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  1. Kim

    What happened?

    At least, this topic doesn't seem insincere.
  2. 1 successful dispute - Topic in dispute will not be counted.
  3. Jay confirms these mains belong to an officer in Divine. The main who gets a right click in the video is chasing a IMT member across map. Sorry for tardiness, I thought I replied already. @True [email protected]@DilL
  4. Kim

    SKO ~ Sudden Knock Out

    very interesting, best of luck!
  5. Kim

    Reign of trash

    Shared account person, its not bias treatment. We don't allow topics threatening pure community with mains to be posted on the site.
  6. Spring Promotions are here. We accepted applications this time around based on activity and how passionate these individuals are. With events coming around the corner and restoring older systems. We needed a few more people to help us pump them out. Please give a warm welcome to @[email protected] <[email protected] Ts @Pillow We expect great things from you! Don't let us down Gatekeeper Bryce Current FOE Applicant Elite in Intense Redemption from April 2017 - February 2019 Uzi Current Foe Member Founder of DT Discord Moderator This will be our last promotion for the Discord Moderator section for the next few months. We were going to close this system off as a lot of our applicants weren't qualified. Pillow Mentor in Phoenix Current Officer in Supremacy Dead TS Clanless Legend Rank in CP Retired @Singles Trip Single Strip has been with Sharkbrew for six months. He will be moved to Retired as his IRL commitments are occupying his time. Thank you for your commitment to Sharkbrew. Apply to be a Sharkbrew Rank here We are always looking at our application section and feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding the application process. All these promoted moderators will be on a two-week trial!
  7. I believe you've linked the wrong video and I don't see the group of mains in question in this.
  8. Kim

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    Read THE TOPIC.
  9. You need to show evidence of the mains without a cut. I only saw them rush through......
  10. Kim

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    its no longer based on pulls!
  11. Kim

    Feedback on XLPC WCOTM & COTM

    Why is it a dumb idea? You've been around since this system was based on pulls. People believe, the system could be better but it has the 'right' idea to encourage activity within the scene.
  12. Please provide video evidence on this topic and fill in your own topic link into it. Post highlighted evidence in videos. (Post the time in videos in where mains are):
  13. Kim

    Paragon's Wednesday Trip

    You guys carry juicy plus ones! Nice activity
  14. Kim

    this is just a warning lol xd

    Things don't change as it seems.
  15. You guys got sick gfx.
  16. Kim

    hi sharkbrew

    Hello, Person! I'd suggest for you to post an actual advertisement for your clan/team in our advertisement section. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/forum/410-private-servers/ Welcome to the forums.