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Found 1215 results

  1. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc As per usual, Rage Massed up around 85 Pures to take on Supremacy, Legacy, and Imperial (Fake CD) mains combined. Although they attempted a fight, Legacy's 58 man pull combined with Supremacy's 62 weren't quite up to par. With Imperial mains in cape switches, however, they attempted a fight. Apparently, PMs weren't quite enough, as LY ranks sat muted in the Supremacy TS during the trip: The fights looked a little something like this: The pattern today was simple, We'd start fighting either LY or SUP, then the other would come to their aid, followed by Imperial mains in Supremacy capes. We were the last clan in multi at every single hit. Rage was the last Pure clan to leave the wilderness today, ending Supremacy, Legacy, and Imperial in under 2 hours before taking our still huge pull and doing 30v30 F2P inners for fun. We were down to go all night, Pures vs Mains, shame Anti-Rage couldn't take the heat. JAP Pictures of the fight below:
  2. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday, 12th, October; Outrage massed up for our weekly F2P Trip, peaking at around 42 members. Trip today was extremely action packed with a bunch of 1v1 tussles with Fi and some clusters. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage Ending: 37 Fatality Starting: 41 Fatality Ending: 20? Resistance Starting: 46 Resistance Ending: 20? The first fight of the day was set up against Fatality, they rushed us from the south and had a back and fourth fight until Resistance crashed and got owned were we easily 2 vs 1 and eventually took the W as both clans ran into singles and logged out. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage ending: 33 Fatality Starting: 42 Fatality Ending: 29 The second fight of the day took place on corp hill with FI rushing us again. We had a great fight going back and fourth with FI until we started taking them down, Legacy then decided to crash the fight with about 15 tanks which resulted in both clans moving into singles. Outrage Starting: 39 Outrage Ending: 37 Fatality Starting: 43 Fatality Ending: With about 30ish on the telespot whilst we pushed RS into singles Resistance Starting: 45 Resistance Ending: 20? LOL We set up another fight at west bandits against FI and fought back and fourth for a few minutes before once against Resistance tried to crash the fight where we quickly took control over resistance and bringing them down to 25 in game before they went to single. Outrage Starting: 40 Outrage Ending: 30 Fatality Starting: 45 Fatality Ending: ? Resistance Starting: 46 Resistance Ending: 20? We once again set up a fight at bandits with Fatality, We went back and fourth going up and downs opts for several minutes before we started taking control and bringing their numbers down. Resistance then crashed from the west with Supremacy crashing from the east, we quickly ran far west into singles and began dropping their guys left behind in multi, after an attempt in fighting us in singles failed miserably, they then ran far north and eventually went into multi, we followed through and began to pound on them, after a clan crashed Resistance found themselves down opts and left as they couldn't handle another humiliating defeat. For the last hit of the day we decided to give resistance exactly what they wanted and rushed them mid fight. They immediately ran from us into single and logged out before they would have went from 45 to 0 in game.
  3. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Ah yes. Today, the 12th of October in the wonderful year of 2019, Supremacy took the 1v2 championship belt thanks to the dedication of our 70 tigers. We spent a majority of our day chasing around Rage. And everytime they mustered the courage to fight us they decided to call on their dear friends FOC! Unluckily for them though, they were unable to keep up with our superb quality and calling. Good luck to the alliance tommorow! Not sure how much longer Rage can keep up this front, so be sure to show up before they close! Special shoutout to our boy Lost Tapes for achieving 99 magic as well! Another professional magician added to our clan! @+SIKKOH Noel's POV
  4. Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s Site: https://ub-rs.com/community Saturday, 12th of October, Unbreakable massed up 33 apes for an action packed trip. While clans were being camped by mains and 70 pulling clans were crashing 40 pulling clans, it allowed us to most most definitely have the best trip today. Our trip started with 2 fights with Apex, which we owned them in both fights, obviously. Rest of the trip consisted of clusters that we enjoyed being apart of. VIDEOS Braden pov Dean pov PICTURES
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, 12th October: Final Ownage Elite massed up 55 elites later ending at 60. We were informed that Anti-FOE were prepping hard to crash us today but we were more than prepared to fight back harder. We just came off of 2 big event wins earlier in the week and the plan was to keep the wins rolling so we did just that. Everyone was on the same page that we were ready to fight for hours no matter the odds against us but we were incredibly disappointed to see that Anti-FOE were not about that. We enjoyed our hits against our fellow pure clans and cleared up multiple clusters and ended as the last clan out. Unfortunately, Anti-FOE realized they were in no position to compete with us so they took their losses and ended before giving us a real good fight. Incredibly easy day for FOE. You won't fucking break us pussies. ~Isaak ~Swip We started a fight with Legacy around 13s and baited Anti-Foe into logging in. Legacy left shortly after so we moved the fight to CA where we would fully clear Anti-Foe off the map. They killed under 3 people before they logged out to get a regroup. For our second clash of the day, we rushed Supremacy down 10 at 13 ports. Despite being down 10, the fight remained pretty even till others crashed. Our rush created a cluster with multiple other clans. We maneuvered ourselves around the map while being hit by Anti-FOE but it didn't matter. We were able to fully clear every clan to single and it left us alone vs Anti-FOE east of 13s. They rushed with over 60 MAINS in game but left shortly after realizing they fucked up. Hit some baby clans at bandits and ended their fight in .5
  6. Saturday Rolled around and we massed up 40 Green Men, Later Peaking a 45 Pure Elites for our F2P Saturday Showdown featuring the majority of the clans out today. We had several fights against Outrage and Unbreakable and also today showcased us bullying Resistance. We caught them trying to pipe up against the mighty green machine and sent a clear message whom not to fuck with, Catch us tomorrow you freaks are dead. Thanks everyone all 45+ Who came for this sick F2P Saturday.  We Setup a fight against Resistance at Bandits, We defended and they rushed. Within seconds we took the upper hand and from there we never looked back. We kept pushing them around until Outrage and Legacy showed up to crash, We continued fighting for some time before pulling away and heading to the bank after destroying RS. A little birdie informed us here that Resistance leadership was talking smack to the green giant. We knew this wasn't allowed. We setup a fight with Outrage and they defended at Bandits, We rushed them and quickly got on top of them. We started going back and forth with kills and held our ground for several minutes fighting uninterrupted. We heard Resistance was coming to crash after getting derailed. We quickly turned on them once they logged in and forced them to go sprawling around the wilderness gasping for air as we drained the life out of their limbless bodies. We continued sending several unauthorized imports to the Lumbridge respawn. We had several more fights with Outrage, All seeing Resistance and Unbreakable show up. Each and every time it ended up the same way, We would focus RS while, Outrage took care of UB. This happened in every occasion. Outrage easily ran Unbreakable all over the wilderness, While we completely mopped the floor with Resistance, Within seconds of crashing. Unbreakable was forced to take on both clans as Resistance was smoked, Their audio completely silent as they tired to scramble around the wilderness. We cleared them up every time and mutually agreed to bank with Outrage. Thanks for the fights. Resistance decided to spam "FI Sucks" at us like the 12 year old little girls they are. We decided we were going to teach these faggots a lesson. We got our last fight against them and all 42 Fatality Members were completely pumped. We rushed them at bandits and completely caught them off guard. We stuck to them like honey on bee's and sent them scattering around the Bandit wilderness looking like the Varrock Sewer Rats they are. We walked these demoralized faggots down and caught a couple spams at them, Wishing them the best of luck tomorrow. They will need it ;). We ended our trip shortly after that, We had a 300M Drop Party. Thanks @Single Strip @Jackal 
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After a week of just recruiting and training, 33 Legacy Spartans were eager to come back and annihilate Rev Caves during the GMT time zone. We had heard that Rage had done sign ups, and mass messaged all there members on Discord in an attempt to compete with us at Rev Caves. Unfortunately for them, they got absolutely slaughtered 3 times, and resorted to using NH tactics against us. Stay the fuck out of our caves Rage. Legacy Spartan of the day goes to @David for literally shitting on Rage Shout out to @XMD for smiting a Rage Retard for AGS
  8. Say something, say anything. I got shivers this teamspeak was so fucking awkward lmao. For anyone that doesn't know, Rage has conditioned Supremacy into speaking as little as possible during PK trips to avoid an embarrassing audio leak which they've accepted as inevitable. Which leads to this: Hope you have a new strategy by next Saturday.
  9. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Part 1 - Early PK With the whole Rev/FOE beef going down with FOE being ROT suckups, Rev/AF vs FOE/ROT/TS went down on med/pures mid afternoon. While this was going on, we heard that SV was sweeping inside of the caves. We decided to pay them a visit and force ROT to choose who to aid. VR/JaJa/Cards decided to log in on SV/1750s who had 60 people. Fight went on for about 10 minutes with VR/JaJa/Cards completely destroying SV/1750s, turning their 60 people into 20 ingame really quick, farming them much like last Tuesday. After 10-15 minutes, ROT/TS were forced to leave FOE alone and help SV/1750s. We fought for 5 minutes, while Rev/AF completely cleared and ended FOE who were stuck all alone and then took a bank. At this point, SV/ROT/TS/1750s were all together in the caves with nothing to do. We waited it out and sure enough, ROT/TS vs SV/1750s was set up and moved to Membersgate. We came up in 1 item to mess around with the fight but made it unmand as we just let SV/1750s suicide to ROT for their whole fight, watching as it was all purple in edgeville as SV were completely fucked once again. Part 2 - Late prep Earlier in the week we set up a capped fight vs NL and massed as the time came. Going into the fight, we were told NL only had 26 on Teamspeak while VR was sitting with 40. We were willing to cap our numbers and officials were ready to sit, but NL refused to fight south of 30 and with NL ratting our last fight out to ROT when they were losing, we weren't looking to fight them somewhere we were just being set up to be crashed. We gave them the option to either cut and fight or we'd just go to caves and run into each other anyways. They declined and tried their luck. VR took our 40 man pull to caves where we started hopping around looking for teams. After a few worlds, we logged into 3 ROT members, killing them quickly before the main group logged in and we dipped out and came back up looking for some more action. We hopped into Cards, SR and another ballista team 3 times each, barraging them out in clumps and clearing them fairly quickly. Eventually we ran into NL and fought them for ~2 minutes before ROT came into the fight to crash (as expected). We dipped south and let NL take the hit and headed back up once again for a sweep. We hopped around some more, clearing SR, 1750s and few other small man teams before Cards went to properly get gear and came down to give us a fight. At this point we were down to ~30 to Cards's 20-25. After a short 5 minutes fight, Cards was cleared and we continued hopping around. Again, Cards geared up properly, this time with a few more numbers and we fought for ~30 minutes clean in the middle of Revs. Kept Cards around the 30 line for the majority of the fight as we held to the north and middle of the south cave of revs while we caught each other in barrage clumps and picked people off. Eventually Cards would rush north and hold a main pile for a bit, but once people were sniped, they'd be back holding the 30 line once again. After 30 minutes of fighting, VR took our ending and said our good fights in edge to AS. Thanks for the action! Pics:
  10. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After a huge F2P trip and great turn outs all last month in P2P Legacy was more then ready for today and it was nothing short of action packed. We started massing by having a return fight with Rage which we cleared them at Corp in a clean 1v1 we also managed to get many other clears on Rage through our 2 hour+ P2P adventure. We left Edge with 80 later peaking at 85 Spartans ready with Barrage and Chins for a P2P trip that was nothing short of easy we killed just about ever clan and were the last to end. US and Rage's Ending Picture. Maaku "Legend 0F Legacy" Rev Clears on Rage during Mass
  11. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Kicking off October, Outrage set out with a peak of 45 for some glorious F2P owning and, while our pull was surprisingly lower than usual it turned out that almost every clan also pulled low, which meant a lot of variety in our fights but all ultimately ending with Outrage being the last clan standing. Great job to all who showed up today 🙂. @ ^Lee @ ^Jare @ ~Adam @Bday Started off by jumping into a fight between Apex/Unbreakable - both clans ran from us. Set up a fight against Fatality, we were up a few opts from the beginning but they put up a good fight. Ty for the battle. Outrage Starting/Ending: 40/33 Fatality Starting/Ending: 38/0 Set up another fight against Fatality, as both Resistance and Unbreakable were nearby we decided to arrange the mutual truce upon crash, where Outrage chased Unbreakable and later Apex from the fight while Fatality fought Resistance. Arranged a fight against Resistance, rushed them and owned. Good fight fellas. Outrage Starting/Ending: 43/41 Resistance Starting/Ending: 39/0 Jumped into the middle of Fatality/Apex fight, they attempted to team on crash but ultimately decided to leave multi. Legacy logged in next to us while we were standing in multi and ran to single when we hit them. By this point, most clans were ending and we far outnumbed those still out, so we figured we'd AC Fatality/Unbreakable fight just in case any other clans tried to join in but unfortunately none did. Great action for F2P Saturday, let's get ready for tomorrow BOYS!
  12. We heard Rage massed to hit us so we decided to mobilize more than 37 spartan peaking at 40 the number of warriors for a fight that lasted more 15 minutes. On the other hand, CD decided to rush in with their mains but were quickly cleared.
  13. Irrelevant Outcasts (io) Recruiting all non-toxic pures! 2 months old, and already with 150+ members, daily rev/multi trips with 15-30 average daily pull in US timezone. We are here to find action, and have a good time, avoiding all the regular BS the pure scene offers. Weekly PVM events, and soon to be starting weekend p2p trips on sundays! *Currently looking for experienced members interested in rank or warlord positions* Information: Public cc: "io cc" Combats: ALL Combats welcome 1-20 def Timezones: Mainly US Timezone, and smaller groups in EU timezone. Rules: NO Racism, No flaming (unless otherwise provoked). How to join: PM Control#6787 on discord, with your SB username! We have scouts in most discords and do NOT allow multi clanners unless otherwise specified! First video:
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After dominating Rev Caves earlier in the day, it was time for our Americans to take over there shift in dominating our caves. Went out for 4-5 hours straight and dominated every single clan that dared enter our caves. Video Speaks for Itself.
  15. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We heard that Rage and Blunt Pures were out in our caves. One mass highlight later, we pulled 40 hungry Spartans ready to reclaim our caves. After clearing and bullying Rage out of caves, we decided to call it a trip. Thanks for the fights Rage & BP for keeping it clean and respectful!
  16. Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s Site: https://ub-rs.com/community THX BRADEN FOR NOT POSTING ON SB Unbreakable set out today with 40 big fucking apes ready to own in P2P. We had multiple CLEAN fights with BP and gwassed many clans today. Yet again, thanks to BP for the fights and good job to those who turned up to own today. VIDEOS Braden POV Bryan POV Brap POV PICTURES
  17. Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s Site: https://ub-rs.com/community Unbreakable set out today with 35 big fucking with lots of action to be had. Clusters with Apex and Resistance and a long winded return fight with Fatality it's safe to say that the future is looking bright for the big UB clan. Thank to all who came and the clans providing action. This is just the beginning. VIDEOS Braden POV Bryan POV PICTURES
  18. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this fine Saturday afternoon Legacy went out with 58 Spartans and absolutely annihilated anything we saw in our path. We had a few tussles with Resistance, Fatality,Rage and Apex. Also got a bunch of free rune! Thanks to all the clans that gave us action and thanks to every Legacy member that showed up today in F2P Gl everyone on P2P Sunday. Join Legacy to bully your old clan! Maaku
  19. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube After our big minis today we decided to head out for some revs. We faced little resistance for the first bit but the last half we ran into a good amount of teams. GJ gamers. ~random pics of loot tabs
  20. Heard Rage/LY was out, got a quick '18 jokers, gwased them both same invent, fully cleared them got tele; they ended.
  21. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Went out with 10 or so gamers after our victories in clan wars and got a fuckload of loot. Good shit gamers!!!
  22. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Peaked 37. Smoked Shitters. Keep Piping - We will kill your clan Ty for Ags Morons:
  23. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Kids Tried to Pipe up in Pm. Got Killed. Resistance Quality Shown Above, Getting KO'd by a Rev Knight
  24. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Another typical sunday for vengeance. We started the day with a 30v30 matched ops fight Vs The rising. We were bit rusty at first but after 5minutes we started getting back into it and taking control. However 15minutes in we got rushed by SV + RoT. Of course this led to the usual sunday main clusterfuck. But The Vikings jumped worlds and finished our fights were from our side felt like we controlled the fight pretty well. Good Fight to TR and thanks for the clean action. After our fight we decided to go clean out some caves for some cash. We took our Eleven thousand three hundred and fifty two vikings to Rev Caves and cleaned up. Collecting 2 AGS(s), couple blowpipes, mace, rings and usual collection of mystic looties. No sign of our old rival Res or our new rival Avalon. Guess they don't pk on sunday. Keep fighting for the #2 spot boys. Enjoy.
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