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  1. Where's the part of your trip where you got cleared in CA?
  2. This has been a thing since beginning of the pure world, i think you're just here to diss some clans right now.
  3. Ofcourse every pure clan would want that, but it's a vicious cycle clan scene will get itself into, if 1 clan starts to bring 1 or 2 mains, the next clan will do it, and the next, and the next, etc. So the only solution is a 1 def world, because it's inevitable that a clan will bring a main at some point in time.
  4. Jim

    How to improve SB/Pure clanning

    SB used to have a system like that, but lots clans just pussied out.
  5. Jim

    announcement Promotions

  6. Jim

    announcement New Community Code Of Conduct

    Interesting, hope it will rinse out some trolls
  7. pking on mobile is a thing?
  8. Straight up 1-20 def wilderness, or something similar. It's not necessary to dedicate a whole server to it, but maybe some sort of portal to a 1-20 def wildy, just like pservers do. They could block out the resources and other skilling activities you can do in the wild, and call it something like 'Low level pking arena' or 'arena of the defenceless'. How to push it? This has been asked for years and will not break the game in any way or form. To make it more fitting for the game some lore could be added to the portal. And it would benefit content makers to make good pk content for youtube. Ps; where the fuck my retired rank go👀
  9. The e-thuggery in this thread is cute