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  1. heard @Nerdy was told to take the bench cause he was a liability
  2. about that time sticky brown 29 cape team drops all their aftermaths cause they are too scared to post them the day of, sb states you have to post within 24 hours for points btw
     = ) = ) = ) = ) = )  = ) = ) = ) = ) = ) 

  3. Fatality #1 

  4. They lost to zenith in p2p and get 3-0'd to terror in f2p, They have had Eop,Lowriders,Misfits,Havoc,Ub,Battlescape all close/split into them and they still struggle to pull 30 at some point the finger points itself
  5. @[email protected] you continue to let your clan die for a video game ego very strange
  6. gz the man that took a picture of his screen needa clean it, its got more on it then cookies/scims/elves screens combined
  7. @Lord Ex m8 how do you almost get perfected in a 25v25 F2P match, you ain't about it
  8. untouchable even from [email protected] disgusting pedo, took your clan leaders birthday and shit on it loser lmfao
  9. Search warrant did not have enough evidence to raid the hut this weekend, maybe next GF og
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