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  1. Ouch zenith is really finished Taking pride in running away and avoiding lmfao Stop begging off is nfs
  2. 3 weeks in and they're alrdy running for their livea Unfortunate for the innocent z members but we will close this shithole
  3. audio coming out soon it's 2 hours of zenith ranks saying " return " "you have to return now" or making excuses why they're losing "we didn't do good that fight but we didn't break" L000000L this clan couldn't get more than 50 capes the entire ca fight with their lvl 50 accs and 126 mains no one could hit they cry saying we have 20+ and tanks look how we handled that when we were down 40 3 weeks ago dogshit clan i've never seen a more convincing w in my life
  4. This is a small example that summarizes the whole rivalry. What zenith shows (peep their topic): What really happened ( same pov of the same zenith member but uncut): PS: if you're in zenith, your ranks have been feeding you this type of propaganda since your opening , it's never late to make changes !!!
  5. @Molemando we have to go do an interview with that guy irl so u believe it now lmfao
  6. Lmfao pussies bro They realized how bad the retaliation will be and that the whole scene was against them and honourable members leaving Theybhad to go on damage control If you do something like that don't back off next time
  7. you've been in zenith you know you will close
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