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  1. No one gives a fuck about someones opinion who lost to Jordai while using 100+ Venezuelans. Ur clan is ass lmfao
  2. Fi has given up on trying to take #1 wildy clan from Zenith. Instead they're going for #1 propaganda posting clan on a RuneScape fan site. Gz Z

  3. Ok sure pussy. I'll come up in Fi cape on my main and it's auto forfeit Z wins. Sounds legit m8 This is why you were nothing in IR. Brain the size of a peanut. Zo was right
  4. Nah it wouldnt. Now get back to Sony Vegas and make me another dog medicine remake video with the joker and shit you fucking loser lmfao
  5. Rent free in Fi's heads. Fi makes more topics about Zenith than Zenith makes about Zenith.
  6. What's their excuse saying CA is too low every week and they can't hit our low level pures, and then they go even lower wild? Were you dropped on your head as a child? Is English ur second language? Did you perhaps ride a short bus to school? Do you wear a helmet 24/7?
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