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  1. damn looks like everybody is farming ez, LOL
  2. Audio Leak Sample #2 3at's propaganda is real..... it won't save a single tiger..... it is what it is. off is nfs #lizards
  3. slumpremacy prepped all week to rag us today, this is what they managed to muster up victims lol
  4. Discord: GxRMsvA | 'Wolves Den' CC Saturday, November 21st, 2020: During the last few weekends, supremacy have launched a fake main campaign against "Terror Mains". The fact of the matter is, we do not use mains during the weekend. In fact, this blatant lie was used by sup's leadership to justify bringing their own mains to match our rising pure pulls. With the intention to forgive and forget, the Terror rank team reached out to several sup ranks to suspend their campaign. The result? They wouldn't have any of it. In short, our efforts were met in futility. With one week to prepare, we readied our campaign to retaliate accordingly. Everyone knows Terror as a respectable pure clan, who'll give pure action to ANYONE. The last thing we'd want to do is get into a full blown, grimy main war. However, supremacy didn't leave us any choice. We will do anything to defend ourselves. ANYTHING. We've demonstrated this in xlpc and now it appears we're going to have to do it in lpc. We had a total of three notable fights against supremacy, all of which were convincingly won. Fight #1: Our first fight began just north east of graves against supremacy. Within 30 secs, it was crashed by Legacy, who appeared to be aiding supremacy. Our positioning and quick movements helped us maneuver through both clans until more clans joined the fray, leaving sup alone and isolated. We took this opportunity and punished them until they ran to singles, where they received another beating by some infamous reptiles. Fight #2: Our second fight took place at the watchtower just southeast of Enclave. This fight was particularly funny because sup went up and down the ladders, leaving their multi-logged accounts to be devoured by the wolves. Several other clans joined the tussle, including Legacy, who again, appeared to be aiding sup. Nonetheless we stuck to sup like glue until they ran to singles, where they were attacked an unknown main team. Fight #3: This fight was certainly the most action-packed and my personal favorite of the day. We rushed sup at sperm. One mini-map to the east sat Legacy, who rushed the fight within seconds. We stuck to supremacy, walking them down to hills hut. Unfortunately for sup, Legacy did not follow. We took this opportunity to beat them to a pulp and devour them. The few remaining sup members ran into singles. Unlucky! sup rank buying a shitty med to use against Terror, lmfao ✯ Edgi [SUP Audio Leak #1] ✯ ✯ Pinoyz [Sup Audio Leak #2] ✯ ✯ Dreamz✯ ✯ Frontlinerz✯
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