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  1. Keep ass licking doggy OT: rage is 1/8th as old as sup you were avoiding at peak while bending over for Critical Damage
  2. Bro I don’t lick buttholes I be scraping their intestines with my sword tongue don’t be ashamed about it
  3. Yes rather this than EU vs USA Pure scene now is nothing compared to back then
  4. Tf is this shit rather play rs3 while sucking my own dick
  5. Fyi cwa has been in pure clanning since start
  6. [cl]umpa Did rage change clan name or are you asslicking your daddy
  7. Just move main @rage youre making a fool of yourself you won’t ever be like EOP/FS/FOE/CD.. those times are long gone.. Had their own mains, didn’t need to pay for South American refugees or lick a random main team ass Funny part is y’all acting hard as fuck while you just been on the sidelines for years competing with shit masser clans
  8. Fi got cleared your snipe team is no match for sup Better luck next time ty for claws btw
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