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Found 25 results

  1. danny#7347 | rem#7066 | pizy#6759 | Tederick#3005 | Mike#9266 | Jordai#5390 ^^ PM for access or to make $$$ ^^^ BROTHERHOOD CLOSES FATALITY ON BATTLESCAPE IN ONLY 3 WEEKS AND FORCES THEM TO MASS JOIN RAGE. After slaughtering Fatality2 every single event they had, we ended up closing them in a mere 3 weeks. We were ready to fight Rage2 this Sunday which now consisted of 5 clans after their most recent mass join (Rage1 + Fi + LY + BP + OG). Considering we have broken every single one of these clans in the past, we knew that it would be just as easy this time around no matter how many victims they could mass together. For some reason they had the confidence even though there was no chance they would ever beat us. The Alliance was now fighting as one clan and somehow this was fucking easier than all the other fights we have had so far lmfao (you kids are fucking garbage). These dogs foolishly thought they had what it takes to fight the kings at GDZ. Unfortunately for them, we get a fucking power buff next to the hut lmfao so we rushed them and deleted their alliance clan instantly. The fight started at 75v75 MATCHED and after the first 10 minutes, we forced these victim noobs to run around the map while we killed them on repeat (they were dropping members in voice rapidly). When they realised they were getting farmed (and now only had 30 people to our 80), they decided to run inside the hut and get in staff mage/rag. We just followed them inside and deleted that shit even more, farming them for almost 2k+ kills and reducing them to 5 in game to our 75+ ending. That's the most one sided matched P2P fight I have seen in ages lmfao. Know your place you fucking dogs. At this point you should know you are terrible + infested beyond belief.
  2. ty for mini, pm Edgi#7339 for action
  3. ty for mini, pm Edgi#7339 for action
  4. ty for action pm Edgi#7339 for mini
  5. ty for action Edgi#7339 for minis
  6. Discord I Guess Massacre were down bad & made a topic for a big mini that ended 1-1 over the course of 2 sets(about a week ago literally), so heres our POV of Set 1. Crowbox
  7. Discord: https://discord.gg/KEq2n2DDVn Teamspeak: Pm/@ a rank in discord Massed up 50 Empires, later peaking at 55. Rumor had it Brotherhood, formerly known as Fo (closed) would be going out on pures today. After priding themselves for Ns’ing a cluescroll boss for over a week, we thought they would have finally gathered the confidence to fight us on pures today. However, to our disappointment they were nowhere to be seen the first hour of the trip. So we decided to reign terror over TP, TO, and several other clans. When after 1 hour Fo finally showed face (now having +15 on us due to extended massing) we went ahead and cleared them several times all while being heavily outnumbered. After which we decided to call it a day and take the W home. Gf to everyone that had the balls to fight us on set times.
  8. discord.gg/clanterminal
  9. discord.gg/clanterminal
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