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  1. About to get kicked back to cb 60 or coming in with the closing topic with some bs excuse
  2. Seems like Barack was still president in January considering sup had to sit 50 to 30
  3. Stop taking this shit so serious bro lmao grow up
  4. Why u saying gj aren’t you that weirdo kid that kept talking trash about sup all year long saying you’ll close us and aren’t you a terror member as well lol or did you hop clans for the 500th time looks like we still open and you left your clan when they need you the most like a cowardly gloryhunting rat
  5. Supremacy is just way too experienced for terror they should’ve gotten into a rivalry with a more matching clan like xL or sf
  6. Word on the street is terror is on the verge of closure because of supremacy (very experienced legacy clan vs new xlpc edgeville team what did you expect - it’s like Nate Diaz vs a 12 year old kid who just started mma) They also offered 5b for off but 3at told them off is nfs go eat a dogs anus amateurs we don’t take no shit pussies, we don’t even want your refugee members when yall close
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