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  1. Pretty embarrassing to post a 15 v 15 as 40 v 40
  2. Zenith cunts back to being useless shits, pedo Elve touched a 15 year old hahahah
  3. Most useless rank team goes to zenith, losing 5 rivalries at once. 

    Only way to regain ur virginity is to join zenith (note: this will make Elve salivate continuously)

    1. Zenny
    2. Zenith E-Girl

      Zenith E-Girl

      Lol rent free you even went out of your way to make a hider to post about Zenith 🤣

  4. Zenpiss got smoked by everyone now they tryna pick on the little guy 😂

    what a bottom feeder clan

    1. sharkssss


      whoever u are, ur clan is dogshit lmfao

  5. This is the most exciting thing to happen to apex since they got slumped by fo Bottom tier clan
  6. Low tier clan z is now flaming Ofa, expected From the least respected community in the game.
  7. It’s not too late for foe to disown the rot slave alliance… it has not ended well for anyone before this.
  8. So you are bored because 2 clan cores are fighting? please suggest an alternative for me
  9. Help rot and get your clan killed

    - Foe (14 man dbow trips)

    - sup (10 year clan pulling 12)

    - apex (1 item every weekend, too afraid to gear)

    - Zenpiss (forced onto level 70s)

    - VR (getting bullied by entire main scene)

    -Sv (dead)


    1. orgasms


      foe winning i see


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