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  1. i dont even got a main nice try though . also strong venny power $$
  2. next time dont bring mains like a little bitch and stay on pures
  3. l lmao killed like 6 of them when they came up LOL most of them died instantly what a waste of money
  4. just like sv was there LOL sorry that i shiat on your mains 😘
  5. After farming 1750 empire they decided to call in SR+SV . little did they know we had intell and were prepared . after clearing sv , WG hopped in donating few balistas.
  6. went out with small team sweeping worlds , after we gained decent number start looking for some clans , caught evo offguard after they just cleared a world . gwased resistance and cleared torment.
  7. After PD camping 1500 looking for action we decided to quickly mass up, rushing down with 30 & clearing them .
  8. Benz


    Beyond Control
  9. finding out team sweden was camping 1500 we quickly massed up to give them a fight , didnt took them long untill ROT came to aid . we were close to clearing them untill SV logged in , after fighting for almost 2 hours and with DK camping the entrance 1750 empire raggers tagging along we decided to call it a day
  10. Beyond control is a Rev pking team , we dont do clanning and/or are intrested in clan rivals. The team is created by pkers from different clans who wants to go out pking when there clans aren't. Currently have 15 active members , U are allowed to apply even though your are already in a clan, however we keep clan drama out of this cc . if u meet someone here from your rivel clan u cant stand either suck it up or leave. if you'r intrested pm me . discord: benz#6688 Basic requirments : 40+ def 95+ cb dont be a cunt.
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