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  1. Rumours are coming in Z will make next weekend their closing trip, 

    we go live to the scene with King Pedo Elve, @Elve what’s up (apart from your penis when you see schoolchildren?)

    1. Murd


      Sources state that the interview was originally supposed to be held at an anonymous secondary school, however Elve's spokesperson cited that due to uncontrollable personal circumstances, Elve would be unable to come within 100 meters of the intended location.

  2. We can all agree zenith is the worst matched clan of all time 

  3. Zenith is a pedo clan elve touches children sexually even if u survive this month, you won’t survive gods wrath lmaoo
  4. zenith better bring this same energy this weekend, yall more hyper than Elve when he sees a child 

  5. Daily reminder while other clans battle it out for top spot... Zenith rank Elve is battling it out in court , facing trial for sexual misconduct with minors

  6. u think im kidding but ive sounded the horns
  7. lol good meme wanna do AAO vs RD prep next week, all the old school members @Treehugger28
  8. Apex sure talk a lot of shit about Fi for a clan that won’t even prep FI

    enough propaganda just fight each other 

  9. Ly on top ty Fi always fun to fight you
  10. Don’t let the main clans distract you from the fact zenith ranked a paedophile 

  11. This is a poor attempt to get Fi camped I knew zenith was desperate but this is low af... expect nothing less from a clan that protects pedos
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