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  1. fi bonded their accounts for the first time in 4 weeks and they lost to rage in wildy and clan wars, got crashed in 5mins meanwhile i had clean 1vs1 pure action vs Apex
  2. gg u closed rip stop being scared of losing pixel and step into my wilderness, i broke fi
  3. R.I.P Fatality 

    They officially closed 05-22-2022 on their anniversary, which lead to 0 POV and closing topic. 

  4. I would be mad aswell if i was you. In 5 months you managed to close 3 clans by joining them. First onslaught, then rage and now fi. Maybe youre the reason those bad clans close?
  5. Fatality closed on their anniversary 05-22-2022 That was their last "trip", can't really call it a trip since they didnt have a POV Rip fi
  6. Was indeed easy They started flaming after winning first set, but got bullied the last 2 sets. Another weak attempt of Legashit
  7. You lost vs foe and terror in total sets since when are we posting 1 set wins, very desperate
  8. sure, let me remind u last time u wanted the title from us
  9. Pulled 20 p2p legends unfortunately Legacy couldnt match pull
  10. l000l rat you lost 50 preps to terror and rage this year. You calling 15vs15 opts prep now days. Here u victim u lost a prep "7vs7" vs them yesterday I closed eop, your a refugee in fi. When u talking back, say it with ur chest Same week foe beat them 15vs15, lmao foe legends of p2p https://youtu.be/7VaGAjw29EM
  11. lmao u lost to terror 20vs20 p2p, u call 15vs15 preps now days dog shit wtf l0l i bullied your clan to enter portal every saturday to lose 50 preps in 2022, go wildy in f2p u wont pussy
  12. no way fi talking about cwa when they lost 50 preps in 2022 alone l000l
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