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  1. And to think zenith is being ragged for months by a main clan is hilarious. 0 impact.
  2. Just had steak, Feeling a bit heavy set ngl.

  3. Gfx aren't that expensive these days, could of hired someone to at least edit the promo rage.😴

  4. Stop worrying about our 8v8 vs foe and start focussing on pulling above 40 on weekends. 

    1. Canny pk

      Canny pk

      Rage pulled 40 on Saturday and Sunday... 😂  Wheres your F2P Saturday? Zenith pull too many randoms/noobs to even be relevant tbh

  5. Shit clans pulling 30 to 40 peak bringing up numbers in game is kinda ignant
  6. no way you have the nerve to comment after that anniversary lmfao
  7. " be in a nice community and be someone that actually matters?" Lmfao 15 seconds in and you've already flamed 4 clans. ye nah there is a reason you pull 30.
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