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  1. Pulling 20 to ur only event of the week No wonder u won't accept lmfao
  2. Read what u type retard U sound like a lil girl
  3. L0000000000L apex is still avoiding a clean 40v40 in their own server 

    And their excuse is the L they took almost a year ago

    This is why u didn't have a single p2p prep in 14 months l00000000l

    1. Boots


      the one time apeg pull higher than 25 was after mass inviting everyone to not sit to the agreed rules vs fatality l000l and they havent pulled more than 20 since!

  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Fatality massed up 57 Pure Elites for our P2P Sunday PK Trip. Fatality vs Apex vs Supremacy To start the trip off we got word there was a fight going on at bandits, Quickly logged into multi, found a few little sardines fighting a pack of puppies they instantly start running heading for the hills listening to there caller telling them to get the out because mother fi is here! Fatality vs Legacy We quickly regroup rush towards bandits from west enclave and find Legacy in a 10 man clump full of new low level san crab recruits. Standing our ground down 8 we clear all legacy pures. Unfortunately for Legacy, Fatality was to strong. Fatality vs Legacy vs Rage The second half of the trip started at bone yard 57 Fi rush east to find Legacy in a north to south spread that did not hold long. Legacy was chased till tele and logged in the trees south of bone yard leaving us to clean up rest of bone yard/pond that consisted of the rage pures that forgot to tele out. Our member quality was unmatched. Fatality vs Cluster Starting at CA we ran east from teleport spot pressuring Legacy to run east towards ghost hut. The cluster began we held our ground on the Lava on ghost hut fighting Blunt Pures till mains came and all pures from the scene good or bad teleport out. Fatality vs Blunt Pures To end the day we fought BP we logged in west of Ca rushed east and found BP on the tele spot we would start the hit them they quickly start to tele out. Good Fight BP! @PWNYOMAMA
  5. LMFAO u are slumping wym ? hiding counters won't save u , ur still losing members every week
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