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  1. Rev pulled 12.

    PeRm CaMpEd

  2. Rev closed, who's next?👋

  3. Shame rev couldn't keep up.

    rest in piss☠️👋

  4. why is rage talking p2p like they would actually perform
  5. Sad to see ly declining and avoiding zeniths fullout req. Would be a free win for Z

  6. We don't need anything lmfao. matter of the fact is rev minion clans like you would only fight us whilst being ragged bij 10-15 rev. its okay tho, we'll just do it this way.
  7. :Team-27_cape:☠️  Wish ly would go just as hard ingame as they do boosting their dead sunday trip topic on sb.

  8. we would still outpull any pure clan on pures. cmon now buddy. this is not the agenda.
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