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  1. Glorious F2P Saturday rolled around and the boys over at Resistance HQ massed up 50 shooters later Peaking at ~55. We saw our rivals Fatality go from 65-45 and subsequently end their trip as a result of our superior tactics & organization. Shoutout to all in attendance and looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow in P2P!  Since clans were too scared to start the action we decided to, We contacted Fatality who had 15+ on us. We defended GDZ and waited for Fatality, They rushed and we instantly stood our ground. Within seconds Apex & Final Ownage Elites showed up and this turned into a cluster and then a 1v2 Real quick. This didnt phase us, we stayed on Fatality the entire time sending them running around GDZ. We forced Fatality to bring FOE capes to compete with the mighty resistance. After 30+ minutes of straight fighting, Fatality was completely in FOE capes and cleared off the map. Fatality up 15 is nothing, however FOE has better quality. We pulled east and caught a spam and logged. Clans sat in edgeville not moving, So we decided to start the action once again we contacted Legacy for a fight and defended on 13 ports. Legacy rushed from the northwest and we quickly met them with scims. We caught amazing binds. A couple seconds after Rage would crash from the west, Shortly followed by Final Ownage Elites. We stayed on Legacy who eventually pulled north in singles. We quickly turned around on people still in multi. We caught a couple then caught a fall in and logged out. We waited for clans and ran into our friends Fatality, they were camping in singles and we lured them to multi. Even opts. 1v1. We pulled south and then turned around with scims instantly banging out numerous retards. We started laughing at their terrible quality as we took a 10 kill lead within minutes. Final Ownage Elites crashed for them northeast and we stayed on Fatality as they ran south with 20 ingame. We killed the remaining scattering members and pulled south and walked to bank. @Aiselia @Ross 
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