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  1. https://zenith-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/6104-thursday-4-hour-loot-feast-ft-smoking-venom-blunt-pures/ Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Zenith Shooters for our daily PK Trip, We caught Venom slacking and cleared them up, We cleared up Blunt Pures when we found them. We spend the next 3 hours running a train through randoms in bank loot. Post pics.
  2. imagine thinking thats true when i have eyes in every single channel of legashits.
  3. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Zenith Shooters for our daily PK Trip, We eventually peaked at 25 Zenith Members after we heard Legashit was trying to PK at lava dragons, We logged into their world and completely blew them up, They attempted to run east and flee and we caught them and fully cleared them up. After that we spent the next 5 hours clearing everything from the wilderness repeatedly. POV UPLOADING....
  4. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 15 Shooters and eventually peaked at 20 Zenith Members to kill everyone in the wilderness, We cleared every active PK location and made bank loot. Fought TK and smoked them, Fought Sup and smoked them, Killed victims for bank.
  5. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We mnassed up 15 Shooters and eventually peaked at 22 Zenith Members to destroy the wilderness, We ended up Pking for 4 hours and had a couple fights against Venom & Elite Zerks. We made bank loot, Thanks everyone who showed up. Post Pictures.
  6. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Paige Still thinks Legacy doesn't have a problem, For the past week I have abused her PK Trips every single day. Today was no exception, I patiently waited for LY to gather more than 10 Members for a PK Trip. We massed up 20 Zenith Members to go end them Once they were out i logged into their world and TBed my target, From there we smited him for his Staff of The Dead and waited for them to regroup. We hit them 3 more times after we waited over 30 minutes for them to regroup at edge and come back out. We cleared up Vetion and Lavas in that time and made absolutely bank loot killing skulled revs. While we were waiting for Legashit to regroup we setup a fight against Apex at GDZ. We contacted them for a 20v20 and they quickly accepted. They defended GDZ and we logged into their world and the fight began. We started west of GDZ and with amazing tanking and calling, We began to push Apex east and started to transition through them. We had plenty of magers so Apex was frozen constantly, We used this to our advantage transitioning from one to another to another. After the cap was over we pulled east and thanked Apex for the clean action. Legashit For Staff of the Dead.
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