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  1. After breaking every single Anti-Zenith clan ALL WEEK Long, Sunday finally came. We massed up 75 Zenith Members and peaked at over 80 Mountain Men for our P2P Trip 4/24/2022. Today was Terrors 2 year anniversary, and we made sure to blow out their birthday candles. Per usual being the #1 Pure Clan in the Scene we outpulled every clan by far, including Terror even though it was their anniversary. This trip consisted of 80+ Mountain Men absolutely destroying the whole entire pure scene. BP pulled 23 shitters and got cleared 10x and forced into another merged CC. Terror pulled 60 on their anniversary after hyping up a 100+ pull. Multiple fights took place vs Terror today but 80+ Mountain Men was just to much for the fragile wolves to handle. No clan in the scene, can do what Zenith does on a week to week basis. No clan can pull the numbers, Zenith does on a day to day basis, and on Sundays. No clans have the stamina to keep up with Zenith, and it goes to show after every single clan struggles to pull 40 on their Sunday trips. Not only did we outpull Terror on their anniversary, we outpulled the sum of all 3 of shitter clans BP/LY/Rage combined. LY with another pathetic 25 pull, thought they could make an impact today but that only led to them getting full cleared or fleeing straight to singles the single they saw 80+ Mountain Men log in. Paying Mesly 2m per person every Sunday will not save your clan, as we completely destroyed their core, ranks, and every event they have tried to have. Every single Anti Zenith clan is grasping for air, as we have put every single one of them in their places on a day to day week to week basis. Stop listening to the bullshit your clan leaders feed you and come experience the climax of Pure clanning. Message cookies#1337 to discuss your terms for joining Zenith. No clan will ever compete with us. 23 Minutes of Non-Stop Action and Feast
  2. yo @Eddietalk to us bruh, make sure those group chats dont get leaked from when lord egg kicked u
  3. For the second day in a row, Terror thought they could step foot into Zeniths Wilderness. We quickly massed up 25 Zenith Members, and peaked to 30+ Zenith to farm Lord Eggs and his victim wolves. Being Terror and RARELY ever PKing they thought it was a good idea to begin their trip at Lava Dragons. Since Terror is brand new to the whole midweek PKing scene, we sent a bait to Lava Dragons. As we logged our bait in, we waited 5 seconds for their shit midweek pull to log in, and logged in ALL 30 Mountain Men to COMPLETELY EVAPORATE/CLEAR them within 30 seconds. We caught a spam after fully clearing them, as they decided not to return and went to catch a bank. Lord Eggs next move was to attempt to PK in ZENITHS CAVES... Since Lord Eggs is fairly new to midweek PKing as they avoid the wilderness at all cost, he made a very costly decision entering those caves. A little birdy told us Terror was hopping at black demons. After clearing them fully the first time and catching a bank, we quickly made our way to OUR caves, and waited at black demons. Not only did they get baited once, but Lord Eggs got baited 2x the same exact way within a 10 minute span. We logged in right on top of Terror (Low Tier Clan) and fully cleared them once again within 60 seconds. They didn't bother returning, they quietly sat at Ferox bank trying to figure out what to do next after they've been talking all that talk, just to get bodyslammed. Terrors final move before Zenith ended them was to attempt to fight Zenith at CA. After getting brutally beaten and fully cleared 2x, Lord Eggs proceeded to asking Rev and their 4 man pull for assistance. We logged into Terrors world rushed west CA, and wiped everybody we could and proceeded to farm them for the next 30 minutes. We stayed there farming the Low Stamina Wolves till Lord Eggs decided to call it quits as Zenith fully cleared him for the THIRD time of the night. After tonight Lord Eggs will strongly need to reconsider on who he decides to pipe up too as he suicided his members 3x in one night. TY 4 LOOTS/ TY 4 STAFF REV
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