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  1. Before we get going, Imagine being the clan to talk shit all week in SB discord, reply to every SB post containing CD & all around slate Critical Damage in every way they can, but when it comes crunch time. They pull less than 45 and get bullied over and over by multiple high IQ clans. ~ Cough, cough Legacy & Apex. We started our trip off by bullying Legacy in single. We hit them just north of green hill before we pushed them east past the tele spot at bandit camp and cleared them completely off the map. We knew they were Pming Apex so we awaited for Apex to be the dogs they are and run to help Legacy, but low IQ clans are way to slow and Apex got beat to a pulp within minutes, Pushing them back east past the Bandit tele spot into singles where they were no more. We got a quick bank, ready to go again. Our next action came just south of Edge bank where a few clans were fighting. We logged in and FOE hit us, but with more numbers we instantly pulled scims had a little tussle before the fight ended up in singles. Here again Apex were slow to the party and tried to hit us, but with double their opts in game they last little over 2 minutes. We teled back up to CA and walked toward Graves where we logged into Apex and pushed them from Corp Hill to singles. Double Apex's opts we did work we knew they were Pming Legacy back and forth. We got Apex down to 15 in game and took our W. Legacy logged in to aid Apex but were fair to slow. Legacy were down to 33 people at this point and were looking very fragile indeed. We paid them a visit for trying to team on we hit them up in singles before we moved east. Shit calls from Legacy confused their entire clan, half of them chased us and half of them stood in singles uselessly. We cleared up the 15 odd kids and took our W. Apex & Legacy ended their trips here. 1 hour in.... Our finally action of the day was with IR. They were up 5 or 6 on us but we remained strong and cycled the fight down to even opts. We got a few decent scim pushes on their west side which brought us up 3 or 4. Supremacy crashed and FS turned up shortly after. Happy with our battles today and our performance we walked down. @Matti @jay @clump Only the 3rd week in and we have killed legacy, purge and now a certain blue clan is in our crosshairs. Can you guess who? https://twitter.com/Zeke28423811/status/1119701824448212992/ 
  2. On this fine Saturday Fearless wanted to show why we are #1 f2p. We massed up 55 piglets and later peaked at 60 piglets. Shout to Fi, Sup , Ly, Cd, and Ir for all the fun action. Vid explains all thank you. ~ @Ramie ~ @exzrts ~ @fudog ~ @Lankz Pictures Join Fearless today!! https://discord.gg/RuNuxnW PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!!!
  3. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Good evening my fellow tiger brothers. On this wonderful 20th day of the 4th month we not only celebrate 4/20, but also the continued demoralization of Intense Retards. I think it's safe to say we were all VERY HIGH after our day of smoking IR and the pure community. To start our trip we got word of a fight going on between FS and FI and decided to hit it from the North. We sent both clans in opposite directions and decided to follow FS. Fearless was brave enough to fight back for a bit while we maintained a 5-10 man lead during the duration of the fight. IR then decided to log on top with their filthy anti-pure mains and hit us. We quickly made a DANK strategic move to the north where their multilogs couldnt follow and began wiping them up in singles We then set up a fight vs Fata(LIT)y in Barbarian Village. Before the fight could start we got word of IR attempting to crash. We notified FI and let IR log on top of us. We quickly GRINDED them and ROLLED them up while chasing them up and down the ladder. We managed to maintain a solid 15-20 man lead the entirety of the fight even though they were running from us the entire time. We looted many Rune platelegs thanks to IR's foolish leaders decision to bring mains. Sadly they didnt last quite as long as we hoped and ended up scrambling out of the building after about 5 minutes. Stay easy shitters. And for our last little DAB of action our intel let us know that IR was fighting CD east of 13 ports. We couldnt let our dogs in IR that far off the leash, so we decided to hit them one last time to let them know who their daddy is. In conclusion, we all know what happened last time you brought mains IR. You got outdone in it and were way in over your head. You sure this is the route you wanna go? @•Ham @x poo
  4. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR With all our stoners freshly blazed up and ready to PK, VR headed out on a 4/20 PK trip for some sweep action. We hopped around killing any and all PvMers, making bank loot in the process. Eventually we ran into a few 5 man teams that we cleared with ease. Few times we ran into AE kids who we dealt with quickly even thought we were outnumbered 8 v 10 or so. Eventually ran into little cards and decided to put on their capes and fuck with them. We logged in under them and 1 hit a bunch of them, turning it into a little return fight where we had them almost cleared while we were fighting 11 v 31. After about 10 minutes of fighting with bunch of them dying and basically no VR, we finally got overwhelmed and decided to dip out and take a bank. We did this a second time but they were more organized this time and we just dipped out rather than fighting outnumbered 3:1. Hopped around some more, found AE total of 6 times throughout the night, getting a small scrap from them every time before they were forced out. After the final battle they asked us once again for another and we accepted. As we were getting set up, DF rushed us and we started fighting them. AE got word of this and hopped over into our CC to make numbers more even. We fought 18 VR + AE vs 25 or so DF for about 15 minutes before ROT came into the fight to hit DF and forced them out. Went back to sweeping the caves, running into some WG kids who were went back and forth with as they didn't want to come north and they kept trying to take the fight under 30. After a 4 hour PK trip, we decided to call it a day. 32 kills, 5 deaths, 9m profit. Success for me think most VR made bank, good job guys was fun. Thanks everyone for the scraps. Pics: https://i.imgur.com/PPWeyp2.png
  5. We heard this dogshit excuse of a clan was out in the wilderness, We promptly massed up 25 Green Men to go clear them. We waited for them to regroup and get everyone in a world. We sat listening to their teamspeak for the perfect opportunity to hit them. We found them all spread north and instantly started taking the Green Hairy Dick to their foreheads. Within minutes it was over, Legacy was cleared. We continuously hopped to their worlds while they tried to regroup, Unable to do so they split up and ended. 1 tomelis reacted to this
  6. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVCTeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org On this fine Sunday Afternoon, Legacy went out with 70 Spartans and had a action packed trip, We fought several clans, and even forced the rivaled Alliance to break down into 1 Item. Thank you to all the Legacy Members that attended our P2P Trip
  7. Today Fearless mass up 50 piglets and later peaked at 55 piglets. Shout to everyone we fought was fun action at the end of the day. Vid explains all thank you. ~ @exzrts Pictures Join Fearless today!! https://discord.gg/RuNuxnW PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!!!
  8. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVCTeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org After an action packed Sunday and all the pure clans ending we decided we wanted more action and ventured into our caves with 25 later peaking 30 for some free loot. We ran into many clans and teams and have tons of solid action during our 4 hour long revs trip. Thank you IR, Fs, Dc, and the other teams for giving us clean fights in the caves.
  9. FORUMS | DISCORD Massed up 20 surgeons for the daily GMT sweep. We started at altar where we pked uncontested for 40 minutes. After altar died out we headed over to revs in hopes to find some loot. We ran into pures that were kind enough to give us their +1s. What is there left to say? We did what we always do, we went out and make bank. Still no sign of veng , even though I think it was @wolffffthat said we're never out in GMT? We pk in all hours lmao, come fight us.
  10. So every one in onslaught decided to go out and do a bit off late night pking at the caves so we quickly massed up 21 gorillas for this adventure In the first world we logged into we seen a purple hat clan running down the corridor but they immediately logged but all off them left there private chats on so it was a really easy tracker to find them every time they hopped into a different world in the caves. we took them by surprise and killed the 16 that they had with ease and perfection! After that there wasn't any clans out in the caves so in the end we just hunted mains and made some easy bank at the caves Join onslaught the new up and coming LPC clan for daily events and constant action!!!
  11. on this fine Saturday we Regroup 50 pigs later peaking at 55 . we fought clans and showed domination thanks for all the fights cu Tomorrow ~ @Tanaka ~ @exzrts ~ @Ramie ~ @Fudog Pictures Join Fearless today!! https://discord.gg/RuNuxnW PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!!!
  12. On this beautiful Saturday, after a long week of countless recruiting, every rank putting 110% effort we stormed out the gates with a purple wall of Abdullah's ready to kick the pure clan world over it. And we did just that Shoutout to legacy for getting bullied and losing every fight today. Critical Damage Starting: 70 We knew coming into today we would heavily outnumber most of the clan world forcing them to plot against us. But nonetheless, we were ready for anything. The start of the day we found our first fight at ca with the clan fearless. After FS losing CWA to Fi earlier in the week in F2P, FS thought it would be a "fantastic" idea to try fighting us today, And what a mistake that was... After clearing Fs we continued to dominate for the duration of the trip, leaving us #1 pure clan today. We cleared Fatality, Foe, Apex, Fs, Legacy, IR, and supremacy.
  13. Dkj

    weekend Saturday trip

    Discord:https://discord.gg/xtuvafF Forums:https://supremes-rs.com/ Clanchat:The Supremes Saturdays trip was full of action checking 50s ports, Revenant cave hunting the loots, till we arrived at Callisto what we spoted seemed to be Vr with some Dk trying to pk there, they didnt even bother fighting back we catched them in a nice barrage pile and finished the last "survivors" off the map thanks 4 the action regardless.
  14. Dkj

    weekend Supreme Friday!

    Discord:https://discord.gg/xtuvafF Forums:https://supremes-rs.com/ Clanchat:The Supremes Fridays trip we decided to try out something different we had massed 16 gamers to try and spear some bank loots from the Revenant entrance to multi which worked quite well.[Dont tell anyone] on top of that we would just Barrage/Chin small clans/teams at the entrance west corridor/east corridor.
  15. FORUMS | DISCORD Res Busy Sunday Ft. Jaja, Sup, DK, RW Today was solid as it ever fucking could be with all the EZ bank the Surgeons made today. We got the boys together massing 35 FUCKING STRONG men ready to knock Veng's teeth into the back of their throat. Before that tho we decided to hit the caves to smack around some lost dweebs & maybe shake some +1s loose. We first ran into Jaja who put up a scrap before getting swept from their feet like some gay love story. We filled the purses and moved on, bumping into a few pure squads who made for quick lunch, thanks for the fights Rev Warriors + Sup. Resurgence scouted a few more worlds before squeezing DK out of their hole, making quick work of the action they tried to give. Worlds started to be too easy so we grabbed our maces to spice shit up a bit. We ended up logging into some rat squad, finessing a shiny ZGS for the W. Didn't know it was that easy, legit! Lost Students Caves were juiced and becoming boring after the tumbleweeds started blowing by. Resurgence was out here handing lessons to kids yet Vengeance was no where to be fucking found. We knew they had CWA today but surely they don't take two hours! So being the good friends we are, we flew in to see if the vikings were okay. They were there, broken and belittled, standing at the bank too demoralized to even PK. They decided to take this Sunday off after what happened the previous week, SAD! Owel, we have other shit on the agenda. Can't be baby sitting all day, see you soon! PKRI Vs Destiny The men over at Destiny hit Resurgence hot line to get a quick scrap going, of course we could not refuse our friends of good action. We headed back up in the wildy to have a nice multi spells fight. 20 minute cap, tele's on, live action. The men started off strong with chunking TBs to secure a few kills, piles after that came swift. Before we knew it we had cleared the last man off the field and the fight was over 3:52 seconds after the clock started pumping. Huge shout to the Destiny guys for having the balls to have good fun without worrying about outcome. & congrats on your #2 spot in our bracket. Props to you lads. Wildy Run FFA 10m Drop After a long day of owning and winning we did our casual community event with a 10m pot as winnings. Somehow the loot ended up in the hands of the world class finesse rat master. He pulled a slick one with a mind fuck for ez GP! BootyLoot Dont get expelled Veng!
  16. POV: @El_MONK [BP] Blunt Purez | Pulls 35 Elite Snipers For This Sundays Pure Event | As We Grouped Up [OS] Onslaught Asked For a 35 Vs 35 We Agreed & Defend Chaos Temple [Ca] It Was A Great Fight & A Good First Lesson For [OS] They Wanted A Rematch, Which Turned Out To Be A Way Better Fight As They Defended Bandit Camp . We "Destroyed" Revenant Warriors [RW] in a Full Out Slug Fest, As Thier (40-99 Defence) Was No Match For Our Elite Tactics We Fight [FI] Fatality But Foe Crashed Leaving Us To Return & Clean Up The Wild.. [FS] Fearless Gets Caught in a 20 vs 20 North Of Bone Yard | Where Supremacy Crashes Only To Get Clumped By [BP] The (Clump Gods) Hope You Enjoy This Action Packed Full Of Bang Outs Clumps & Hundreds Of Pkers That Came Out This Sunday. POV: @Mallu POV: @OSRS Meduza
  17. Trip consisted of hitting a clan and every clan teleporting out after 10 seconds Enjoy:
  18. Today Fearless massed up 55 pigs later peaking at 60+ for our P2P opener. Our day consisted of a fun return fight with Apex, and then non-stop action with practically every other clan in the scene. Shout out to everyone for the fun fights. Fearless is Officially BACK!!🐷 Ramie Pov: Ezto pov: Jones pov: owned lol: Pictures: Join Fearless Today!!🐷 CC: 'Fs cc' Discord: https://discord.gg/dcAK4e Forums: Coming Soon PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!
  19. Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/Discord: https://discord.gg/muQwQVCTeamSpeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org We massed up 62 Spartans to our P2P trip later peaking at 70 for todays P2P bloodshed. The Spartans decimated everything that came in our paths like a fire spreading in a wildfire as it was an eventful & action packed session. The trip consisted of loads of clusters and crashing as anticipated for a P2P trip so thanks everyone for the fights. @`JD POV: 1000+ pics of today's massacre
  20. After a hiatus from the scene we’re happy to be back. We set out with a strong 55 Abdullahs later peaking at 60. Were happy with what was accomplished today after knocking some rust off we were able to fight Fatality matched opts while having over 15 level 60s fighting for Abdullah and we were also able to end Legacy pretty swiftly. After a few rounds of good fights with Fatality, we also had tussles with Supremacy and Fearless, which we saw ended to our favour. After a long search for Legacy, we finally found them out of their hiding cave, and decided to hit them immediately. They were attacking back, where 30 seconds later they unfortunately run into singles, as they could not cope with Big Mother CD. Videos and pictures will speak for the rest of our trip, but this is just the start. Videos: 2 out of the 3 vidders were vidding from a 4th world country so here's the only vid we got: Dalmore/clump Pictures:


    SO today onslaught competed in the wilderness for the first time pulling 30 GORILLAS!! and peeking at a count off 32. first off we fought BP who outnumbered us by 6 extra members but we stood our ground and fought well giving them a testing challenge and catching there clumps as they came out off the trees at us, both clans fought well giving it there all and turned out to be a good fight! second bit off action was the fucking main clan rev warriors camping chaos altar in pvp worlds which is kind of embarrassing as they were fighting bp we decided to swoop in and wrap all the way east and cause rev warriors to clump so bad there black d hide bodys couldn't protect them any more. After that fight we regrouped fast and headed south off fog to the wilderness ditch and seen CD fighting rev warriors and decided to get involved it started off perfect as CD were trying to single to multi us we caught them in massive clumps over the wilderness ditch, until eventually bp came from the north and it ended up being a 3 way fight, yet again outnumbered we stood our ground and fought back hard and with plenty off aggression clearing up a lot off members from both clans. next bit off action was vs fatality they were fighting south off fog against ly , so we swooped down the west off chaos altar and came up behind fatality causing them to panic and teleport out. we continued to push east after fi teleported out and saw IR running towards instead off teleporting we stood our ground even though we were considerably outnumbered tried to catch there clumps and pick them off 1 by 1 but in the end was just to many! so our last fight off the day was against BP again this time we defended the bandit camp, as we new where they were coming from we came up with a plan and decided to wrap north then east off them and start closing them in from the North, whilst the south and the middle held there ground and then we started being aggressive with melee in the end it was a good fight BP.
  22. You would think with Signups that Legacy would be able to put up a good fight, However this clan is backwards. We peaked at 74 Green Men for our P2P Sunday, Our sole objective was to show Legacy just how garbage they actually are. Everytime we hit them they would lose opts, The zammy staff members would have to go all the way to mage bank to return. We completely owned Sunday and proved once again why were are the current Kings of P2P. We asked Legacy for a fight, They were too afraid to defend so we decided to defend CA. We waited for them to rush and within 20 seconds of them rushing us the fight was over. We wrapped around them from the north and the south and started to destroy their members. We had a 20 kill lead within a minute. We continued east of CA on them, While they tried to regroup. We focused east and completely cleared them, We looted up and banked. We stayed right beside that shit excuse of a clan Legacy again, They went to defend FOG trying to bait us with FOE. We were not phased, We rushed Legacy and completely started to steamroll their north side. Eventually we started pushing south and found Critical Damage we turned around on them and started wrapping and aggressively killing them. Final Ownage Elites decided to rush from the south and got swatted out within seconds. We completely demolished FOE so hard, We eventually cleared every clan there and looted and went to bank. We knew Legacy and Intense Redemption were holding hands so we knew we had to clear LY in .5. We rushed them at FOG once again and within I swear another minute we had a 30 opt lead. We were heavy on the north side and once we completely cleared LY, Intense Redemption rushed we started smoking them north. We received word that LY was re rushing so we quickly cleared up IR and teleported to the bank. We heard Intense Redemption was at CA defending. We rushed them from the west and with a hard north side we started wrapping south and forcing them on the CA teleport. Eventually every clan came. We steamrolled through Critical Damage and Legacy when they both came to hit we turned around on them. We caught 20 randoms in a huge gwas and kill messages started popping up all over. We went east and cleared the rest of IR before FOE rushed we went to bank. We defended CA and waited for Legacy to hit us, We sat in multi for 5 minutes. Eventually LY rushed and got completely caught in the biggest clumps. We wrapped around them and sent them back to Edgeville for their 5th regroup of the day. We found the brainless idiots at Boneyard trying to avoid us, We rushed them from the east and caught them in a 15 man clump on their rush. We all just started laughing on teamspeak. There was no reason to call, they got completely steamrolled the entire time. We just cleared them up and smoked them. Looted our looties. @Jack @Native @Jaya