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  1. you uploaded vs a pure clan l0000000000000000000000000000000000000l you were getting cleared before you called for help btw 😂
  2. you put you tele'ing from the fight in your video LMFAO IRL holy shit legacy quality
  3. instead of leading closed runescape clans maybe you should have became an author l0l0l0
  4. stop crying loser zu and ru are never coming back l0l0l0
  5. ru and zu arent returning why are you? shit leader lmfao
  6. you have an entire main clan aiding your fights vs apex, still get smoked, and post a topic claiming dumb shit. dont be a brainwashed retard in 2020
  7. desperate attempts from legacy lmfao you will never beat apex hahahhah
  8. you sound stupid as fuck l000l what kind of dogshit quality video is that learn to upload if youre gonna try this dumb fuck
  9. @DilLlmfao loser bark for me rn you will l0l0l
  10. @Commanderhey my clan won again, hows yours doing? 🙂
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