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  1. Apex start cwa again when clanning died. Nice one
  2. Don’t be silly Fi… you know nobody wants to fight you
  3. Zenith, FO, apex, Sup won’t enter. Fi win again
  4. Ded chat

    1. winner of the game

      winner of the game

      DP died just like all the clans I killed

    2. Canny pk

      Canny pk

      DP on my chest 

  5. You're right, nobody cares about cwa. But you still won't 1v1 Fi without 5 clans showing up to help on a Sunday
  6. You want Fi so bad yet you won’t 1v1 them in CWA? Stfu
  7. These 2 clans getting more action than the pure scene combined!
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