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  1. @Opticalsyou been viewing for a while, u gonna typer???? Come cry again
  2. Some cry from losers that cannot touch my clan lmfao
  3. try again next week, schedule another pkri until then
  4. Been a while since @Elve& @ZENITH HEAD LAWYERpked peak east, I guess this is why they don’t
  5. @Enforcesidk if u realize how little you mean to the clanning community u didn’t do shit but suicide on ur med 3x this week.
  6. 8 leaks on lord ex's TS and he kicked innocent members l0000000l
  7. ur actually delusional if u think we'd share a cc with FS l0000l didnt lord ex say 'fs has 3 1 itemers here' in that audio? i have a habit of retiring terror members bro, dont be put on that list lol
  8. @Lord Exexpecting to hear you say you’re going to the bar ALOT this next week
  9. Last time this happened I sent googs into forced retirement lol, might end elmos career next
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