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  1. Today Onslaught set out into the land of own with a peak of 50 helmet wearing retards, ready to unleash ultimate own upon our foe's. As the newly opened Terror had similar opts to us, the majority of our action today included them with a special feature of SF randomly suiciding their clan into us at times. Pixel Started off the day fighting terror east of bandits and put in work until BP crashed with more than us. Once Terror teleported out, so did we. Heard Terror was fighting SF, decided to join in. Immediately erased SF from the map and then switched targets to Terror. SF would attempt at least three times to regroup and re-rush only to be choke slammed back into edgeville bank. This went on until Apex logged in and we all dipped. Set up another fight against Terror, started off strong and kept control of the fight until the entire community logged in at east graves prompting us to teleport out and leave them dissatisfied. Logged into hit a cluster, found Hydra. We rolled them over and dipped when Zenith rushed. Logged into a cluster and began laying the smackdown on BP. SF tried their luck for the 5th time this trip and were immediately put in a box, spared only by Zenith logging in and giving them an excuse to teleport out. SF attempted to redeem themselves after the last 6 beatdowns they got. To keep things short, this was just more of the same resulting in many camelot tabs breaking until Zenith logged in.
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