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  1. Bullied soup into blatantly teaming w/ other clans to compete, was ez gz Terror
  2. Best Wilderness Clan: (Terror, Fatality) Best Cwa Clan: (Terror, Fatality) Best overall clan: (Terror, Fatality) Most active clan: (Terror, Rage) clan with most stamina: (Terror, Rage) Most favorite clan rivalry: (Wish my rivals could compete) Most improved clan: (Terror, OG) Most honorable clan: (Hydra, Swarm) Most likely to ally with mains in 2021: (soupremacy, Zenith) Upcoming clan of 2020: (Terror, OG) ----- Individual awards(1 vote per category) Best F2P Caller: (person1) Best P2P Caller: (person1,) Biggest one bang: (person1,) Best leader: (person1,) Worst leader: (person1,) Funniest Sharkbrew member: (person1,) Sharkbrew member with the worse banter: (person1,) Most hated Sharkbrew mod: (person1) Worst member to have: (person1) Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: (person1,)
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