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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord " A Sheep Never Leads, A Lion Never Follows " Our big dicked Green Reapers started last night off in Singles. It was to no surprise our boys smited a Toxic Staff & other loot off BP while slaughtering Zenshit stragglers. Tired of clearing Ferox, we took to Multi where we ran head on into battle. Triumph really thought they could surprise us a second time on 26 Hill. We ended up clearing them twice before a slew of mains rushed in. With the weight of victory on our shoulders, we made our way safely to edge to get a swift regroup. We made our way deeper into the wild where we full cleared another main team at Lavas and smited more +1s. Fi really can't be stopped. Paige
  2. " The Only Thing We Command is Respect " Triumph approached us for a quick 10v10 P2P Wildy Gear CWA where each side massed nearly 15 pures each. Though they fought hard and returned fast, The Boys secured the dub for each round. Ty for the event and we look forward to future action with ya! GF Triumph Paige JD
  3. No one said anything about 0 deaths lmao , Apex mentality though " Cant lose gear if you dont bring gear "
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord " Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to hunt " 35 Fatality Reapers stormed the deep wilderness leaving nothing but death in our path. Blood was shed while frog leather was shredded, as all three clans faced off west of GDZ. We forced our way through Rage and wrapped ourselves around OG. Nonstop action brought the hyenas to play. It didn't take long for the vermin of the clanning community to appear in hordes of single item rag. Unfortunately for Zenpex it wasn't enough to take any of us down. We easily farmed them and Fo stragglers from the outskirts while Rage & OG tore through them from the inside. GF Boys & Ty for action Paige Punk
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord " Losers focus on winners, Winners focus on winning " 30 Fatalians massed up to wipe out the scum we call Zenith from the face of Gielinor. After full clearing them at 26 Hill, it was to no ones surprise this main clan wannabe brought a boat load of 1 item raggers into our next battle. It only took us 30s to hit the fight from another angle and fully clear Zenshit AGAIN. Demoralized and broken, they were forced to end their trip early to go stake their 10M loot. Without Apex, it appears they lack the stamina to fight We continued our trip for another hour by Lavas where we ran into another team, who were quickly taken care of us well. Fi really stays winning Paige
  6. " Ride Together , Die Together " We approached Terror for a 1 Def event and they accepted on short notice. The Boys pulled 21 shooters for this Wildy Gear PKRI and we couldn't have been more proud. Despite Terror being down opts during R3 they held their ground. We appreciate the action and look forward to future events! Edgi Paige Grey Wolf JD Joey
  7. Never claimed the win lool read title retard. pd logged in after we cleared zofa at lavas but nice try
  8. We approached OFA for a F2P event and they accepted our 15v15 challenge. We did a few Ft50s rounds, RKOs and some with no overheads. All in all for our first F2P cwa, it was fun and good action! Ty for the event & Gf boys. Paige Grey
  9. We did our first 15v15 P2P CWA event against HORROR. Both sides fought well but ultimately The Boys took the dub with a 2 - 0 win. Ty for event & Gf Grey
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