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half of you are delusional

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About half of you are delusional

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  1. youre taking the award for the most emotional clanner, just slightly ahead of holydreams hahahahahahahahahaha
  2. unbreakable ended with 143 kills compared to rage clan 141 kills UNBREAKABLE WINS AGAIN
  3. Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s Site: https://ub-rs.com/community Saturday, 12th of October, Unbreakable massed up 33 apes for an action packed trip. While clans were being camped by mains and 70 pulling clans were crashing 40 pulling clans, it allowed us to most most definitely have the best trip today. Our trip started with 2 fights with Apex, which we owned them in both fights, obviously. Rest of the trip consisted of clusters that we enjoyed being apart of. VIDEOS Braden pov Dean pov PICTURES
  4. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Today was our 2nd prep of the week against outrage in p2p. This was our first p2p prep since reopening and turned out to be a 30v30. We had shit damage on multiple piles but we had some great movement and tanks which ultimately won the prep for us. Good fight outrage hope for more soon. Good job UNBREAKABLE CLAN. Ar u there pov arro pov Nate Beast pov
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