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  1. Just pked max in my public clan chat lol.
  2. The bears set out for some deep wilderness action. The bears spotted and slaughtered a whale for max. After banking their loot, they set out to other parts of deep wilderness, and had run-ins with teams at lava dragons, boneyard, and high altar. With the rev caves closed, there's been a rebirth of activity in deep wildy, hopefully more clans (especially lpc) take advantage of this!
  3. kinda like k2p booking it west and all 4 of ur guys getting perfected?
  4. The Team-9 boys decided to host an unofficial pk trip, starting at 20 and later peaking at 30. We started our wilderness tour at lava dragons, where we encountered and cleared numerous teams. We moved our trip over to 50-ports, and after running into another few decently sized main teams, we ran into Swarm. We were closely matched in opps and quickly took control of the fight, clearing the map of white dots and chasing a few stragglers to New Gate before finishing them off. We later scouted Swarm back at GDZ. A few brave bears ran in early, dragging the entirety of Swarm close to lava dragon gate. We once again quickly took control of the fight and transitioned on each member of Swarm that was on the map. We'd love to see more clans active in deep wildy. Thanks for the action!
  5. it doesn't... we can only hope more clans go out on mid weeks!
  6. The boys in team-9 decided to do some late night deep wildy pking, starting with 8 and later peaking at 20. There isn't much to say other than the fact that we smoked every clan we ran into, had a good run in with other known lpcs such as legacy, and walked away with absolute bank loot. We'd love to see other clans be more active in the wilderness... Another easy and clean trip for Rage.
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