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  1. Selfproclaimed most independent clan fatality, had 7 clans in their capes today.  

    And you still broke. 

    cya tomorrow losers. 

    1. Pile_Me


      how are you going to see Fi tomorrow if you avoid them the last 5 weeks l0l 

  2. LMFAO, was wondering where i had seen this type of behaviour from before, i just assumed it was some eop thing. Now i see it, he littearly just copies dull ...
  3. Please stop enabling jamz before he hurts himself or the people close to him. 

  4. I think the biggest current problem is the involvement of the main clans in the "pure" scene. Would be nice to see a MPC bracket again, (65-92) however i doubt it, as the last runs, they always end up as allies with current HPC clans. And noone takes any restrictions serious anymore.
  5. Zenith first clan out - Last clan to end.

    Fi only lasted 1 hour LOL

  6. Keep begging us for action lmfao, hope you are ready to keep this energy up for the next 12 months.
  7. Fatality, you are not built for this lmao.


    1. drewz


      below average bait

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