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  1. GDZ looks amazing in HD. Nice job
  2. shit clans, rando screenshots, rando op. stfu
  3. still fully trust and support you, doesn't matter what clan you're in
  4. Come on man. I have an auth locking up 8 accounts I don't even play on right now. Rebuild, and setup a damn authenticator on your phone. It wasn't Exilent over $200 worth of gold
  5. P2P was a lot more fun like this when OSRS was released. Looks fun, gl!!!
  6. i can't believe @Murd is in FI after talking so much shit for years lmao.
  7. you guys are really good at killing pures on mains, keep it up!
  8. i don't even play the game. Just looks like you're a fucking scumbag
  9. Same @Kim. Why is this allowed on here? This is why people quit
  10. u guys are good at game, hitting pures on mains smart smart
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