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  1. zenith be like " fk we didnt had any pure on pure action in almost half a year time to post anohter 5 man med topic on sharkbrew"

    1. Crusher
    2. Zenith E-Girl

      Zenith E-Girl

      BC be like "damn we so dogshit i have to team wid 11 ROT app Jay and Jizzrag + 3rd world country folk in an open cc!"

  2. fake plantseeker and xtremfister zenith meds u got legit DESTROYED on vid by vennies DOGSHIT LOL
  3. With nex coming out we have been tracking the activity of GWD over the past few weeks. It was semi active but today it was Very active , We personally havent had this fun ever since rev caves became single. We started with a casual 25~ pull , ending up peaking 42 , the loot we globally collected was insane (check bottem of the page)! Weaponized with balistas we sweeped trough the worlds quickly clearing every team and ended up pking a BOFA from a ironman in highrisk ! R.I.P 300h After clearing every single world we got word VR+AE were on a merged joint trip (lmfao). one hit was all it took to end it , ty for the staff. After we headed back to GDW where we saw DF hopping in and out high risk , quickly poked discord gained up to 40+ and waited. Few minutes later they logged in next to us , since the gear/place is aids in to return they had no option but to teleport. found WG and DF once more shortly after in the same situation. Make sure to check the loot below !
  4. lan Awards Best Cwa Clan: BP Most Active Clan:BP Clan With Most Stamina: BP Most Improved Clan: BP Most Honorable Clan: BP Most likely to be a meatshield: zenith Most likely to ally with mains in 2022: zenith Clan with most delusional members:zenith
  5. @Zenith E-Girlwhy is it zenith lever last more then 2 min vs bc ? is it lack of quality returning or lack of stamina
  6. @Zenith E-Girl @ZENITH HEAD LAWYER pulled 10 and tapped out first (agan like always every time)
  7. why does every pic have only 10 purple dots and 0 video ? propaganda wont save ur dead clan
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