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  1. Yes it's true, AAO closing did infact cause the pure scene to die.

    1. Yaz
    2. wuu2


      All aao ever accomplished was losing to envy in a rivalry. Other than that its like u guys never even existed L00L

  2. Proccy

    Detrimental scheduling fights.

    grats on outpulling supremacy!
  3. lmfao look at u angry dogs, id be upset too if i spent my saturday holding down the S key while watching other clans play osrs LOOOOL no action for supremacy
  4. So SUP pulled more at a clanwars jail viewing party than they did to their official P2P Sunday?

    1. Unbiased Observer
    2. Maethros


      l0000l, there was no risk of losing so their members crawled out into the clanwars

  5. grats on pulling 30 and competing for last place lmfao
  6. All that talk yesterday from SUP at the fullout becomes very awkward when they compete with BP in p2p lmfao

    1. roflcats


      supremacy got 3 clean 1v1 victories with no crash l00l


      aao is still dead loser l00l

    2. Proccy


      Grats on your low opt action! Keep hiding hhahahaha 

    3. Mustafa


      ironic because u were actually figthing bp for the whole trip l000l

  7. Sup massed their whole clan to spam sssssss in the clan wars jail LOL

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alcher


      lmao aao is proud for competing with envy

    3. roflcats


      l000l you didn't get close to 135 pures and if you did you were still competing for last place like your entire existence 

    4. Maethros


      lmfao bark for me little mutts, im going to bet tonight will be miserable for supremacy, and I do hope you show up at the big lads fights cuz its more loots for me lmao

  8. Props to Apex on the win, was a lot of fun. Special shoutout Foepremacy for spending their saturday watching other clans play osrs rather than fighting in an empty wilderness!!

    1. pigfarmer250 :P

      pigfarmer250 :P

      ha ha ha ha fom kids are so heated rn… no action for main Clans HAHAHAH

    2. holydreams


      What’s wrong with u proccy lmao. Told u multiple times there was no point to mass


      stop trying to bait kids LUL

  9. Reminder that AAO reduced SUP to pulling 20 on weekends until Px closed into them lmfao

    1. ChrisVision
    2. roflcats


      aao has always been the absolute worst clan l00l 

      know your place dog

    3. Maethros


      Supremacy was the clan that every other clan on scene gave a drive-by slap when they were bored and had nothing to do. The servant mentality has stuck around after all this

  10. unknown.png

    mains are the only thing keeping sup afloat lmfao reply if angry supremacy dog

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. Spiral


      @Proccyi closed ur clan

    3. Proccy


      looks like i reeled half of supremacy in 1 status, typical low iq dogs cant see obvious bait when its right there LOL

    4. Maethros


      the bait was too good to not take it lmfao, they are so upset their pures got smacked so had to bring mains again

  11. Stay easy Supremacy 

    1. roflcats


      you ended with 18 ingame in level 2 wilderness when we walked away l000l


      your clan is fucking trash, enjoy losing next weekend l00l

    2. Mustafa


      yeh bro maybe the next clan u join can beat us

    3. Berto


      stay cleared IR ❤️ MUCHO LUVO

  12. Proccy

    Someone accept

    no1s gonna do 8.30 gmt start