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  1. 90b02dd87de73bd1e1503acc9899cb1d.png

    Reminder that CD's p2p pic dump topic was up for 5 hours with 0 replies before they deleted the topic out of embarrassment LOOOOOL

    1. DilL


      ngl good banter l0l

  2. My man @Yazliving in @TBR's head LOOOOL cd dead as fuck btw yes

  3. 90b02dd87de73bd1e1503acc9899cb1d.png

    cmon CD ur trip ended 2 hours ago, some1 please post a pic LOOOOL

  4. Proccy

    cwa Legacy Vs Resistance F2P Prep 3-0

    f2p kings no one can beat us
  5. :Team-27_cape:

    1. Pun


      Looks like iv wins again

  6. Proccy

    Make P2p Sundays Fun Again.

    wont happen
  7. yes its true, Zeke really did threaten out of game action over a picture of ksi's little brother lmfao
  8. The fact that these weird ugly virgin fucks think they have any chance versus CD is mind boggling

    Just listening to how these kids sound makes me wanna neck it especially that cookiez kid holy fuck 

  9. CD actually thought lmfao

    KYP dogs

  10. 00a7fe8c4e46dcf6bf064ac7930e07b3.png

    @Dillon Howlettcmon man you're losing ranks daily, focus on improving your own clan LOL

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    2. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      also you should check again for an updated header btw 

    3. Fat Scott

      Fat Scott

      Cd 11 yr clan losing to a 6 month doom/aao/cp remake LMFAO

    4. Dillon Howlett

      Dillon Howlett

      Pretty sure i killed all those clans you mentioned

      Your leader looks like a potato btw

  11. Proccy

    announcement Happy 4th July to all Americans!

  12. Proccy

    EnVy | 50-65 CB | Rise Mother EV

    come lpc lmfao id fucking murder your clan for the 6th time LOL
  13. Halal

    dont know why legacy kids stick around after constantly getting bodied lol. 
    Be active this week to put into action our keep legashit out of the Wildy project  
    1. Lionel


      Now thats what i call a project