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  1. u just said rent free but now ur thinking about Fatality, accept defeat lmfao
  2. dude i told you if youre feeling emotional you can dm on discord contracts can be made , its time to cashout
  3. can you please show me where we ran into each other ? i did not see you this weekend besides the mains you sent that got demolished and smited for a kraken, stay avoiding and remember zenith alone is not strong enough.
  4. @preston this is your clan struggling to gain 100 PURES ingame where my clan is dictating the pace of the fight. your clan sucks lmfao ended with just shy of 200 punishers ready to fuck you up. hope you're ready today Welcome to the mental warfare of this rivalry i will be controlling where, when and what you do on officials.
  5. keep this energy up when i'm getting killpics of you all day low tier multi-bot @Smashville
  6. nervous laughter before you turn on your own ranks i cant wait to smack you around the wildy today
  7. @Z Danny remind me again how you thought you won ? Disgrace having more mains then pures especially the fact this is your rank uploading a picture like this yikes ! read chatbox to look at your clan falling off the mountain band-wagon
  8. reacting but not typing wym propaganda ? your clan is going around saying another clan in ur cape left you thats not my fault you cannot stand independent look at your ops just getting slaughtered bro, time to start prepping or you're going to stay shit
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