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  1. 2c30ceb6e46931ad6123ca56c7a14451.png

                    NONCE ALERT

  2. lmfao it was that easy to break you, you disgusting nonce bastard
  3. gl malo, hope it goes well for u and ur boys
  4. dumb as fuck flame, never necessary to do that honestly
  5. In case of an investigation by FBI, I do not have any involvement with zenith or the people in it, I do not know how I am here, probably added by a third party, I do not support any actions by the member of this group.

    1. Zalmon


      Spamming SB won't save your dead clan lmao

    2. barcode leader
  6. It is widespread information that Zenith harbours notorious pedophiles within their community, even promoting them to high rank positions within their clan (you know who!) Today, new information has come to light. @Tufan, notorious for his involvement in multiple disappearances of children within the Afghan community, unwittingly exposes his illegal actions to the pure community! source: @LongShlong I think this leaves the obvious questions Should @slushpuppyallow Zenith to carry on using Sharkbrew (site/discord/ts) while they allow criminal activities within their clan? Should @Tufanbe exiled from the community for spreading his draconian and dangerous ideologies? UPDATES SINCE TOPIC POSTED
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