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  1. 2012 actually. Suck off rot more?? I fight them, you team with them l0000l. shut up about history. You’re currently dead so stfu, ty
  2. I honestly don’t understand why you need to advertise a member only event. Nobody gives a flying fuck. Nobody likes apex aka rot slaves
  3. Have another bump. Honestly, nobody cares about your shit topics of killing a few randomers. Legit nobody reads it reply if mad
  4. "Yous" are so bad all you do is 1 item and kill yourselves, then quit returning??? Get some stamina kid
  5. Ty ZenFoApegRot aka slave alliance for boosting my kill/death ratio! Was ez
  6. 50-0 to Onslaught. Too easy. Ty come again Slave alliance
  7. @Mercyyet again, we knew you were coming before the event even started. Get a new game plan morons lol!!!!
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