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  1. Lionel

    EOP back up?

    Yeah what this guy said😂😂😂
  2. Lionel

    A proposal for FOE & Apex...

    Just pm foe for off and start clean, the results are here and the outcome is obvious.
  3. Lionel

    Temptation ~ Kings of BattleScape

    Yeet might just join up
  4. Lionel

    xlpc question

    My favorite was Slaughter vs Rage, i dont really consider any of them legacy ( a term used to describe the 6 clans that opened in 2005/2006 that started this gangster shit)
  5. Lionel

    weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

    Fun trip, especially the fights vs sup were enjoyable.
  6. Lionel

    RSPS Clanning Returns

    Last time it died within 3 weeks orso
  7. Lionel

    lpc Fearless Reopens as LPC ~ Year of the Pig ~ F2P Legacy Clan

    Would be a shame for apex if all the eop shitters left and they became irrelevant again
  8. Lionel

    20 def movement?

    I dont ever intend on getting attacking, prayer or defence again. My acc way too sexy now
  9. Lionel

    Castle wars xlpc red vs blue

    If castle wars was based on clan chats rather than joining a portal this could be fun
  10. Lionel

    Hydra is ruining my game play -.-

    holy fuck i care
  11. Lionel

    Why do we clan?

    did you write this topic just to flex your intelligence on us? Nigga said machiavellian
  12. Lionel

    lpc Stampede ~ P2P Pure Team

    You should open a pure based singles team to change the pace =p, anyway gl man