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  1. | Tonight we headed out with 30 Sharks for an unscheduled F2P PKRI vs. Zenith, later peaking at 40. We knew gear-capped focus-shifting clan Revenant would be showing up to try and 1-item per usual. The fight started off at the center of Falador, and it didn't take long to summon Revenant. They showed up with no gear, making no impact, getting some spams before suiciding. Each time they showed up, we just cleared them again and went right back to the PKRI. How does it take a snipe team 10 minutes to regroup before each hit? After eradicating Revenant from our minimap for the 4th or 5th time, we moved the fight up to the statue north of Falador. We kept the fight going with Zenith, and each time Revenant crashed we just laughed and cleared them again. After an hour of rinse and repeat, Zenith decided to call it a day and headed out. Respect for the minute's notice action guys. We stuck around for another hour or so, wanting to clear Revenant at least 10 more times, which we did. Each time they rushed, they had less members, and took longer to return. We sat at statue, demanding that they return within 2 minutes each time, and like the dogs they are they obeyed our commands. After completely and totally clearing them at least 18 times in total, we decided to call it a day and walked to the bank. Revenant logged in afterwards, spamming at themselves, taking pictures with no items on the ground in an attempt to seem relevant. Revenant doesn't pull enough to show up in gear, and that's probably why they're slumping. I mean who the fuck would want to suicide to a pure clan in rag for 2 hours? The picture below shows an image from their aftermath, with an impressive 0.3 KDR. Maybe one day they'll have the confidence, or pulls, to show up in gear and not get cleared by pures in 60 seconds. Until then we'll just keep taking these free W's. Revenant Member KDR:
  2. Still crying about Apex's marvelous trip I see. Did the lads like 1-item suiciding all Sunday?
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