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  1. iirc you have canceled your past 2 weekend trips because of the poundings Terror has been giving you in wildy, and now evidently clan wars. take ryan's advice and stop flaming us, your clan will be better off.
  2. Welcome back bro! If you're looking for a 60-70CB F2P clan, check out Terror here's a link to our discord server https://discord.gg/yjEAzE
  3. fun fact: nasal zeenith leader cookiez used to sit in a private irc channel with the rest of the zeenith ranks and phish new recruits for rent money be careful zeenith members!!!
  4. Discord : kkuU8p | 'Wolves Den' CC Welcome to Terror, an F2P-based pure clan founded in 2012 by a group of clanners who wanted a high-quality F2P clanning experience on lower-level pures. Since 2012, Terror has had multiple stints of F2P dominance across various pure scenes. We have a variety of both new and old clanners from across the globe, and we encourage all faces, old or new, to take a trip over to our discord or in-game clan chat and check us out! Requirements 80+ Strength and Ranged 60+ Magic 50-75 CB Leadership Leader Lord Ex Mulug High Council Downyz R4ngeTAP Shawn Council Elmo SNIPE Sliq Terror Media ~ Join Today ~
  5. Discord: Nejerb | 'Wolves Den' CC Saturday, May 15th: Today, Terror massed up ~45 Wolves for our first, well-anticipated weekend F2P trip. This was absolutely the most action-packed trip we have ever had, with non-stop multi fights for over 3 hours without getting a regroup outside the wilderness a single time. We started off the trip beating up rampoop, an ex-clan who has since been denounced as a team due to their recent performance in the wilderness. They ended after 45 minutes... Again... We spent the next two hours participating in tons of action-packed clusters against Envy, xL, Astro, and Zu. Good fights today, it was very fun for everyone that was able to participate! ✞ PINOYZ ✞ Join Today!
  6. Discord: J2Ry4R | 'Wolves Den' CC Saturday, May 2nd Terror massed up ~50 Wolves for our first F2P pk trip of the weekend. After getting blatantly teamed on last night, we were all hungry for revenge. We had a few nice 1v1s and participated in nearly every cluster today, smoking any and every clan on sight. We'll let the footage speak for itself. ~RIP YOU UP ~SUPER SMOKE Sunday, May 3rd Today, Terror massed up ~40 Wolves for our second weekend pk trip. Due to a third-party group of gamers, the disparity in pulls between clans today resulted in less action for everyone. On top of that, other clans seemed more standoffish than normal, opting to crash fights and clusters rather than initiate them. Regardless, we managed to get full clears on several clans and get involved in every single fight that took place today. Another great weekend to be a wolf. ~PINOYZ Join Today!
  7. Discord: gEzEjR | 'Wolves Den' CC Thursday, April 30th: Terror massed up ~45 Wolves for the first round of the SharkBrew XLPC Tournament. Our first fight was against Excel, who came out and caught us off guard rounds 1 & 2. We were able to tweak our mistakes after the first two rounds and win the pkri with a dominating performance. This was one of our most enjoyable events to date, and we are looking forward to more high opt preps like this in the future. Media ~Pinoyz ~Super Smoke
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