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  1. │ │ Saturday August 8th, 2020: Today we headed out with 48 Godkings (peaking at 55) for our F2P Saturday Trip. We started our glorious trip off with a scuffle vs. Rage at Boneyard. We had an exceptional performance, killing pures left and right. The fight moved from Boneyard, to Corp Hill, and then down to Chaos Altar. We planted west of Chaos Altar, and continued slaying. After 5 minutes of fun, Zenith crashed and the fight came to an end. Up next we went and waited on Corp Hill for 10 minutes, giving Fatality an opportunity to come hit us in multi. Even though they had a 10 man advantage, they wouldn't hit Apex. Instead, they chose to set up a bait-fight with the other half of the Anti-Apex Alliance. We knew Rage and Fatality had started a fight at Boneyard, so we quickly rushed over to make sure it was shit. As soon as we logged in, we kited from the west side, outmaneuvering our opponents. We made sure to sandwich Fatality as much as possible. In under 10 minutes, beta Fatality ran of north to log out and left Rage all alone, like they always do. Rage wanted no part in the fight and headed east, and the fight ended. Much like the time before, we knew the Anti-Apex Alliance was setting up a bait-fight, so they'd have an excuse to 2v1 us when we hit them. We logged in north of the fight on 26 Hill. We constantly kept distance, and ate away at them like complete cancer. Shocker, Fatality ended up leaving Rage high and dry once again. We continued our 1v1 with Rage for 5-10 minutes before it eventually came to an end. Before Fatality could start another set of inners with Rage, we made sure to harass them in singles. They tried scattering to random worlds, and we followed. They all hopped back into the same world. So we followed once more, continuing the harassment. The eventually logged out completely and went to Enclave to hide. To end our amazing Saturday, we went and ended yet another fight between Rage & Fatality. We logged in east of GDZ hut and immediately went to work. Over the course of 20 minutes, we bullied Fatality down to a 35 man pull. By 4:10 EST, they'd already left the fight. Although Fatality tapped in .5 like always, Rage and Apex were still having a great fight east of GDZ. Fatality decided to take capes off, and log in under their dad Rage to help them out. As embarrassing as it sounds, it only gets worse. They broke even faster than the time before, leaving Rage alone with Apex again in a mere 5 minutes. After some more good action vs. Rage, Rage decided to leave the fight with 30+ Sharks left in game, making us the clear victors. These 1v2s are getting easier and easier, grats Apex.
  2. wah wah you got obliterated last weekend and ended by sf on sunday l000000000000l
  3. that's perfect you'll fit right in
  4. This would be a nice change, as the current system allows clans to choose who they prep for points. They are able to openly avoid good competition with no penalty. The RAW system would force weak avoider clans to prep said competition if they expect to win anything.
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