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  1. The bears took on Terror in the pay to play server this week in a multiple set event. Terror came to play after there recent improvements in P2P (note their smoke on foc). They gave us 4 very competitive rounds but with good piling and clean transitions we were able to come away with the 2-0 Sets (4-0 Rounds). Thanks for the event Terror, we look forward to many more in the future. Hopefully more clans will step up in the pay to play arena. POVS Yaz Kaz Grey Brain
  2. 👑 Onslaught will go down as legends of the scene and kings of GDZ

    1. sharkssss


      imagine comparing the goat clans (mm,fo,eop,tlp) and then Yaz says onslaught LMFAO

  3. Lots of victims got my names in their mouth, obsessed rats lmfao

    1. sharkssss


      lmao remember when you got kyped in fo? hehehe

    2. Expose rats
  4. It’s true that foe apex z js and sup combined couldn’t muster up 10 in a joint cc to crash
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