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  1. can only be ur own members, u will struggle with invites
  2. mod ash maserwell hand the trophy over now
  3. Massed up 20 big dick gorillas for a fun F2P event vs Venom, Took the 3-0 GF VENOM
  5. Set up a big mini vs Venom. Pulled up with 18 gorillas and took the 2-1. Thanks for the action boys
  6. Everything you have typed is completely irrelevant to what i have said. You are trying to justify your ranks for poorly organising it from your side.
  7. @Dizzyin any of them posts onslaught did not say they would not fight u, we just wanted the rules to be followed. @slushpuppy On the day dizzy had left all discords which is convenient and was impossible for us to reach him. There leader monkey had blocked me conveniently on the day despite us both sharing 2 mutual servers. No member list was handed in to a sharkbrew moderator for review prior to the event from BP. On the day they claimed they had 60 but entered the wild after it with less then 40, 20 of there invites left. (No sb topic to prove there pull) only there war room saying 60. Your picture shows ur mentor rank medcraft in an OG cape and you guys doing a 20 man spam not a 50man spam. No sharkbrew mod was even present to check there member list and they did not have one ready. (if you would like to view ours please let me know) His topic says 40- which is a violation of the agreed terms. Jens tried to change the day of the fight to the day before as an attempt to get out of the fight evidence below. @Dizzy So if you do not care why are you even bothering you are only wasting your clans time, my clans time and @slushpuppytime and its convenient that you are now dictating the rules to be at your favour again weekend 2pm est, i attempted to sacrifice the sunday for you but your leader chose to ignore my request and conveniently you went MIA and we might not do f2p but we do events on Saturdays, or some of us will work alot of Saturdays so again it goes on the fact that you want us to take a day of work to fight BP or even finish work 2-3 hours early for a fight midweek and you guys wont even have the decency to stay up for an extra 2hours even though your ranks will watch us do inners at 6.30pm est. @slushpuppyi would also like for you to know that the past 2 weeks the clocks have gone back in the usa so the time difference is only 4 hours between UK and EST so they would not even be staying up past midnight and there ranks were aware off this and refuse to acknowledge the request of a midweek fight which is what we wanted in the first place but they refused as it would of been to late as you can see pixel says 5.30est which is only 10.30pm for the dutch.
  8. l0l u took that picture from a different fight? and the fi pkri lasted what 5 mins before venge ended it l0l looks like vengeance win again.
  9. @slushpuppyyour going to have to null there stupid declaration now it states 21st of march which is tomorrow but now there trying to do it today.
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