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  1. There’s no arguing that FI was trash from 2015 to 2020
  2. Fofo nobody cares about cwa you sweaty nerd telemarketer
  3. This isn’t pulp fiction. It’s fucking hilarious how much you fanboy fi now btw
  4. Imagine raising multiple kids that are not your own and making your own RuneScape podcast
  5. Why you even talking fam stfu . Yes, this community is 25+ on OSRS, are you 12?
  6. Imagine not coming out in over a month and shit talking apex. Rage, LY, and FI are free to come through on PURES next Sunday
  7. Bro we’re all 25+, call ur dumbass dad and call it a day
  8. Great client for clanning. Sad to see it go…Fuck the cheat clients who ruined it for everyone
  9. @Htownfor simpkeeper!
  10. Nobody cares about sweaty ass cwa either dude. Come out into the wilderness on Sunday
  11. Stop defending a dead clan you’re not in
  12. This sites dead as fuck like fi, reviving it bro
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