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  1. Oh god lol they dont have leak in us i wonder where this audio came from and maybeif you know how to position your clan you wouldnt get sandwiched and call it a 3v1
  2. Hold on is holyshit reduced into crying about outrage crashing his fights when that's what his clan did for the last 6 months . nice 40 people pull lmfao The o owning per usual
  3. Lol ur clan got reduced to begging for help and afking alts for cape counter Half of your memeber were alrdy in 1 item 20 minutes in next time when you break and leave make sure you log your alts out first
  4. People would actually believe you if it was 2k2 and no one was vidding/taking screenies Fine day to be in the o
  5. Your clan lost like 6 times in a row then didn t prep since so i dont know what are u on furat
  6. Fo is alrdy dogfo now it's turning to horsefi
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