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  1. WCOTM 2021 Most Won WCOTM goes to Legacy! They won the most WCOTM within our ELO Chart. Cheers! I have been meaning to post this topic for awhile now but no gfx for about two months now + irl! Congratulations, Legacy
  2. Everyone has some bit of bias. I try my best to be as neutral as possible and at times take a step back and allow others to take over. Overall, I have no real stake in anything within community and try my best to be a guide behind the scenes.
  3. Love to see your response,Elve. You have about 2-5 troll accounts and you have used three of them in this post. My question to you, did you think these logs were about you? That statement was for every clan. Thank you for your attempt at humbling me. It brings me joy.
  4. I’m surprised that I don’t see many z members on this topic. I guess they rather be mad at slush than be on here
  5. Zenith getting triggered by a banter topic. Oof
  6. Thank you for the teams who chose to continue on with the tournament. This tournament was originally a collaboration. We only decided to partner up in order to get more teams and action for the community. Most of the promised teams dropped out before the tournament started. As a lot of you requested outside and inside of this tournament; We will never do a collaboration ever again even if the promises seem great for the community. The frictions caused more of a rip within this particular p2p mini units than creating unity. Hopefully, with those involved within these frictions will reconsider their behavior and deceitfulness in the next tournament. Alas, we will be continuing with our plans to provide 3 more tournaments for the year and spice it up a bit with different community events as well. Congrats, KO! and again thank you for all the teams who signed up and played. We will be doing a pure tournament within the Summer.
  7. was told that the topic has nothing to do with the clan mentioned. neat pull though.
  8. @Jus10 don’t advertise for leaks on forums. It was in your main topic body.
  9. wouldn't be a bad idea to add new items + prob less points on items for shop.
  10. Pretty sad state for the community. Same leaderships for years are all burnt out and don't care what happens to the scene.
  11. Congratulations to all the Winners! We will be hosting another NA Vs Eu in June!! Gold Callers Version
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