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  1. So on this sunday ONSLAUGHT massed up 33 gorillas and peaked at 35 and ended with 30 which turned out to be more then enough to get hits on the LPC community! Once again onslaught showed no fear by fighting against FOE and SUP and OR and RS First of we found a couple clans up at boneyard so we decided to get in on the action by rushing from the south up north taking on RESISTANCE in a good fight and then FOE were coming from the north had a fight with them for a bout 3 minutes before we teleported out GF FOE AND RS We then seen clans standing around at east bandits so we decided to logout south of bandits and waited for the action to start we found FATALITY and SUPREMACY up there and decided to log in and pushed north causing FATALITY to tele or move to singles, then eventually we moved to singles and fought SUPREMACY for few mins then left! 3rd hit we found a bit of a fight at falador between FOE and OUTRAGE so we decided to hit what we can and logged in south of the action pushed north hitting OUTRAGE first and then fighting FOE for a bit we got some serious xp drops from the clumps that were formed and put up a good fight vs FOE! Next hit we found some action up CA so we decided to hit it from the east side, we came straight behind SUPREMACY pushing melee and being aggressive before make our way to FOE where we carried on fighting them down to the west side of CA. The final hit was just a complete fucking massacre for us (I mean who fights in the top room of alkharid castle ffs) but we decided to hit and die trying! was just a fucking clumpfest between SUPREMACY,LEGACY,FOE,RS and ONSLAUGHT! SORRY ABOUT THE VIDEO I FORGOT TO RECORD ALOT OF THE ACTION!
  2. please can you change it from detrimental to onslaught as dt is closed
  3. So today onslaught massed up 24 gorillas and peaking at 26 for a Friday night cluster up at GDZ! As usual ONSLAUGHT had the biggest balls LPC scene and started the fight off at GDZ by rushing RAGE down opts! this cluster lasted for about 1hour plus, in parts of the fight we dominated really well against all clans and with fast returns and excellent calling we got some good clears on clans Shout out to all the clans that came and didn't bring the mains and FUCK the rest of you who decided to bring mains and ruin it for every one else because your clan cant compete!
  4. no wonder no one wants to pure clan anymore with shit like this
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