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  1. Cd make irl threats just to die to superior clan Legacy 

    apps are open Sam will wash u of ur sins 

  2. Cdead have had 3 aftermaths in 12 weeks of being open They tried Dox (failed) IRL threats (failed) Teaming (failed) Mains (failed) Offering merges (failed) Inviting XLPC lvl 50s (current strategy) On top of this they are banned from SB, discord, and osrs wildy This is what happens when u make IRL threats to a superior clan. Know your place, which is fucking last
  3. This why they cant compete If they spent time trainings their members they might not do half bad, but they always go for the quick fix; mains, dox or teaming
  4. Yaz

    Has CD ever won a rivalry?

    The only thing CD is good for is taking this beating week in week out and being a good submissive dog
  5. Thoughts and prayers go out to all Cd members rn killed in the fields of osrs and ran out of SB You wanted the fire but can't handle the smoke Please for the love of god prove me wrong and actually DO something, This has been 2 easy for 2 long... (unless ur strat is to wait for us to get bored of osrs LMFAO)
  6. Cd are so used to being dominated that theyve just stopped replying LMFAO 

    Ur banned from SB, discord and ur banned from wildy

  7. Cd is literally the worst clan in the history of pure clans

    Know your place, which is fucking last

  8. Cdead real queit rn

  9. Cd how do you lose at the only thing your clan knows how to do