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  1. IamjohnC


    Goobjob on typing and pressing enter!
  2. Retards retaliating to mains. Pathetic 😂

    plata o plomo?

    Come to the bearcave for non-stop clean action.

  3. IamjohnC

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Rage is back, and all we do is prepping each week? how is your clan doing? hahaha
  4. IamjohnC

    weekend Rage P2P Sunday | Leave the Mage to us

    Strong bears ❤️ I made 50 bears happen
  5. ly revived the scene! keep it up
  6. IamjohnC

    Rage vs Supremacy | F2P | 15v15 | 3-2

    Strongg f2p'ers
  7. IamjohnC

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | P2P Prep [2-1]

    We're becoming stronger & smarter by the day. 🐻🤤 Join the bearcave for W's
  8. IamjohnC

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | F2P Prep [3-0]

    You deserve better
  9. IamjohnC

    cwa Rage Vs Legacy | F2P Prep [3-0]

    Wish ly pulled more.. Thanks for the action! Rage #1
  10. IamjohnC

    wana join CD? — Meme by m u p

  11. IamjohnC

    CP Sam vs Envy Elmir LOOOOOOL

    I missed this! daily envy teamspeak shizzle "dissparty" Elmir back @ it again hahahahaha Thank you sam aswell for the giggles both of them went ham hahaha