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  1. After getting cleared TWICE by LEGACY, ZENITH had enough and ended. Unfortunately for their members, they were harassed for leaking. Since the day their clan slumped, its been utter chaos. Your members don't know how to turn their private chats off LOL & they're teleing back up in the same world you got GWAS'D in. Rookie mistakes for a clan that claimed #1 mere months ago. With ZENITH nowhere to be found in the wilderness our SPARTANS charged back into the scene only to find and put APEX in their place. We hope you enjoy the freshly potted flowers we left at Edge Cemetery for ya
  2. " We shall only talk of peace when we have won the war" - LY 2021 Paige: Nick: Sikkoh:
  3. Nearly 25 Spartans got together for a chill smoke sesh. Expecting to only hit it once, we ended up smoking not ONE but THREE fat Zenith packs. Suffice to say, we're on cloud nine while Elve harasses some poor future app's late into the night. Dumb doggy Scims was jealous from his view outside the window. While he bitterly wrote status updates... Legacy prepared for war... Another day, Another victory.
  4. LMFAO this is a thing? what the fuck LOOOOOOOOOOL Zenith is actual dog shit , close now and save whatever dignity ya got left.
  5. we do not need to team with OG when we have nearly 100 on TS. LOC PREP? LMAOOO
  6. 75 Fierce SPARTANS marched into the wilderness earlier today, taking it by storm. Our blades clanged loudly across the forest while cutting down our enemies with ease. Any and every clan that approached us was swiftly taken down and shoved face first into submission. Thank you and GF Fi for the clean action. LATINO: OP: EDGI:
  7. LMFAO LY Clearing Zenith like its our Fkn day job. 

  8. Just another easy victory for Legacy with 2 Hours of action filled PVP. What better way to the end the night then by burying your rival 6 feet under? Imagine being forced to stand at edge in another world, demoralized AF, listening to your leader scream " LY CLEARED " " SPAM IT UP " And the result is this: A 5 MAN SPAM LMFAOOOOO! You can actually see how miserable they are. This "clan" or what's left of them was cleared twice from the wild , Bank stood for an hour while begging main clans to help. Feeling pity I guess? someone felt sorry enough to share their cc. Unfortunately for Z it barely made a difference.
  9. LOOOOOOL damn imagine trying to claim a win from PD or was it SV? Getting confused which main team you guys piggy backed off tonight.
  10. Ahhh yes always winning
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