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  1. expected quality from 2-digit iq droze
  2. @drozeif you can’t do a simple forum post how can you lead a clan. kyp
  3. ah yes big winner topic once again
  4. Loc JS wildy trips

  5. CC: BP PUB We approached Intensity for a 1 defence gap Wildy PKRI. In the first fight, we overpulled and agreed on a quick reset. After sitting 8ish blunt smoking clogs wearing warriors we matched their 15-man pull. Meanwhile those 8 guys were clearing our low stamina rivals in singles, we had a nice 15 minutes long 2nd fight vs INT and managed to clear them completely. Thanks for the clean action and welcome to the scene Intensity! INSERT MEDIA GFX HERE - jk we dont have one Mallu POV Cohursted POV
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