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  1. @Khan @nawe @Jus10 @blitz ltd sup pussies care to boost my post count with tears again or no?
  2. Massed up 20+ Sharks to feast on Wolfs just like previous 4 miniatures. Open eyes.
  3. | April 10th, 2022: Today we massed up 35 Godkings to punish all community CC members. The extremely slumped and coreless Cubs had their worst pull since opening (17). I'm not surprised though, they've started their last 3 official trips in a merged CC with Blunt Purez. This is what happens when all your members are weak multiclanners . The entire trip we fisted Rage and Blunt Purez who were holding hands in Tony Buck CC. We ended every fight they partook in. Boneyard, Chaos Altar, Vet'ion, Spider Hill, 21 Hill, you name it we ended it. Whenever we got word of Terror and Fatality running inners we went and cleared that up too. No point typing out how bad we whooped their ass, its all on video (see below). We did manage to snipe a ZGS and Ballista off of Terror during today's slaughter, thanks for that. Yoinked a Kraken Tentacle off of Blunt Purez too. Rage really did close. Grats Apex.
  4. It's been 4 weeks since Rage had 30 people in the same channel at once for an event, and today they hit an all time low! This is the reason they start trips in a merged CC with Blunt Purez! 🤣


  5. every time they cheese a win they bark very loudly.
  6. @googs @Savior @Erase snatched your weave yet again
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