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  1. Has anyone seen where fo's f2p aftermath went???

  2. unbiased opinion posting your aftermath a whole day late is not a good look
  3. lmfao fo fucking smoked so hard they are spitting any propaganda they can spew out
  4. @orgasms play victim but you sending mains to hit our fall in before you rush is not acceptable.
  5. @Proccy where's your propaganda to debunk this ? oh right you cant. Want a definite answer of the mightier clan? Fullout is the answer.
  6. @ProccyAfter a week of trying to bust Fatality's balls, you took the load on your chin yesterday and avoiding at all costs . btw you lost!!

  7. dream team going hamf once again tigers in a cage, sharks washed up, eagles clipped, mountains crushed. we will have to stay tuned while they make another attempt to coordinate today gl @Fake Smile @Jordai are u posting a topic ? @Eevee dont mute me its one damn highlight this time
  8. it may be winter but eagles dont fly south for the season ? WHERE THE FUCK WAS FO ? ANTI-FI you are in shambles lmfao
  9. dude you dont even go on trips anymore why are you browsing sharkbrew. whos the loser lmfao
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