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  1. Lol this is not how this work unfortunately. Someone got access to your account and you try to justify it by trying to find a motive on why a person would clean your bank. You have 0 rights to complain or accuse if you have failed taking the most basic security measurements.
  2. I'm confused how you found sharkbrew and why you would approach it this way instead of asking your contacts from your years
  3. No I don't know how it started as I wasn't there for a while. I'm not talking about LY because I find LY not that relevant but more about the issue about how main clans are involved in the pure scene and those rivalries been fought by pure clans. Besides that just like you I would love to see the use of mains dissapear and get back to pure clanning
  4. You have to solve the problem first before you pull out a solution. In my eyes it starts with the rivalry (Zenith/Rage/Apex) that infested the pure scene with main clans but sadly this rivalry has no point of return. The only solution these clans give each other is closure. Ending this rivalry and removing the multi clanners would solve a big part of this issue, after that you can look into a reset of accounts.
  5. You could try that, may I ask what are you gonna do against clans that will crash your wilderness events? "hpc" clans have moved to "mpc/lpc" scenes before and forced them to fight
  6. Tldr; You have to solve the issue first which means you have to look at the pure clans that are infesting it with mains (zenith,rage and some others) You need to find some kind of leverage to heavily punish clans to use mains(bad rep and starving them won't work anymore)
  7. You are right and that cycle has been going on for some time now, imo the only way to work this out is to start looking at the source of this issue and try to solve it that led to this situation. But that would mean for some clans to admit defeat and I don't think thats a option for them.
  8. That used to work but nowadays clans hunt each other down and ragwars happens
  9. No because unless you get 60 attack and fight under 15 wild on a 1 def those 25 deffers will still be able to attack you
  10. This won't work simply because you don't have leverage over any other 25 defence clans, there is no punishment for using mains other then getting your topic moved to main section. pn SB(Lets be honest nobody reads those anyway) Oh and the fact that the only way to end a rivalry now a days is to literly closing your opponent.
  11. all i see is you running to singles when they push with scims
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