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  1. Look at all these people on hiders 

    Nibbas can’t even be themselves on a old school RuneScape community pure clan forum 😂

  2. Many victims typing in the status updated...

    No way you can't settle your beef in purple protal

    1. K2P
    2. K2P


      There’s no way ur crying 

  3. I dont get it, its for apex members only, so why have u posted it here? this isnt apeg forums
  4. Yaz

    I'm Back

    If you looking for new player friendly it’s legacy/BP/JS if you looking for high skill consider Rage (clan-rage.com) but will need to spend time in the community and be pretty skilled too many good clans out there just make sure you dodge the super toxic ones
  5. Prob better to join one of the newer clans/more new player friendly clans while you get used to the game and clanning again Jump street, legacy, bp all good options if you want to stay 1 def consider joining intensity if you want a shot with the kings then it’s clan-rage.com but you gonna need some need some time in the community and a very high skill level before being accepted
  6. Guy under me is a fake doctor posting on a hider 👀

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