains showed up and were irrelevant the entire time). After a very convincing win, we grabbed a bank for the first time quickly returned to stop our pigeons and sardines from having any fun today. Teleing up to corp with our games necklace we ran out of the cave clearing all white, blue and grey hats in our path. Hoping to focus Fo, we had to quickly switch to Zenith and Apex instead because Fo was dead. Zenith actually trying to be smart for once, they ran to level 2 wilderness after receiving permission to do so. Seeing how Apex has been irrelevant for the start of the 3rd year, now we left to restock. This allowed the last of our our pkers to clean up the scavengers of the community. THIS IS WHAT #1 LOOKS LIKE! Looking very good for Fatality at the start of the New Year. All our rivals have been forced to try and fight us 1v3 and have continued to fail over and over. We bullied all 3 clans out of purple portal. They aren't allowed to get any F2P action where their mains and tanks are now useless. Pretty soon they won't be allowed to even gear up for P2P trips. Not surprised seeing how all their ranks can't get out of their own way. K2p needs adhi back already....yikes! But im sure divine is glad adhi is gone....Fatality rival clans have closed a combined 7 times. I guess we can make that an even 10 by the end of the 2022 year! #PLUGTHELEAK Paige Pwn Rocktail
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Over 45 Fatality Reapers massed up to face Rage & Terror in CLW. We were told many of our opponents feared stepping into the wild yesterday, so why waste our time hunting their 10 man xlpc matches ( which they got smoked by OFA ) and provide action for clans actually willing to fight. With that said, we took the dub off Terror 2-0 in rounds, swept Rage for 1 round and nearly took the other 2 rounds. Goodfights and until next time Fatality vs Terror Fatality Kills: 50 - Terror Kills: 46 Fatality Kills: 50 - Terror Kills: 40 Fatality vs Rage Fatality Kills: 37 - Rage Kills: 50 Fatality Kills: 50 - Rage Kills: 48 Fatality Kills: 42 - Rage Kills: 50 Spark Paige N33bs
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 10 green men later peaking at 15. We chased multiple main teams across the depths of Gielnor. We eventually became bored of the cat & mouse game and decided to take a final stand at High Altar. We easily smited multiple +1s , faced a stream team head on and obliterated any pures we came across. Another night of Fatality commandeering the wild. Paige
  6. " The strongest hearts have the most scars " The Boys approached Takeover for a 6v6 Mini and they happily accepted. We started off with a 6v6 and later gained 7v7. Though they were able to snipe a few rounds from us, we swiftly walked away with the dub, 2-0 in sets. Good fight boys and see you next week! Paige
  7. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality went out with 10 green men and peaked at 17 as the night went on. For over 2 hours we dominated the wild on our 1 Defs. We ran into multiple teams, each one falling faster then the last. Mains could not touch us, Meds were dominated and other Pures were completely obliterated. It seems Anti-Fi learned their lesson from yesterday. Stay winning friends. Paige
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