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  1. he dont want the smoke @DilLspeak up retard you might 'like apex' but apex dont give a fuck about you
  2. btw heres a picture from the fight (nearly 2 months ago), and you wonder why 'just barrage' was called so much... yall (supremacy) dont know how to spread out
  3. damn im in your head like that huh l0l stay ez kid you cant beat me on runescape.com to original post - this is the best you could come up with? better luck next time l0l p.s flame my calling when anyone here can beat me ty
  4. this is why supremacy will never get better. learn how to take an L, you clearly lost trying to do inners at gdz for some weird reason
  5. you went to gdz to do inners? what kind of shit is that
  6. you had 36 and got smoked by 25 apex? l0l nice quality kid
  7. what kind of dumbass picture is this lol why the fuck would we team with resistance? p.s nice spellbook filtering lmfao legacy quality
  8. haven't you noticed all you do is blame everyone else for everything? try growing the fuck up and shit like this wouldn't be a problem. you don't like something you see? ignore it and move on instead of crying and bitching making it worse only to cry and bitch even more when it does get worse
  9. yea too bad you're all too incompetent of handling anything
  10. weird how supremacy always seems to be involved in doxing/mains bunch of fucking retards l0l
  11. was fun running y'all around like dogs, ty jamz for 3 different +1's l0l
  12. holy fuck this is why fo cant compete l0l look at this kid trying to play runescape
  13. fo flames a lot for avoiding the #1 clen for 400+ days 😀
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