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  1. Lord Ex

    cwa Legacy Vs Fearless 3-0 P2P Prep

    Gf fs gz legacy😍
  2. Lord Ex


    Openly advocating your alliance sick dude
  3. Lord Ex

    [LY] Vs. [FS] P2P MINI (2-1 SETS)

    big ricke
  4. you can ask me for pkris ya know
  5. as samir the bear would say the gates of hell have dropped
  6. Lord Ex

    pkri V LOW & Friends bullied out of caves

    lol owned looked easy for dc!
  7. Lord Ex

    Purge vs Legacy 2-1

    Ofc you posted a 1-1 in sets as a 2-1 when you declined the tie breaker gz i guess s/o to the shitters in legacy who gave up a set vs ace krave lmfao
  8. Lord Ex

    showcase Animated Banner

    Do more normal just like this
  9. Cya Saturday pisstality
  10. Lord Ex

    Exposing Legacy.

    Keep trying buddy
  11. Lord Ex

    Lord niggest

  12. Lord Ex

    Lol fatality

    Fatality won’t be able to keep up soon enough
  13. It’s funny the lengths you’ll go to, keep trying 7 hours later we are still having events lmfao