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  1. U cant have 40 mains 1 week then drop them the next because u start pulling relatively good and expect the other clan to drop them Stop playing victim there isn't 1 rivalry where ur clan didn't use mains
  2. let's not forget that your whole rank team got exposed for ddosing and doxing let's not forget that your clan got exposed trying to bring mains clans drama to the pure scene (refer to danny's pms about ub lmfao) let's not forget that you started using mains against us let's not forget that you sat on us with mains with kg in our anny before any beef let's not forget that you got destroyed for 3 months lmfao and most impostant thing let's not forget that you're a drug addict with no hairline
  3. You're obsessed lmfao your clan is dead look at how hyped u got over a 2-1 prep win
  4. Meanwhile you tried to sell out ur clan and gave out your leaks 3x like the retard you are then tried to leave ur clan 2x for leader rank I think u forgot that my clan slumped urs into 50 man pulls the u tried to claim that you're not in a rivalry with us
  5. Lmfao i agree fop will always live in the shadow of foe
  6. Are u fucking stupid You're doing 20v20 pkris with 12 ranks and surprised ur locs arent leaked lmfao No one is gonna expose their deep leaks to hit ur 15 ranks doing a pkri
  7. Clan awards(2 votes per category) Best Wilderness Clan: (fi, ly) Best Cwa Clan: (fi, rage) Best overall clan: (fi, ly) Most active clan: (fi, ly) clan with most stamina: (fi, rage) Most favorite clan rivalry: (fi, foe) Most improved clan: (terror, og) Most honorable clan: (fi) Most likely to ally with mains in 2021: (foe) Upcoming clan of 2020: (terror, og) ----- Individual awards(1 vote per category) Best F2P Caller: (jamz) Best P2P Caller: (Jamz) Biggest one bang: (k2p) Best leader: (pixel) Worst leader: (cookiez) Funniest Sharkbrew member: (murd) Sharkbrew member with the worse banter: (proccy) Most hated Sharkbrew mod: (rash) Worst member to have: () Favorite Sharkbrew Mod: (grey)
  8. Lmfao did proccy give u some of his drugs Stop hallucinating dawg you are clearly clueless stick to being a +1
  9. @Murdlmfao he just said u outpull us cause of bots i said we have more in ts and he types an essay starting with "yes u outpull us but ur leaders..." This guy a joke
  10. ??????? First of all we outpull u on ts so stfup Second, it's not down 30 anymore now u were matched Keep changing ur excuse by friday it will be "u teled while we were up a 100"
  11. I would say the same about u But u will just break until fo danny hypes up the "one last ride" for a week then goes to play trailblazer while ur ass slaving for him on sb
  12. ??? You sound hella dumb rn "Yes u outpull us and smoke us every week but that's because of excuse#1,excuse#2...,excuse#n"
  13. Dying clan outpulling and smoking ur clan every single week Interesting Cant wait to send ur ass to playing other games with danny on twitch
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