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  1. I don't think you captured my point. Your join date is February 20th 2019. You have no clue how active Supremacy has been on this site in years. Supremacy has been in several rivalries in the course of the five years its been opened. (take that as a hint.) You don't have to reply back. You didn't even have to reply back to this. You enjoy this. Go have fun with your friend & runescape then.
  2. I don't think anyone really cares in the clan. The ones who have been able to get under your skin; have been waiting for this moment for awhile. I know for your ego, you want to believe that everyone is upset because you left. Not the case. They didn't like you. I don't need a novela of a reply from you. As said before, take my advice. Good luck with your new adventure.
  3. You have provided a few weird second-handed(probably even third) information from the last few years. Whoever is re-telling some of the information seems to be leaving out some pieces of months. If you are going to go at Mustafa about 'research', at least don't try to recount things that you were never apart of. You're letting Mustafa grill you endlessly. You should take my advice.
  4. At this point, just do it. No reason to talk about IRLs.
  5. Any topics I've created this year were to bring awareness.
  6. I haven't been a rank since Summer of 2018. Elders of any clan can step up whenever they so please. You asked for clan friend after a dominating anniversary? Because, that was so shit? More like, nobody wanted to rank you up. You realized and decided to leave.
  7. Clearly an ALT account. Closing of any clan isn't healthy for the community. See you next Saturday!
  8. Retired suits me Stay easy, Royce. I am sure, you can accomplish a lot more!
  9. This. Wouldn't be the first time that you've tried getting someone demoted @Royce 😂
  10. Not even IR would end that quick after being cleared. Embarrassing leadership performance on behalf of Rage.
  11. Imagine leaking discord logs, because you got triggered by 0mgiownu23. Only to get member in eop and close two months later lmfaoo
  12. You already made them before I commented. We can ease off the topic as its been solved as you said.
  13. https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/49345-dear-rage-member-youre-being-fooled/
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