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  1. Yaz

    midweek DMK ~ Monday ~ 4 Hour PK Sesh

    Grats @DMK Killa
  2. 6 clans left, rip weekend fights 


    gz misfits, did better than anyone else expected, scene will miss u

    1. Brock_Lesnar


      Even number of clans which means no crashing. Foc vs eom, sup vs ir and fi vs asspex. What could go wrong?

    2. Yaz


      eop Won’t be fighting foe in wildy unless half of us die of heart attacks 5 min before trip 

      Eop will then crash fights, foe will follow killing eop and whatever is left behind.

      Misfits was good cause last few weeks they were second highest pull to p2p

  3. Fi never beats anyone by being better you just refuse to die its a useful skill I can’t lie
  4. Yaz

    wtf zee

    I wish MF would re-open tbh
  5. Depends what you want Midweek activity FOE is best, SUP/EOP/IR prob tied for second midweek P2P clan wars apex F2P clan wars no1 rn If FOE ever closed i would of joined MF tbh, I wouldnt join 90% of the clans open rn just because they dont offer anything different, like Misfits did.
  6. Yaz

    flaming NTPC clans

    This post is so counter productive. Now the trolls will just troll them because you told them not to, youll ban them, and they wont wanna use SB I really appreciate SB as a site, but honestly it centers around flame. It wouldn't exist without flame. I understand you are trying to get other clans involved, but if they are gonna get this treatment, all clans should? You cant have one set of rules for one clan and another set for another in the same scene. On the flipside, our community is dying, so i can appreciate the innovative idea. Why not start community polls on ideas to revitalize the scene and see if people are interested? I think you guys have an impossible role tbh. You guys need the clanning community to keep your site open, but it seems like the clanning community doesnt care about SB at all. I respect what you did with Apex, even if it reduced activity for the site. Letting clans walk over you is not the answer. We have to provide somethign here on SB thats desirable to as many clans and clanless pures as possible. I have some decent ideas I'd love to shoot your way
  7. gonna miss u guys, good clan, best of luck 2 u guys wherever u go
  8. Aao obv envy has brain dead members lol
  9. Foe and sup fought but EoP took the L lmfao
  10. Look at these eop rats haha
  11. Gj on your win sup, your P2P game improving!
  12. 5-10 Inductees to the Pure community Hall of Fame Im talking players who changed the pure pking/gaming scene over the tenure my memory is bad, so naming some i can think of - I mahatma I - Drunkin R2h - Sir Pker Wil - Ahdi/Walli - Bonesaw PK - Deffo some Ex-TLP legends ive forgotten - Solo/Goop - Soft pillow (maybe) (struggling to think of an FI one)
  13. Hassan is a HALL of Famer of the scene. 10 yr vet l0l