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  1. Lord Ex

    Hi there

    Ur doom brothers are in legacy check us out www.legacy-rs.org
  2. HEY. CDEAD. #pickthetime let’s prep losers

  3. Lord Ex

    pkri Thursday: Clean 1v1 vs Rage

    Cd is a dead clan we are in your heads rent free stay ez
  4. Can’t wait to see who Critical Brain Damage begs for help today 🧐

  5. Holy fuck we own
  6. Lord Ex

    weekend Legacy Saturday | 55 Spartan's Laughing At CD

    Pray 4 CDead
  7. Favorite part was when I 1v1ed cds leader in front of our clan and he planked lmfao
  8. Lord Ex

    it comes to no suprise

  9. Lord Ex

    Legacy About To Get The Dick Today

    I’m not ddosing nor do I care to sko is beyond irrelevant buddy and will remain that way quote if mad
  10. Lord Ex

    Legacy About To Get The Dick Today

    You literally have 0 proof anyone ddosed you from ly and unable to give anyone a name please don’t quote me again u crybaby just go outside when u get hit off like I do or connect ur phone hotspot or stop going on other teamspeaks hmmmm
  11. Lord Ex

    Legacy About To Get The Dick Today

    Dude sick you can’t compete on pures so you’re using bots & mains this is very easy
  12. Holy fuck look how desperate critical brain damage is LOL

  13. Lord Ex

    midweek Legacy | 3 Hour F2P Pkri Clearing CD/Fi Ft. Rage,Sup,Fs

    Big own gz legacy
  14. Lord Ex

    Dear CD

    Yes cd is a main clan and should be cleansed