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  1. Had a lot of fun! Thank you to the clans who made an attempt to fight us today .
  2. Calling Anti-SUP to try to outlast us for you wasn't going to work. Logging into alts wasn't going to work. You are so fucked next weekend.
  3. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Today was not only May 31st, 2020, but it was also the last day of the 3rd month in a row where Supremacy has controlled and dominated Shitality in what could go down as the most pathetic and 1 sided rivalry in pure clanning. Today served as the quiet day before the storm for the 58 Tigers who massed up proudly today. Knowing Fi had close to our numbers (if not more), we were excited to finally get fights vs our punching bags. However, they avoided us for the 1st portion of the trip and decided to lose the 2nd portion of the trip in a 45~ minute singles fight, teleing down and logging out after being spammed at. These shitters in Fi cant fucking hang. You were broken week in and week out, multi and singles. You're fucked next week.
  4. These kids live their lives being triggered 24/7 on their trips. Good luck next week lmfao
  5. Using your point, we have not invited them to come to our preps/set-up big minis vs other clans. However, they were welcomed to our smaller minis. If asked, we would have sat them in our set-up events. (if they attended. which they have not.) Using your point, we should know what clans they are apart of as they've idled our teampseak over the last few weeks.
  6. What can you say about BDAY's comment?
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