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  1. Colin

    Which Clan?

    Envy closed nobody and has never won a fight, ever
  2. Colin

    Which Clan?

    Envy is fucking dog shit and should stay closed. You lost to aao btw. Can't recall a single time you won, and you retards didn't even go out in p2p in fear of being smoked LOL
  3. Colin

    who broke/will break first

    They’re clearly broken rn
  4. Colin

    pure applying for jobs is hard

    Yo, are you fucking retarded breh?
  5. Colin

    New video :]

    Foe is est based nowadays
  6. Well this backfired. Fucking losers in eop
  7. Colin

    who broke/will break first

    And tyler is a loser
  8. Colin

    who broke/will break first

    Eop is fucking ass
  9. Colin

    pure hehe

    Hey. Join foe
  10. Eop is dead and tyler is a fucking loser lmao