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  1. LMFAO @Hanuman @UB Public Relations @CommanderYOU LOST TO IR L000L no wonder you wont prep apex, yall actually suck dick irl and on runescape.com in 2020 🤣
  2. RS finally agreed to prep us this week when are you finally going to prep apex lmfao avoider clen in 2020
  3. you dont have to know me just know your place beneath me l0l
  4. OSRS IGN: E-Boys i cleared you from rev caves in only 9 hours the other night lmfao fo big broken clan
  5. fo got dicked for 9 hours thats why they dont have a vid and only 3 pictures l0l


  6. 2.2k posts and still dont even know how to flame.. youre gonna have to try a little harder!!
  7. what in the actual fuck are you even trying to say you stupid fuck l0l
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