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  1. Could all of you dumb cucks stfu about rot and anti rot lmfao go fight on yourself pussy dont try to get clans camped so others can help you cringe ass topic grow up holy shit
  2. So this is what pure clanning has came to lol, as good as every pure clan being a beta bitch and main clans taking over control. Im glad i left this shit scene right on time, imagine listening to some fat virgin fucks in rot and whatever main clan dictating how you play this game. Arent we all like 20+ years old? This is getting ridiculous😄
  3. Damn is this real how far has this gone lol FI Jamz- Full family dox including personal information/sisters location/address/FB
  4. Didnt know he died, we had loads of F2p 1v1’s, good guy and good pker. Laughing with irl stuff like a man’s death is disgusting but nothing new in this community
  5. Its The tufan who escaped syria on a boat ready to rape western women and minors
  6. Belgium allows 14? Sucked your info out of a childs butthole? cringe pedo emos
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