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  1. Why are people acting like they didn't see this coming lmao.. the cycle continues.
  2. can't have signups every week lads, only downhill for Fi from here.

  3. fi keep forgetting, they need all ex retired to come online in order to compete. we pull this sht every week, no big deal. hope u keep this attitude when u drop to 60 opts.
  4. this happens when fatality pick on someone bigger let me remind you, we pull 130s u pull 80 on a weekly basis. watch them pick on supremacy next, such dogs.
  5. if you're in fatality, leave now. we got my bredrin jamz killing the clan this time.  outrage was successful btw!  if u ask jamz, outrage killed foe lmao. such a rat bruv. fi's gone to shit since swelly era.  zenith 4 way out btw.

  6. Fatality losing hype of becoming  #1 occurs every year, god i love traditions.

    1. Danny Phantom

      Danny Phantom

      man is so insecure and shook that he has to talk about history in order to try and remove doubt that fi will slump and close his shit clan


    2. Emperor Swat

      Emperor Swat

      bro, don't make me expose you lmao. you was doing fuck all during this time period jamz. we don't wanna go down this route bruv.  name  1 insant  fi  was successful during their clanning years? bruv they won jack shit. even now zenith remake 14x is making them seem piss poor. we dicked foe, dicked ly, dicked fi.  eop tanner would turn in his grave.

    3. Danny Phantom

      Danny Phantom

      im legit going to murder ur fucking clan LMFAO

  7. slapped fi every encounter. what else is there to vote for?
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