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  1. Heard rev is moving over to the xlpc scene after getting cucked in the main and pure scene. Wishing them the best of luck

    1. Truth.


      I think you'll find that Zenith is moving to the xlpc scene to avoid Revenant.

      Nice try!

  2. LY Complaining about mains Lmfao 🤡Victims.

    1. Blue


      ur using mains against terror and BP L00000000000000L

  3. Best Wilderness Clan: zenith Best Cwa Clan: zenith Best overall clan: zenith Most active clan: zenith Most favorite clan rivalry: zenith vs anti-zenith Most honorable clan: Zenith Most likely to lose to a pure clan: Rev 31hour POV Lmfao Biggest laughing stock in 2020: rev Most likely to be closed by a pure clan: rev Biggest slump of 2020: ly Biggest dutch infestation: n/a Biggest suiciders: rev ----- Individual awards(1 vote per category) Best Caller: me Most likely to get smited: rev free staff's left n right. Best leader: Armin Worst leader: d3nny Funniest Banter: Fi going for hash1 again Worst member to have: any rev member Most likely to leak: cp sam Best impersonator of retired clanners: (person1,) jared
  4. Guy below me is obsessed.

  5. anti-zenith hating in the comments as usual lmfao.
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