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  1. uh oh! Proccy commenting on another Fatality topic when he should be writing 6 weeks worth of aftermaths for fo
  2. LOOOOOOOOL fo crumbling & can’t do anything to stop it
  3. Super cringe how all these fo dogs made new accs to comment on this post and won’t post on their OG account lmfaooo
  4. Look at how many fo dogs are making hider accs just to comment on this mans post lmfao
  5. Wondering when a fo PR will reply on a non hider acc and stop sending their +1 meatshields in to fight their battles lmfaoooo
  6. Heard easiest way to get free wins is to declare on fo; they won’t accept, you auto win, gz rage, looked easy for bears!
  7. Lmfaooo you sound mad bro
  8. Danny is scrambling trying to figure out if he can have slushpuppy delete this post lmfaooo
  9. Aww, lil new fag fo doggy on a hider mad cause your clans falling apart and there’s nothing you can do about it lmfaoooo
  10. @holydreams @K2c? Defend yourself?? You’re getting kyp’d by Chad
  11. Couldn’t imagine being in fo rn LOL gonna suck when they get bullied out of the main scene too
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