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  1. which wannabe sovereign remake nut rider in the sovereign remake outfit vidded this l0ll00l00l0ll0l0
  2. 80 on ts and never more than 35 ingame l00000l first trip of 2022 ended in under 30 mins not looking good
  3. ye ur own members don’t even believe u that’s why they all stopped returning after the first 15 minutes 85 starting 35 ending rev did that and rot couldn’t save u
  4. not once in either of your vids did you have more than 35 in game even while trying to hide behind rot ur own members don’t even believe u
  5. hiding behind rot + vr + sc, starting 85 ending 35, 5x attempts to run off screen and spam/logout, doesn’t sound on top to me lad
  6. I give him 2 maybe 3 weeks before he goes mia
  7. can’t wait to echo and laugh at u being a spastic screaming random shit thinking ur hyping up ur clan
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