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  1. Lord Ex

    Legacy Vs Purge P2P Mini 2-0

    puff puff
  2. legacy big winner clan
  3. Lord Ex

    cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Supremacy F2P Prep 2-1

    Wow what a great prep, gz both sides
  4. I could see a zerk scene becoming a more viable option if the scene continues at the rate it's at. For the greater part of december and the majority of 2018 the top clans all brought mass mains. Pure Clanning was basically absent in terms of the wilderness and if that doesn't change I don't see why we wouldn't just recreate a zerk scene.
  5. Lord Ex

    What are your predictions for LPC?

    FOE is the catalyst of the direction wilderness action/activity will go. If they continue to aid supremacy nothing will change and the community will remain at a standstill.
  6. Lord Ex


    Be a leader of the community instead of leading like a child and drop your mains...show everyone that your clan doesn't need them and maybe you'll get the things you want from IR. If IR respond by continuing to bring mains it will inevitably hurt us. Just grow up and stop being scared to lose- that goes for P2P as well. Also learn to have some humility and give credit when credit is due and maybe the relationship with IR will improve which will increase the likelihood of events happening in the future #inb4youstartedthisyoubroughtmainsfirstimafuckingcrybabybitchwaaaaaah
  7. Lord Ex

    midweek Immortal smokes the XLPC scene

    Looked very easy, well done immortal clan
  8. wow eop completely smoked yike
  9. Lord Ex

    Vendetta Audio leak Part1.

    pretty good effort, gj vendetta
  10. XLPC Scene will be rejuvenated soon
  11. doesn't surprise me to see Slumpremacy at the top of this poll