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  1. 9e88ecebbf16f2199864e8ac7b6e6286.gif

    Yeah we gwassed fi AGAIN lol

  2. Final Ownage Elite, the greatest pure clan to ever grace this game, a peak so high, that no clan could ever come close to achieving.

    Good luck to everyone today.

  3. on top of guy below me rn

  4. Looks like fi are getting outsmarted at every step, with huge intelligence wins both from FOE and Z, resulting in many many emotional sharkbrew topics in response from fi!

    Jamz couldn't save you, and neither will your emotions!

    1. Killer Kamal

      Killer Kamal

      Zenith put fo in a slump earlier 

  5. Only @Danny Phantomcould step away from the 'public eye' for his mental health, only to immediately get baited into writing 2 more topics by his rivals 😂 

    Think about your mental health!

  6. Get him help! #Pray4Jamz

  7. It has become clear once again that Jamz, ex fi (lowercase) Warlord, has broken. His irrefutable mistake in trying to take me on in a game of trolls has inevitably led to the implosion of his mental state, and urgent decision to step back from his position in fi (lowercase) in order to save himself. This topic explains more... This then leaves the question; How long will fi (lowercase) last now? With the common knowledge that fi has ZERO leadership figures besides Jamz, it seems the rapid downfall of fi (lowercase) is imminent! Personally, I predict that by December 1st, fi (lowercase) will once again be in their rightful place, pulling 30 and being the DUNCE clan of the community.
  8. Mad how FOE has decided to kill fi and suddenly we're #1 for 2 weekends straight 😂 

    I'd love to say it was tough taking the belt from fi, but realistically it was like taking candy from a baby!

    Hopefully next weekend fi actually fights back 😆

  9. damn even being up 20 wasnt enough for fi l0l
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