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  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatality massed up 51 Pure Elites for a dominant F2P Saturday PK Trip. Today we witnessed 2 clans get ran out of the wilderness into CLAN WARS because they are scared to compete, they are scared to fight, scared to see Fatality. Zenith and Terror the scum of the pure community hiding in safe zones during weekend Wilderness trip? Zenith Pedo Leader ending trip after CWA? Lying to you're own members about dominating the wilderness? This is why we are #1 We don't run, We don't hide, We don't wear other team's capes, We Dominate. Fatality vs World Starting off our day we crashed a fight vs Fearless and Rage cleared both clan's quickly. The next clan to hit was Apex on Corp Hill fighting Sup we log in on Corp Hill chasing Sup to Singles. Turning towards Apex we notice Fo members in Apex capes we have a quick laugh K2p as we dominate them. We Commend these clans for actually entering the Wilderness. If K2p is in the wilderness with 10 people you should be to. Unsurprisingly, our "rivals" Terror and Zenith decided that, although only pulling a few less than us they would be better off fighting each other in clan wars than 2v1ing us like they've attempted in the past. After losing(shocker), zenith decided they would not be going out into the wilderness at all today. Truly a new low. Hopefully with the mass recruited level 70s you can make an impact on the new LPC scene. @Punk @Paige
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatality headed out with 40 green men peaking closer to 50. Terror on the other hand pulled 24 with a handful of invites. Our whole trip we took the fight out of Terror from the moment they started we ruined their mass and flooded their cc with endless spams. There was no hiding from Fatality this weekend. Kicking off the trip in Varrock We took over Varrock sewers where Terror was attempting to fight, they ran straight into the corner where we beat them up and took their dignity. Meeting Rage for a clean 1v1 while chasing Terror to singles (you're going to see this a lot from terror) some dweebs were swapping capes hitting both of us spammed gf Rage. Brazil baits Terror into multi Defending vs Rage on sperm hill since the ENTIRE CLAN SCENE went to CWA to do 20v20's we knew Terror would get baited far away from singles, we maintained the upper hand on Rage.The second Terror logged in we chased them from sperm all the waaaay (shout out @XGRX) south through c.a into ferox singles. Claiming Everything Logging in on Soup Ly and Fs they tried to make it to singles many took the quick way out and donated their rune scimitars & snare runes to Fatality. Taking over corp hill we started having the cleanest 1v1 vs rage in-front of Supremacy, Terror, and Fo (where the fuck was zenith?) Terror tried to re rush the fight but they simply were NOT invited to this fight, enjoy the view from singles Brazil did not and will not accept your apology Drive by Bandits Quick hit n run on apex in 17 wild with 16 in-game they logged in their mains? we left apex to fight fearless (which didn't turn out well for apex) ~ Special shoutout to fo (all 12 of you) who put on team-37 capes today and tried to hit rage you all died. APPS ARE OPEN GF to the pure community @Paige @justin
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