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  1. Lmfao love how the ending shows both the real fight loc and where they took their fake ending. Whoever took this vid isn't happy with how things unfolded it's quite obvs
  2. Retired base can't last wont last make sure the mistake of getting into a return fight with us doesn't happen again
  3. Down 20 no fucking problem for clan fatality 😌

  4. Fo leadership embarrassed infront of their whole retired base 😂

    Never forget 

  5. I hope u enjoyed getting spy hit by fi and ragged by ur allies mains
  6. Truth is you started this main shit and it bit you back and now your trying to use it to justify your year long slump while being a minion clan
  7. Brother adhi won't save ur clan as he was gonna leave it mid rivalry last time because of the same approach your taking now Alot of talking and nothing to show for it
  8. Go and work hard for couple leaks instead of massing up retireds to sit at ditch cause of no intel then crying on a rage topic the next day
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