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  1. critical damage

  2. easy work at critical-damage hq
  3. Before we get going, Imagine being the clan to talk shit all week in SB discord, reply to every SB post containing CD & all around slate Critical Damage in every way they can, but when it comes crunch time. They pull less than 45 and get bullied over and over by multiple high IQ clans. ~ Cough, cough Legacy & Apex. We started our trip off by bullying Legacy in single. We hit them just north of green hill before we pushed them east past the tele spot at bandit camp and cleared them completely off the map. We knew they were Pming Apex so we awaited for Apex to be the dogs they are and run to help Legacy, but low IQ clans are way to slow and Apex got beat to a pulp within minutes, Pushing them back east past the Bandit tele spot into singles where they were no more. We got a quick bank, ready to go again. Our next action came just south of Edge bank where a few clans were fighting. We logged in and FOE hit us, but with more numbers we instantly pulled scims had a little tussle before the fight ended up in singles. Here again Apex were slow to the party and tried to hit us, but with double their opts in game they last little over 2 minutes. We teled back up to CA and walked toward Graves where we logged into Apex and pushed them from Corp Hill to singles. Double Apex's opts we did work we knew they were Pming Legacy back and forth. We got Apex down to 15 in game and took our W. Legacy logged in to aid Apex but were fair to slow. Legacy were down to 33 people at this point and were looking very fragile indeed. We paid them a visit for trying to team on we hit them up in singles before we moved east. Shit calls from Legacy confused their entire clan, half of them chased us and half of them stood in singles uselessly. We cleared up the 15 odd kids and took our W. Apex & Legacy ended their trips here. 1 hour in.... Our finally action of the day was with IR. They were up 5 or 6 on us but we remained strong and cycled the fight down to even opts. We got a few decent scim pushes on their west side which brought us up 3 or 4. Supremacy crashed and FS turned up shortly after. Happy with our battles today and our performance we walked down. @Matti @jay @clump Only the 3rd week in and we have killed legacy, purge and now a certain blue clan is in our crosshairs. Can you guess who? https://twitter.com/Zeke28423811/status/1119701824448212992/ 
  4. where I live gipsies get spit on, thats what I'm doing with you right now btw. ty for being a punching bag and keep it up buddy
  5. pm Matti#0473 on discord to leak your clan locations midweeks and weekends

  6. Matti

    Purge Audio Leak #1 - "We got spanked"

    easy work like always
  7. year of the abdullah

  8. Matti