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  1. glgl. PM me if you need GMT/EST action any opts Mallu#3626
  2. This Tuesday we set a 20v20 30min cap wilderness PKRI vs. Misfits. Both clans started strong and had their ups and downs during the scrap. After 30 mins of clean action (loc zenith?) we spammed our gfs and telied out with couple of juicy smites. MEDIA POVs Yours truly @4ticks @Performers
  3. BP massed 40ish Vikings ready to hit the new Callisto boss right after the update and continued to hold world 447 for hours while making massive loots. The first day's total was 3x claws, 3x hilts, 10ish d picks, 1 pet and 1 AGS smite.
  4. Welcome. Heard xLPC will be closing soon tho
  5. CC: BP PUB Every clan cancelled their Sunday trips and the vikings were hungry for action. We know MF ( a clan always ready for clean action) would be down so we hit them up and got a little 25v25 going not much to say because the fight went back and forth with each clan having their ups and downs on opts. Thanks, Misfits for keeping it clean and hope we got more fun fights incoming in the future! (uncrashed btw crash war = over) POVs: @4ticks
  6. yeah theres a public Discord channel for it
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