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  1. Gf UB, looking forward to the tie breaker =D
  2. After a amazing F2P Saturday Trip that saw us have a 30 Minutes+ clean 1v1 against Unbreakable. We were eager to set out in P2P. We massed up 55 Red Men and Peaked at 60 Resistance Members on teamspeak. Due to clans not entering the wilderness right away our trip started off slow but picked up intensity real quick. Thanks to all 60+ Resistance members who attended our P2P Sunday.  We heard Fatality was out in the wilderness with even opts, We waited for them to step in multi and we were right behind them. We logged in at ruins and went east and instantly found Fatality in the back lines, We were super aggressive and went with specs out. Within seconds Fatality was cleared back to edgeville. We fought Final Ownage Elites who came from the north, Legacy and Rage were south. We started boding through Final Ownage Elites when we received word clans were about to re hit. We heard Supremacy was about to hit the fight, So we quickly went to the bank and went to hit them. We logged in east and found Rage and Final Ownage Elites fighting, We started focusing Rage who was directly north of us. We caught them in massive clumps with they were trying to pull south. We continued staying on them until the majority of Rage left ingame pulled far north and logged out, We quickly cleared up the rest of rage around level 30 and teleported to edge. We heard Fatality stepped into the wilderenss after spending 30 minutes spamming in edgeville, We quickly went up to hit them and they teleported out the second we logged in. We pulled south west and ran into Final Ownage Elites & Blunt Purez, we started hitting both clans and when we recieved word that clans were coming we pulled south and teleported to the bank. We watched Fatality teleport up to chaos alter, within 10 seconds we were directly behind them, We logged in and ran west and caught them with their pants down, Within seconds 55 Fatality were sent to the edgeville bank like the bitches they are. Our teamspeak absolutely blew up. No one could believe that a 13 year old clan couldn't fight a year old clan with even numbers. We laughed at them at bank and they logged out with their tails tucked in. We waited for Fatality to enter the PVP wilderness since clans had moved to Falador, We waited for Fatality to log in. Once they did we logged in south of them and caught them in huge clumps northeast of Falador, We sent them teleporting quickier then it took them to get there. The rats teleported to Falador middle where they would get completely gwas'd. They eventually teleported to edge to regroup. We continued battling Final Ownage Elites & Blunt Purez who was the only two clans left, We heard Rage was about to log in so we dipped to the bank. @Ross @Aiselia @RunFromRs 
  3. unfortunate Fi resulted to NH actions during an event that is so good for the community. Hopefully we can get a rematch scheduled.
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