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  1. I legit been in Fatality 10x longer than u even been pure clanning donno why u crying.
  2. gfs fun af mini more of these! [=
  3. Lil kitties [= Just give them the role sheesh its not that big of a deal right lmao?
  4. I mean not surprised fo legit lost their core members 3 times within year coz their ranks are too scared to lose their fragile virtual egos lmfao.
  5. Wait these niggas got 2-0'd by my B team. Damn we really are not only best warrers also best looking. Crazy.
  6. P2p 5v5 or 6v6 that's how u get the most ppl/teams involved. Huge ass 2v2 tourny sounds fun af as well but might be hard to put it together.
  7. Me after every ko mini carrying these shitters on god
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