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  1. You are 0-2 vs. Apex in your own server. Your ranks (you) don't have the confidence to prep me. The only times you have, we've shit on your face. We all know you aren't good for anything other than mass recruiting and handing out +1s.
  2. Legacy has accomplished nothing in their entire meaningless year long existence. 19-82 prep record, worst matched quality, worst member quality, worst leadership, multiple rank chat leaks, reliance on mains, and terrible PR.
  3. You have a point, the shit quality and reliance on mains stems from the top.
  4. masser/main/shit clan victim crying on my topic nothing new here
  5. Mass recruited sandcrabbers, always been a shit quality clan.
  6. Couldn't tell you, but I got the staff off of Terror, and Sensei got the staff off your rank. Deflecting won't make your PKRI's any better
  7. You should make another topic about us, tell me why was our POV 2x longer than yours today?
  8. Legacy calling someone else a main clan?




    1. Blue


      apex crashing terror/bp with 15 meds LMFAO

  9. @Blueyou should make another topic for sympathy, I'm sure everyone will feel really bad for you.
  10. After a mediocre year of existence consisting of mass recruiting, a 13-62 prep record, and consistent usage of mains, Legacy has decided to start crying instead of doing something. Do you think the tears will ever stop?
  11. | Apex massed up 35 Sharks to stop Legacy from getting clean action. From the very beginning to the end, we dominated the fight and gunned down everything in sight. Poor Legacy does not get clean action. This will never stop but feel free to keep crying and playing the victim card.
  12. Two days later and you're still highlighting me pouring your emotions out. Did I hit a nerve?
  13. Would be funny if you spoke proper English you cretin, think the word you were looking for was "normal". Ironic you call me a retard yet you can't piece together a phrase.
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