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  1. Looks like tyler irl just add brown skin
  2. Colin

    Pure clan list

  3. Colin

    daeva doxing onslaught members?

    Fucking losers lmao
  4. Colin

    Looking for XLPC clan

  5. Colin

    This Is Why I'm CD

  6. Colin

    Regarding foe/rot situation

    Bunch of fucking losers in rot
  7. Colin

    @lpc scene

    Aao has literally never lost a single fight to envy LMFAO. No win for envy
  8. Colin

    @lpc scene

    Don’t you get bored of being shit for so long?
  9. Colin

    Just kill the Rags

    Sick f2p sniping looks so fun bro
  10. Colin

    Torture of ROT

    Caroline left you lmao!
  11. Colin

    Torture of ROT

    Imagine being proud that you camp a pure clan as a main clan. With people like tyler dull in rot though not surprised lmao.