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Found 1380 results

  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Tuesday, July 14th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 66 Elites for a scheduled PKRI vs Apex. The fight started west of GDZ hut, we logged in on top of Apex and began speccing them out. A few minutes later Rage teled up (only managing to pull 20) and we immediately began to focus them. Tens of minutes went on of us farming Rage and they began to call other clans to aid them. This eventually turned into FOE vs 5 different clans in 1 cc with 90+ people. We farmed them for about an hour before they were completely wiped off the map with only 35~ remaining in "Pablo" cc. Bring more clans next time if you even want a shot at beating us. ~Brian ~Cardi
  2. Victim List (many fo members gave up very quickly, one member "pulsate" peaked for his clan at 16 hours, only to fall asleep after losing his crystal bow), shoutout to "no ask" for losing 3 +1s in an hour. Faking ending pics (their last attempt at trying to end). They even ran away leaving me with HP. As you can see by runelite's own timestamps, I respond within the same minute of their end spam. Very awkward. Multiple other *ending* attempts (they would run south west and return 5-10mins later, lol...) Spamming their FC in a hope to get them to return, which they refuse πŸ˜• I'd post more, but I think this level 50 fo member~ or whatever they had come sums it up best as he logs out. Delusional danny material right there. Says "we win" as he gives up. Very easy πŸ˜› Was easy btw, fo let me know if you want the clip of you running SW to log out while I'm stood at gdz, which of course happened more than once.
  3. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC Today we set foot into the wilderness with ~45 men, later peaking at 51. Since our rivals pulled ~40, we were expecting some nice 1v1s in multi. Unfortunately, Astro never got the courage to step into multi. Instead, they opted to sit at ditch for the entire duration of their trip, only to end end after two hours of relentless cyber bullying by Father Terror. Give us action in multi or we will ensure you a one way pass to the shadow realm. ~Vinny Ultimate Ownage
  4. Many clans thought this project was not going to work, lots of talk about a 3 way merge being impossible. Today, we proved everyone wrong. We massed up 100+ Shooters for our Opening P2P Trip today. Peaking nearly 115 during the trip, we arrived on the scene with the will to win After seeing all other clans waiting for us to make a move, we decided to start our trip with a bang by heading to GDZ to fight Zenith 100v100+. We set up east, rushed them west of GDZ, held our ground with both clans not dropping below 50 capes on counter. BP attempted to crash the fight, but were promptly met by 200 angry pures not happy about our action getting crashed. After a few other clans showed up, we decided to hit a regroup and hit a different fight! We heard Onslaught was fighting Rage at GDZ, so we quickly logged in ontop of them, wiping them from the map. We then proceeded to fight Rage and FOE southwest of GDZ, before Zenith came in and turned it into a 4+ way cluster. The fight ended up going all the way over towards Spider hill, then over to rune rocks. Fight went on for a very long time, and we held our ground the majority of the fight, controlling the west side of the fight. The fight was getting very messy and cramped, so we decided to take our leave! We found Zenith at Bone Yard ready to rush Legacy, so we wanted to pull up for some action as we saw BP coming from the south. We chased BP down all the way to corp entrance before they disappeared from the map, and we proceeded to fight Apex towards CA. Spotting Zenith at CA, we began scrapping for a while south of 18 ports. Eventually, other clans including Rage, FI, BP, Foe and Apex began showing up, pushing the fight towards Ghost hut, Pond, and even towards Sperm. We held our ground at Sperm, before we got rushed from behind and strategically tele'd out! We tried to get a quick re-hit off of the tail end of the cluster, and logged in at Sperm as Foe were logging in to hit. We fought them for a bit (up opts), but ended up getting rushed by Legacy from behind. We caught a tele instead of being sandwiched, and got a nice regroup. During the last few minuted of the trip, we teled CA with 80+ opts to try to find a clan doing something silly! We got logged in on by 30 SF members, which were QUICKLY dispatched in record time. GF's to all clans involved! Thanks to all those that gave us a warm welcome~ We are here to stay. Official POV: Malo POV: xxx
  5. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC Today we set foot into the wilderness with ~40 men, later peaking at 48. We had several 1v1s all of which were won with steez and ease. Although our primary motive was to kill Astro, we ended up fighting every clan -- fought a matched fight vs. Vendetta (we won), somewhat matched vs EF at Sperm (we won), and a matched fight vs. Astro (you guessed it, we won). It was nice not seeing any tanks today. Let us strive to keep the scene tank-free. ~Pinoyz Budget Ownager ~Vinny Ownage Terrormen Some banter
  6. On this fine Wednesday we massed up 20 Nauts later peaking at 25 Nauts. We had some fights vs atl and falcon then later went out to the wildy and terror massed up to hit us. We easily cleared em making them use excuses once again to bring tanks. @pkeru
  7. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC On this fine Wednesday afternoon, Terror set forth into the wilderness with ~20, later peaking at 31. We had three notable fights, all of which were convincingly won (despite being 1v2'd each and every time, watch vid for proof). In the last two fights, Blood Unit wore Astro capes in an attempt to topple us down. As if that were not enough the teaming party also used tanks, only to meet their demise. What Astro's Closest Ally Thinks About Them! ~Vinny Ownage Terrormen
  8. Zerg Unit's Perfect Saturday ft. Not a Single Lost Fight. Massive shoutout to both Terror and Astro who fought organised and clean 1v1s against us multiple times. Big love. Here's a rundown of events: Zerg Unit vs Exiled Forces Exiled Forces get cleared in ten seconds at Chaos Altar whilst Terror and Astro fight a big beef. Zerg Unit vs Terror Terror splits their pull in half, fights us in a clean 1v1 at 26 Hill. We win decisively, only losing a handful of people. We immediately hop to W394 where their 2nd squad was lying in wait, challenge them to another fight south of 26 Hill. Domination. Astro crashes the second fight, we move to sperm hill and tussle back and forth before banking. Zerg Unit vs Astro Astro offers us a 1v1 at Hills Hut. We quickly rebank and walk to the defending position. 29v29, we were in the ascendency before Exiled Forces crashed from the south. It was supposed to be team on crash, but fair enough, in the middle of battle it can be hard to keep a cool head. We turned around and batted EF away like the little shit flies they are. The fight restarted just north of Chaos Altar when we ran into Astro's regroup as we set about getting prayer. Pushed them west to Graveyard Singles. Zerg Unit vs Astro 2.0 Astro wanted another pure vs pure tussle (big love). We defended the big hill east of 18 ports as they rushed from the north. 26vs25. A neck and neck tussle that was, again, crashed by Exiled Forces (spotting a pattern here). That's when we turned on Exiled Forces and walked them three minimaps west into single, binding and killing their stragglers as they went. Good riddance. Next time fucking stay there and let us fight. Or fight us yourselves. The Ending It all ended when we happened upon Astro's small regroup in Chaos Altar. 26vs30. We were in the ascendency and pushed Astro west to Graveyard singles. Big respect to both Terror and Astro for these clean fights. Perfection. LISTEN FOR LEAKED AUDIO
  9. Discord: qVYH45 | 'Wolves Den' CC 06/28/20 | F2P Sunday: Today, Terror massed up ~70 pures in anticipation of clean pure action. Yesterday, Fs Blood gave Terror his word that astro would not bring tanks on their pk trip. They actually stuck to their word and provided relatively-clean pure action whilst down opts. Our PK trip consisted of several clusters centered around P13s, all of which we completely dominated. Thanks to all clans for the clean action. Media ~Pinoyz ~Vinny ~Pkr 4 S H 0
  10. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Another weekend of quality pking is in the books for the Vikings. We decided to take our talents all the around the wilderness from singles to multi. We baited massive clumps in the entrance and even found some very odd high altar protection team that couldn't wait to donate their coins to us. With very little competition out this weekend it made the wilderness almost seem dull at times. No matter as the Vikings took their talents to single-way combat to focus out whoever was unlucky enough to run across us. Even at the ever popular high altar we were unable to find any hint or sign of a rival clan. Maybe next time.... #VENGUP
  11. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC Today the Terror wolves embarked into the wilderness with 55 pure wolves, later peaking at ~65. After taking on a 3v1 yesterday (Astrology+ZergUnit+BugUnit) we knew that today would be more of the same -- that is that we were going to be teamed/focused on AGAIN. Nonetheless, we flipped the negative circumstances into positive, favorable ones and dominated in the only uncrashed 1v1 fight against Astro. It is quite apparent that the Anti-Terror alliance cannot do anything by themselves. Terror members, on the other hand, have patience and fortitude, something the alliance lacks. We will continue to exploit the Anti-Terror Alliance's deficiencies every weekend until the alliance is no more. For our first tussle, we gave Astrology the benefit of the doubt and initiated a matched 55v55 pure fight. Astronomics, despite being a few opts on us, called Zerg Unit, who literally positioned themselves south to focus Terror. The leadership of Terror decided a 3v1 would prove to be to difficult, especially with the amount of rune tanks astronomy was using. So, instead of rushing them, we decided to let them bring the fight to us in Falador PvP worlds. Rather than accepting our invitation to play in PvP world, the anti-Terror alliance sat around doing nothing for nearly ~60 minutes. Zerg Unit was sitting at fally square, waiting for Astronomics to do something; Bug Unit was continually suiciding into our clump; and Astrology was sitting at Chaos Altar with rags/tanks lobbied nearby. The Anti-Terror alliance continued to lose numbers, but Terror continued to gain opts on discord, eventually hitting 65 strong. Eventually Zerg Unit's patience grew thin to the point where they were willing to fight Astronomics down 20. The outcome? Zerg Unit was bodied by a wave of Astro tanks/pures and cleared within 90 seconds. Shortly after, we made our way back into the wilderness and defended for Astro at Hollow Tree, as going any higher in the wilderness meant dealing with Astrology's tanks. Astro's patience ran out and our second multi fight began. Within the first 90 seconds, Astro lost 40+ opts and scattered into the trees in route to CA, where their tanks and allies, ZU were lobbied. We took our glorious victory and left the wilderness, leaving Astro ranks and members alike, in fumes. We were hoping for a third fight, however Astro+BU+ZU went to clan wars lmfao. Better luck next weekend! ✞ Pinoyz [Bug Unit]Fudog on the beat ✞ ✞ Vinny 1080p 60FPS POV ✞ ✞ DREAMZ OWNAGE POV ✞
  12. Valor set off today with 38, later peaking 44. Had great action with Apex, Sup, Fi. @Jackal
  13. On this fine Saturday afternoon, Astro hq massed up a big 52 peaking at 61 ready to have some fun clean action. but again, Terrorshit aka terror decided to bring mains/tanks because of the last 3 weeks of getting dicked by us so it was no point in wasting our time any longer with this spastics. drop the kp tank and stop begging raid to help you. it wont help your members who are starving for pure action. After terror being bored in wildy and ending... lmfao we decided to have clean action vs ZU & EF thanks for the fights my dudes. cya sunday Imagine raid being so trash that their rank posting another clans vid in their members chat.... lmfao @Datassd0eyou are so trash...stop being terror dogs and actually learn to lead a clan
  14. Zerg Unit Cleanses the Wilderness. On a Saturday. Six days ago. Look, it all started because Exiled Forces pulled shit and Astro and Terror both pulled a fuck tonne. It got worse when the Astro-Terror beef decided into a full blown mainwar, so we did what any reasonable clan would do: banked our shit and stocked up on fucking main-cutting, splish-splashing, red magical bombs and purple-pokeball teleblocks. Then we walked around levels 4-11 wilderness (because you're all fucking cunts and won't fight in high wildy) sniping mains, slapping Exiled Forces whenever they'd rush us down 7, and generally having a great time. Thus, we hereby declare ourselves the Holy Cleansers of the pure scene. If you bring mains, we'll bring blasts. If you bring fifty mains, we'll bring even more blasts and have even more fun. It's a win-win for us really. Thanks to Exiled Forces for the fights. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/WqumDxd Idle in our CC: β€˜ZergUnit’ Get a team-32 cape.
  15. On This Fine Sunday, The Asstronauts Massed Up 40 Nauts later peaking at 45 Nauts to eat some Big Bad Wolf Ass even tho we down 20 we still have to start all the fights and hold our ground. Also, while round housing some kangaroos and some EF. Thanks for everyone that came out and gave us a lit ass trip. We had a long return fight vs Terror and tried to have some pkris vs zu. Also, why is Raid ranks still going to Terrors trips when Raid is open? @[email protected] @flower @pkeru
  16. Discord: qVYH45 | 'Wolves Den' CC On this great F2P Saturday, Terror massed up ~70 Wolves in preparation for a pk trip where asstro would be forced to actually mass up and fight us in the wilderness. For the first fifteen minutes of the trip, we waited west of CA with 70 pures while asstro sat inside of CA with 100+ on cape counter, and at least 40 being tanks/lpcs/raggers. We decided to give asstro an ultimatum, drop the tanks or we will have to take necessary measures to ensure that they understand how cancerous the use of tanks can be. They did not comply, and they were met with extreme retaliation. We quickly massed up 100+ on cape counter and rushed asstro inside of CA, dropping them from 100 to 13 on cape counter within about 30 seconds of the fight starting. After clearing asstro off the map, their ranks decided it would be best if they spend the rest of the trip in clan wars. To end our trip, we split into 2 teams of ~35 pures each and fought clean back-to-back 30v30s against Zerg Unit at 26 hill. Media ~Pinoyz ~Vinny ~Super Smoke Dear Asstro, Don't bring tanks tomorrow or your clan will die. The Best, Terror
  17. Today Exiled Force peaked at 23 Spartans To start the trip off , we set up two fights with Raid one at CA , another in PVP world at barbarian Village Both clean victories by Exiled Force Then we hit some clusters featuring Zerg Unit and Astro Thanks for the action Raid , Zerg Unit , Astro See you tomorrow!
  18. Irrelevant Outcasts (io) Recruiting all non-toxic pures! 6 months old, with 200+ members, daily rev/multi trips with 25-40 average daily pull in US timezone. We are here to find action, and have a good time, avoiding all the regular BS the pure scene offers. Weekly PVM events, and soon to be starting weekend p2p trips on sundays! *Currently looking for experienced members interested in rank or warlord positions* Information: Public cc: "io cc" Combats: ALL Combats welcome 1-25 def Timezones: Mainly US Timezone, and smaller groups in EU timezone. Rules: NO Racism, No flaming (unless otherwise provoked). How to join: PM Control#6787 on discord, with your SB username! We have scouts in most discords and do NOT allow multi clanners unless otherwise specified! Media:
  19. Today Terror marched into the wilderness with 18 elite warriors, later peaking at 20. We could have pulled more, but we capped our pull at 20 to ensure fun action between everyone. We PKed for nearly three hours before dismissing. Unfortunately, Astro could not muster up the courage to mass and fight us, so instead they opted to rag us with tanks, only to die repeatedly. Thanks for the free rune losers. Big thanks to EF & Raid for the great action. Keep it up! ~Dreamz
  20. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there. The Vikings decided to honor their fathers by taking their talents to the wilderness to plunder all the loot we could. We had some small man action throughout the weekend which we decided to kick off by hitting an Elite Sovereign mace trip. The silly lads decided to continue returning into certain death over and over(Even suiciding their mace bait to us three times in a row LOL). Eventually, learning their lesson, they decided to hide behind the login screen again... until another day. We continued to smoke the competition in the wilderness from finding a Resurgence small man at entrance to hitting our favorite vending machine (Ba Balue and friends) for their +1s. With the looting bags full, the Vikings decided to head off and spend some well earned family time. #VENGUP
  22. Discord: GxRMsvA | ClanChat: "Wolves Den" Today Terror embarked into the wilderness with 60+ wolves. Knowing that Astrology had mass trained up tanks and had all sorts of account builds, fighting at CA was out of the question. Instead we opted for a fight at lower wilderness (fog) and that is where our initial fight began. Off the cuff, Astrology rushed us with 120+ accounts, most of which were tanks. Despite the massive disparity, Terror managed to dwindle Astro numbers below ~70 within an hour. For the last 40-60 minutes, Astro would attempt to pull it north toward CA, leaving the fight on multiple occasions; however their strategy was futile and inevitably a failure at that. Instead of fighting us at fog, Astronomy sat at CA with similar numbers (and 50+ tanks) doing absolutely nothing. It is unfortunate that Astrophysics only lasted 1 round. We'll give you the beat down tomorrow as well, if you decide to come out! ~Pinoyz
  23. After our big prep win yesterday against Terrshit the boys were hyped to go out and do the same in the wildy. We massed up 70 Asstronauts later peaking at 100 Asstronauts to eat some Big Bad Wolf Ass. Was gonna mention welcome to the scene raid but for some reason we couldn't find you oh wait you were bending the knee in terrshits cape. Btw that's not gonna save you from closing @ Terror. For some reason IDK you guys like to stick at lvl 5 but thanks for giving us the 2-0 at fog was a lit af trip. Us Astronauts are still high from that trip we even landed on the moon. Oh I wonder what this is idk who's idea it was to mass up some terror mains in a F2P world but good job for that plug the leak. Once we saw this we knew they were trying to be cancer again. @pkeru
  24. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Sunday: Resurgence vs Vengeance | 1 Hour Single Spells Burthorpe PvP Battle Another week, another clean fight with our good buddies over at Vengeance HQ. This time we decided to set up a nice little single spells burthorpe fight to bring back some nostalgia from when Rev & Veng fought here for 2 hours a few years back. The fight started off tough for us being slightly outnumbered by 4-5, but we didn't even care. About 15mins into the scrap we gained a few more opts; making it matched in which we started getting a groove that we didn't look back from throughout the rest of the duration. We had solid freezes, solid DPS, good tanks for the most part (minus a few 1 bangs), and overall performed pretty well for our first single spells non-cwa fight in months. Overall it was raining +1's for both sides lmao and we had a blast fighting in the old location. While Turmoil was suiciding to SV; the Surgeons & Vikings had yet another clean fun (ONE HOUR) scrap as per usual. Thanks for the action Vikings; same time next week? πŸ˜‰
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