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  1. Decided to start doing F2P , Pulled 35 gorillas, we were the lowest pulling but we were the last in multi all you other clans are pussys! Sniped majority of all fights. Had a few 1 v 1 vs shark clan we got cleared wont go into much detail about it (nox hit me off) joke btw Was fun see you all next weekend for F2P.
  2. i can leak audio and logs of these "og retards" being offered multiple stuff in legacy but i dont think we want to go down that route
  3. thats actually a false statement who ever told you that is liar. danny and abraham both had a question, and whoever answered it correctly or got the closest won, and abraham won so he chooses the server and its up to both clans to decide on a date and because both clans couldnt agree a date slush puppy picks the date and was agreed at the time by both
  4. Sharkbrew low opt mini tournament! Who can join? By default any official osrs pure clan who attend trips can participate. Due to overwhelming requests from pure teams, we decided to allow the participation of teams if your team can meet the following requirements: You must provide a memberlist Your participation doesn't poach members from clans who have signed up to the tournament Your participation does not hinder the ability for clans to participate Your memberlist will be given to all participating clans for review. Any objections will result with rejection of your entry As the prize money is coming from Sharkbrew advertisement budget- which is sponsored by the activity of pure clans on this site/discord, it is only fair that pure community clans are prioritized over teams Rules - Each clan will fight each in a best of 5 rounds all pkri - The new staffs are not allowed - Will be a league table updated. -Each round won is worth one point - 1 Defence gear only - infinity boots and mithril defenders are allowed - 1-25 defence pures only if you have guys who have 26 defence by mistake thats also allowed - If a clan closes during this event all there wins and points will be awarded to the losing teams they have beaten and auto wins for clans they haven't faced yet. - Keep it in game dont be a retard any nh stuff will be dealt with auto DQ - Disputes will be decided by Flower and Devin Dates Starting date - Wednesday 8th of July Ending date - Wednesday 29th of July 3 WEEKS TO BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE TOURNAMENT! - You can use anyone from your clan to participate. - before both clans fight you need ranks from both clans to confirm that the mini is for the tournament and not just a fun mini. - (you can do this by making a group chat with flower or devin) - Clans found abusing non tournament mini wins and lying will gain an automatic loss against that other clan - Minimum opts for each fight will be 5 and the maximum allowed is 8. - All clans must fight each other, if one clan is being difficult and refusing to set up then the other team will take the 3 points. - No invites allowed if one person is seen with two different clans participating then both clans with be disqualified from the tournament! Prize 1st - Custom made GFX for the sharkbrew mini tournament and 120mil 2nd - 50mil 3rd - 30mil Signup Application: If you are wanting to participate please contact flower#6217 or Graphic Cinema#1977 on discord to enter you have until Tuesday 30th of june to enter your clan no exceptions. Current clans 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  5. fuck the feds onslaught the real gang round here! on gang cuh
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