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  1. (GIF of Transaction) https://gyazo.com/cc0c7aaba22c250cde6da7721e859e1a When OG thinks they got 30m.... 30m is traded back... Something isn't right here? free hits? More OG propaganda... Bottom feeder pure clan doesn't even acknowledge the fact that you got setup lmao. All you got today was 1 Fate member and you massed teled out from 3 times on video in your fist 30mins.. ouch, Mars#5555 = 100m a trip, your members already have!
  2. fight back you fat faggot lmfao you are now forever my bitch

  3. is that how you treat the clan who saved you from foe on log in? you were mia for the first 15mins of that fight while daddy Fate took care of the monsters for you
  4. nigga you that blind? rofl either we ninjaing out here or your just that stupid to know shit, i dont expect low tier pure clan "og" to know anything lmao.
  5. you got 2 and a haft lines in our sharkbrew topic, you guys hard off that? majority of our topic is smokin sv lmao.. claims we aid them.. on that note cry is 100% free
  6. Remember we talking about a 14 v 17 squirt that was 25mins long with rags aiding you https://i.gyazo.com/3653cbf0ed84609d85e1e4e29808cf1b.mp4
  7. keep crying cause it free l0l. off = nfs remember that kids, little shitter clan og piping up lmao. imagine saying on a game " i have your audio " when no one gives a fuck first of all lmao, and second you dont have shit for intel besides my cock is in your mouth #Fate for balls deep penetration.. your on a game power tripping over shit you dont have l0l. loser irl
  8. isn't this cute. how tough you feel right now? end of the day last thing you want is us pulling up making things extremely difficult. Our 1year is coming up we can celebrate together
  9. how demoralized are you? "fight still going on" lmao like your proud. You got bullied into a open cc squirt LOL, last thing you want is us showing up on your precious Sundays.
  10. Today Fate massed up 32 Meds/Zerks/Tanks, peaking at 52 Gods to take on impossible odds. 200 white dots stood in our way and we kept pushing forward causing havoc throughout this epic 3 way fight! We started with our intel on T+OG that took almost 45mins to start due to other clans. Knowing how long the wait was, we prepared ourselves for a large force to take us on, only to crumble in front of us lmao. As OG+T ran east some random clan logged on top of us? APEX? FOE? Anyways whoever it was lmao, they got smoked in 5 secs as we blew up that clump forcing them to scatter and run around confused. (in video) As more and more clans came to join the action, the big dicked gods in Fate punched a huge hole right through the north side completely eliminating the white dots, catching insane clumps. Pulling west to east rounding up people in the center of our mosh pit. No mercy was spared on anyone today. At this point in the fight it was 50 Fate vs 100 Alliance vs 100 Alliance. Eventually Terror tried to sneak behind us with 30 opts? As we still continue to fight the horde of clans we turned around and ran Terror back to singles (in video). We continued to solider up and held our positions punching hole after hole into the enemy. We slowly moved south of gdz and SV rushed us, we fought them 1v1 for 5mins dominating them. Super eazy. After clearing up SV we pulled north and started pushing everyone to GDZ gwasing everything, moving like a unstoppable unit, like it was a scene from 300. SV/EZ tried to sandwich us from the west and the east alliance was also on us, so we moved south and around behind gdz to have a clean 1 on 1 for 15mins vs SV. It took them a mighty fine 2mins to break in staff barrage lol.. After clearing what was left of SV and a hour of fighting, Fate got a fall in west and left on that. While the alliances kept fighting in rags. lol? VIDEO PICTURES
  11. considering all your mains, FI won.. look at all the pures they have compared to your mains lol.. Isn't this area on sharkbrew for pures?
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