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  1. I've been away since late January besides maybe 3 sundays and shitposting on sharkbrew lol. Heading into the summer hopefully things pick up and change but idk man I'm actually ruining my pure soon too. I have a new one in the works. I have no ambition to rush maxing it considering how things are. Zero motivation
  2. Fine if this supposed to be serious discussion then ye I agree I blame Jizzle. Rage was the only one having problems with main clans crashing and it wasn't a problem for anyother clan unless they gave rage action Now the whole pure scene is involved, a large chunk of the main scene is involved, half the population of Venezuela is involved, no one will fight each other and pulls are on a downward trend for the entire scene. Nice
  3. probably rage since OG got closed by zenith I like this sig @FLOWERbut I'm commissioning my own zenith closed OG sig I'll make sure to use this for inspiration
  4. Ye I watched it's clips from moparscape Can't believe you went through the effort to fake that
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