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  1. Lionel

    Victim World ~ Ft.Jens

    Looks like a waste of time
  2. Lionel

    [xLPC] TRIBE 50-55cb

    Invite only, pm a rank to join.
  3. i actually quite enjoyed reading your topic, i started clanning roughly around the time NPO closed (2012) so its Always interesting reading further back into pure history. Anyway best of luck, the more the merrier.
  4. Lionel

    [XLPC] Conquer 50-60 Combat

    best of luck!
  5. holy fuck i havent seen a rsmv since 2007 these kids are re-shaping what i consider the meta bro Focus Pocus retards
  6. He actually called it a rivalry lmfa0
  7. Lionel

    cwa 40 Rage Vs Critical Damage | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Fuck off kid ur a no good bum aswell @Destin
  8. Lionel

    Dear CD #2

    Hansis dont spend ur weekly allowance on this bro its a waste
  9. cd is about to lose another rivalry lmfa0
  10. Lionel

    cwa 40 Rage Vs Critical Damage | F2P Prep [3-0]

    bro ur fat ass is on the couch getting doritos in fucking pothead degenerate fuck i bet u dont even workout bro wtf are u doing with ur life u better pipe the fuck down or put down the fucking pipe holy shit bro get ur sweaty ass off the couch walk past the fridge for once and do 1 pull-up bro, 1 fucking pull up bro i dont mean pull open a bag of doritos i mean actually use ur fucking "muscles" for once holy shit man ur a dissapointment what the actual fucking fucking fuck fuck are you fucking fuck fack focking know your place bro what the actual fucking fack are you fucking fackigng focking doing bro
  11. i have a 57 on which i wana tag along sometime, pm/quote if thats cool.