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  1. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " Whoever is Trying To Bring You Down is Already Below You " Last Night, Morality got wind Bitterfrogs had stepped back into the wild. After recovering from Mondays smoke inhalation, they thought to hit GB earlier in the evening. An hour later of nonstop obliteration, they were forced to flee with irreparable egos. Thanks to stable Intel we found them licking their wounds unaware at High Altar. Unfortunately for them, 25 Hunters did not give them a chance for redemption. One by one they fell and were chased into singles. A few stayed behind trying to hold off for their alliance, but not even the local help could save them. We continued this charade 3 more times before growing bored. Embarrassed for them, we moved onto Slayer caves. There we ran into Fatality and eliminated whoever thought to stay and fight us. Morality & GB thank Bitterfrog's Alliance for the donations Paige
  2. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " It is The Destiny Of The Weak To Be Devoured By The Strong " Last Night, Morality massed nearly 15 Hunters to take on Gielinors darkest depths. Intel told us Bitterfrogs would attempt to shadow us and hit us. Sloppily maneuvered and expecting us to crumble, Morality prevailed and held our ground at Glory Hill. Realizing their grave mistake, they tried to run from us ( open 4 weeks btw ). With the arrival of Testofice and DK Members, it became clear we had forced them into an open CC ( we did that ). Still riding the high of victory, we walked our loyal toads to High Altar where they happily followed us to their extermination. Fake staff propaganda will not help you Paige
  3. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " Real Heroes Are Never As Polished As The Legends That Surround Them " Last Night, Morality massed up nearly 25 Hunters to fight WG. Due to a cancellation miscommunication we ended up dominating High Altar instead. There we fought BF ( cleared ) and 420 Pkers back to back. Though they were able to fight us down once out of the 3 times we fought them, it was still solid action. Intel told us RoT, BC and DR were all fighting in world 338, so we quickly hopped over and announced our entrance. After catching multiple barrage clumps, it was clear this was a waste of time and full of rag. Fortunately for us, we came across other teams at Vetion who were quickly obliterated. Paige
  4. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " Starve Your Distractions, Feed Your Focus " After a successful 10v10 CWA event vs Terror, Morality decided to step into the wild. We massed 15 Hunters to hit High Altar where we came across Fatality and they met their unfortunate demise twice over. For over an hour we hunted their stragglers before they ended. We then faced off against 420 Pkers who we then cleared and transitioned to a face off verse Bull Frogs. Intel told us they had Test Of Ice with them, so with the help of GB we quickly put their sapos (toads) down. Appreciate the action as always, see you boys soon Paige
  5. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " No One is US, That is Our Power " Two nights ago, Morality massed up after hearing Bullfrogs had stepped into the wild. During our hunt we came across GB at Callisto and full cleared them as they logged in one by one. Realizing we had a common enemy, we teamed up to take on Bullfrogs and their vennies " Test Of Ice " head on. It was clear after wiping them out 3X at GDZ that they were outmatched and outwitted. We finished our trip at High Altar where we found the DBOW team " No Mercy " again and again. Thank you for your donations & Good fight Paige
  6. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " Lay Low, Boss Up " Last night, Morality was told there'd be a cluster at 50s. Though we were few, we were mighty AF while sniping DR and catching their stragglers unaware. We did not let a 3 clan merge deter us from catching them in massive clumps at High Altar. Outnumbered but not outmatched, this motto followed us when we challenged Terror for a PKRI.We fought them down opts even though we later peaked at 16, north of Vetion for over 15 minutes (Thank you for Staff ). We continued our Trip by Boneyard where we ran into Latin Crew who could not catch us fast enough. Appreciate the action all around, Ty For Fights Paige
  7. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " We never lose, we either win or we learn " - Last night, Morality massed up to the hit the wild. We heard a wide variety of clans would be out so we wanted to get in on the action. We started our journey at High Altar and ran into WG and Fatality initially. This was followed by a fight against 420 pkers , before rushing into DR moments after. We ended our night off killing TK Stragglers and any other unfortunate team we came across at Slayer Caves. Paige
  8. " Optimism is a cure for many things " Legacy approached TB for a small mini yesterday, which we happily accepted. Though they were able to take two rounds from us, we ultimately walked away with a 2-0 Sets Dub. Appreciate the action as always and Ty 4 event. C U NEXT WEEK Perry NP
  9. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " We Can, We Will, We Must " Last night Morality hit the wild with 15 shooters. We ran across Beyond Control at altar and had a b2b barrage fight inside. We later found 420 Pkers at Callisto who caught us unawares but again found em at 50 Ports, where they were then full cleared. We ran across multiple other teams which we easily sniped over 50M in loot from. All in all, it was 3Hs of hunting with consistent action. Appreciate the fights boys. Paige
  10. Twitter | Youtube | Discord " Fear Less, Dominate More " Morality took to the wild with 15 shooters massed up to start our journey at Callisto. Intel told us VR & Zenith were using merged cc's, We did not want to believe it at first. As time went on, we found Fatality (rip ftz) stragglers before facing Zenith head on at 50's. It was obvious we were overpowering them but moments later to our surprise ( not ) a horde of VR Mains showed up and.. helped them. We of course left only to receive messages for round 2. When asked to shake VR , they denied the merge. Our sources confirmed below they were definitely together. This of course did not deter our trip, which we carried on at High Altar to face off against Wilderness Guardians and other teams. Good Fight WG, we'll be seeing you soon Paige
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